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Our Age Of Uprisings: We Are A World Remaking Itself

The global pandemic unfolds amidst a world of uprisings. Some have seen huge numbers gather in the streets and become ungovernable, including the victorious farmer’s strike in India, the efforts to expropriate the landlords in Berlin, the mass refusal of anti-Black police violence in the US, and the mobilizations against the neoliberal regime in Chile. Elsewhere, in Chiapas, Kerala, Rojava and an archipelago of smaller “zones to defend,” the uprisings take more sustained forms as people reinvent or reclaim life in common. Indigenous people around the world are refusing to allow their lands and lives to be sacrificed on the altar of extractive capitalism. The great global struggle against capitalism’s climate apocalypse is escalating.

Chile: Regaining Dignity Is Priceless

Yesterday was another day of mobilization in several points of the city of Santiago and surroundings. As it happened on the first day of the revolt, in October 2019, the high school students repeated the initiative of “evading” the payment of the subway system. At a predetermined time, hundreds of young people entered the Plaza de Armas station, and others did the same in Santa Ana station...

Can The Arab Uprisings Move Toward A Successful Revolution?

Week after week, the protesters return to the squares, blockading streets and highways, attempting to tear down the barriers erected to protect the centres of state power. They face bullets, batons and tear gas. The struggle of revolutionary masses against their discredited regimes continues from Beirut to Baghdad to Algiers.
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