It’s Been A Long Nightmare Before Christmas For UPS And Postal Workers

By Alexandra Bradbury, Labor Notes. -

Every year, workers at the Postal Service and UPS expect to work long hours between Thanksgiving and Christmas. “This is like our Super Bowl,” said Kimberly Karol, president of the Iowa Postal [...]

The Rebirth Of A Logistic Workers’ Movement?

By Flynn Murray, Dissent Magazine. -

UPS is now the largest private-sector unionized employer in the country. In this manner, it represents not only the changing nature of the industrial economy, but also the changing make-up of the [...]

UPS Worker Challenged Powerful Union Leaders And Won

By Juliana Feliciano Reyes, The Philadelphia Inquirer.  -

When the meeting was called to order, some UPS workers who had been with the company for decades could barely believe their eyes. Membership meetings like these are mostly empty. But on this [...]

UPS Freight, Teamsters To Workers: Vote “Yes” Or Face Lockout And Lose Your Health Care

By Will Marrow, -

The Teamsters union and UPS Freight are engaged in a conspiracy to blackmail more than 11,000 drivers and warehouse workers to vote “yes” to a sellout contract they have already rejected. The [...]

As Workers’ Opposition Grows To Teamsters Contract, UPS Freight Prepares For Strike

By Will Morrow, -

With opposition mounting among 11,000 UPS Freight workers to the Teamsters union's efforts to ram through its sellout contract, UPS management released a statement Thursday announcing that it was [...]

Hoffa Caught Using Phony Member Profiles To Push Yes Vote At UPS

By Staff, -

Hoffa’s Package Division and UPSrising have sent members nationwide an email and leaflet that uses photos from the internet to impersonate UPSers and fraudulently promote contract givebacks. [...]

UPS Pays Out $700 Million To Stockholders: An Object Lesson In The Operation Of Capitalism

By Will Morrow, -

On Thursday, the US-based logistics and delivery company UPS announced a quarterly dividend payout to shareholders of more than $700 million for the three months to August 2018. The announcement [...]

Teamsters Union Blackmails UPS Workers: Approve Contract Or Your Wages Will Be Cut

By Will Morrow, -

The Teamsters Union is seeking to blackmail UPS workers into voting for its sellout contract proposal by threatening that a “no” vote will result in an even worse offer. A UPS worker provided [...]

UPS And Teamsters In Collusion Against The Workers

By Margaret Flowers and Kevin Zeese, Clearing the FOG Radio. -

UPS workers are in a critical struggle with both their employer and their union, the Teamsters, which are pushing a poor contract on them. Like many workers in the United States, UPS workers are [...]

UPS Workers Claim Holiday Disaster Looms As They Threaten To Strike

By Hayley Peterson, -

By Hayley Peterson for Business Insider - UPS aircraft mechanics and related employees who maintain the company's air cargo fleet are taking out ads in USA Today and the Seattle Times that state: [...]

Minneapolis UPS Workers Protest Shipments To Missouri Police

By Labor Notes, -

A dozen part-time UPS workers took protest action after discovering ties between Missouri law enforcement and a company whose shipments they handle each day. Some of us removed the company’s [...]