UPS Freight, Teamsters To Workers: Vote “Yes” Or Face Lockout And Lose Your Health Care

By Will Marrow, -

The Teamsters union and UPS Freight are engaged in a conspiracy to blackmail more than 11,000 drivers and warehouse workers to vote “yes” to a sellout contract they have already rejected. The [...]

As Workers’ Opposition Grows To Teamsters Contract, UPS Freight Prepares For Strike

By Will Morrow, -

With opposition mounting among 11,000 UPS Freight workers to the Teamsters union's efforts to ram through its sellout contract, UPS management released a statement Thursday announcing that it was [...]

Hoffa Caught Using Phony Member Profiles To Push Yes Vote At UPS

By Staff, -

Hoffa’s Package Division and UPSrising have sent members nationwide an email and leaflet that uses photos from the internet to impersonate UPSers and fraudulently promote contract givebacks. [...]

UPS Pays Out $700 Million To Stockholders: An Object Lesson In The Operation Of Capitalism

By Will Morrow, -

On Thursday, the US-based logistics and delivery company UPS announced a quarterly dividend payout to shareholders of more than $700 million for the three months to August 2018. The announcement [...]

Teamsters Union Blackmails UPS Workers: Approve Contract Or Your Wages Will Be Cut

By Will Morrow, -

The Teamsters Union is seeking to blackmail UPS workers into voting for its sellout contract proposal by threatening that a “no” vote will result in an even worse offer. A UPS worker provided [...]

UPS And Teamsters In Collusion Against The Workers

By Margaret Flowers and Kevin Zeese, Clearing the FOG Radio. -

UPS workers are in a critical struggle with both their employer and their union, the Teamsters, which are pushing a poor contract on them. Like many workers in the United States, UPS workers are [...]

UPS Workers Claim Holiday Disaster Looms As They Threaten To Strike

By Hayley Peterson, -

By Hayley Peterson for Business Insider - UPS aircraft mechanics and related employees who maintain the company's air cargo fleet are taking out ads in USA Today and the Seattle Times that state: [...]

Minneapolis UPS Workers Protest Shipments To Missouri Police

By Labor Notes, -

A dozen part-time UPS workers took protest action after discovering ties between Missouri law enforcement and a company whose shipments they handle each day. Some of us removed the company’s [...]