How We Can Place The Wellbeing Economy At The Heart Of Our Cities

By Nadine Maarhuis, Sustainable Urban Delta. -

Once upon a time, the growth of a country’s Gross Domestic Product would actually lead to social progress. In the first few decades after the Second World War, growth was invested in collective [...]

Reclaimed Space Sprouts From Uprising’s Embers

By Jenn Schreiter, Unicorn Riot. -

Minneapolis, MN – Without waiting for permission, growers began planting vegetables and herbs in an empty lot on Lake Street and 17th Avenue. Their aim was to reclaim the dormant land on behalf [...]

Urban Fruit Trails

By Staff, -

By Fallen Fruit. When people think of Los Angeles, it isn’t usually a bountiful landscape teeming with public fruit trees that comes to mind. But the artists of Fallen Fruit – Austin Young and [...]

Homeless Activists Feed Shelter With Rooftop Garden

By Steven Maxwell, -

By Steven Maxwell for Activist Post - Every activist has read the increasing number of stories where homelessness is being criminalized, as if simply being homeless isn’t punishment enough. [...]

Green Design Has More Impact When Local Residents Are Involved

By Eilis O'Neill, -

By Eilis O'Neill for Earth Island Journal - Raindrops are falling slow and heavy on the concrete walkways, children’s playgrounds, and brick, V-shaped apartment buildings of the Bronx River [...]

South Minneapolis Creates Free Organic Market

By Staff, -

By Unicorn Riot. Minneapolis, MN - The project itself began as conversations over a backyard fire pit where people came up with the idea to teach people to grow food, and through that process [...]

City Farmer’s Journey Of Hope In NYC

By David Radovanovic, -

By David Radovanovic on Youtube. New York City, NY - City Farmers is a journey of hope down New York City's meanest streets where inner-city residents have transformed the rubble and rats of [...]

A Seed To Save The World

By Jordan Thomas, -

Kansas City, MO - In the shadows of Kansas City, shop carts rattle past an urban farm as ragged figures scurry away from the burnt shell of an apartment building. “You get a strut on this [...]

A Complete Urban Farm In A Shipping Container

By Derek Markham, -

The Freight Farms design is based on a conventional insulated shipping container measuring 40' x 8' (~12.2m x 2.4m), but are extensively retrofitted to serve as a micro-farm that can grow some [...]

Urban Farmers Want To Feed Whole Neighborhood For Free

By Sam Bliss, -

Seattle, WA - The Beacon Food Forest is giving away dozens of strawberry plants. For free. It’s a drizzly, chilly, gray Saturday, typical of January in Seattle. In just a few hours, the [...]

Law May Enable Urban Agriculture Zones In Santa Clara

By AJ Hughes, -

Landowners and developers in Santa Clara County, California may have greater motivation to turn vacant lots into urban farms, thanks to an Urban Agriculture Incentive Zone proposal by county [...]

More Evidence Of Western Takeover Of Ukraine: Agriculture

By Frederic Mousseau, -

As unusual as it may seem, this appointment is consistent with what looks more like a takeover of the Ukrainian economy by Western interests. In two reports – The Corporate Takeover of Ukrainian [...]

How To Make Vertical Raised Beds For Urban Green Spaces

By Emily Ingham, -

Living in cities offers great opportunities for us to reduce our footprints. This may seem like a misnomer but think about mass transit; high density living; the potential for sharing tools, [...]

New Garden Grows Conversation On Food Security

By Kate Black, -

A new garden at the University of Alberta is teaching urbanites that a solution to food insecurity lies in their own backyards. The Prairie Urban Farm–a one-and-a-half-acre mixed-crop garden [...]