Biddeford, Maine Fights Urban Heating

By Lori Valigra and Priyanka Runwal, Bangor Daily News. -

Biddeford, Maine — Duane Dennison knows more than most about the effects of hotter summers and heat lingering into the night: He lives near the Saco River in a tent community of about 20 people [...]

Saving Nature And Humanity Without Sacrificing Either

By Charles Whitaker, Climate Conscious. -

Saving nature without sacrificing modern life is the preeminent challenge of our time. It is a complicated problem that must be attacked simultaneously from multiple angles. Failure to act on one [...]

The Year Of Car-free Streateries

By Mike Eliason, The Urbanist. -

Seattle - As our city starts to open back up, several issues are becoming quite apparent in our urban villages. In many, there is inadequate space on sidewalks to adequately social distance. [...]

To Fight Neoliberalism In Cities, Planners Must Work With Activists

By Rachel Bondra, -

I was surprised, in my first week of class as a graduate student in urban planning, to hear the death knell of my chosen field. In an unco-ordinated move, each of my professors at CUNY Hunter [...]

Green Design Has More Impact When Local Residents Are Involved

By Eilis O'Neill, -

By Eilis O'Neill for Earth Island Journal - Raindrops are falling slow and heavy on the concrete walkways, children’s playgrounds, and brick, V-shaped apartment buildings of the Bronx River [...]

Communities Can Take Back Power In City Planning

By Zara Nasir, -

Although low-to middle-income residents are most affected by zoning and land use decisions in their neighborhoods, they are rarely given real power in the city planning process. Instead, city [...]

Green Cities Are Better For Us

By Erin Anderssen, -

If Canadian city-dwellers don’t notice nature in their midst, maybe it’s because they have been conditioned not to. Cities are about concrete, pollution and traffic jams, not kayaking and ducks. [...]

Squatting For Justice, Bringing Life To The City

By Miguel A. Martínez, -

You may disagree, as I do, with some squatters and dislike the way they manage the building. This may also occur with any social movement. Take, for example, a controversial environmental action [...]

Tactical Urbanism: Citizen Projects Go Mainstream

By AP, -

The city painted a crosswalk and installed tennis-ball green signs, but the cars just kept on zooming through. But rather than wave a white flag, Sarah Newstok grabbed an orange one [...]

The Revolt of the Cities

By Harold Meyerson, -

Pittsburgh is the perfect urban laboratory,” says Bill Peduto, the city’s new mayor. “We’re small enough to be able to do things and large enough for people to take notice.” More than its size, [...]

How To Curb Gentrification

By Julia Wong, -

CJJC’s analysis busts the biggest “development” myth: Gentrification is not inevitable—it can be prevented before it starts and stopped in neighborhoods where the process is already underway. [...]

After Death Of Radical Mayor, Mississippi’s Capital Wrestles With His Economic Vision

By Laura Flanders, -

On his way into work every morning, Chokwe Lumumba, the late mayor of Jackson, Miss., used to pass a historical marker: “Jackson City Hall: built 1846-7 by slave labor.” Mayor Lumumba had a [...]

What The US Would Look Like As Mega-Regions Instead Of States

By Tom McKay, -

America 2050 project proposes that we begin to view the country's urban areas not as discrete metropolitan areas but as interconnected "megaregions." Megaregions are areas where large cities and [...]

DC’s Poorest Residents Fight Gentrification

By Rania Khalek, -

Barry Farm, a public housing complex in southeast Washington, "is the line in the sand," says Schyla Pondexter-Moore, a community organizer. "If you take away Barry Farm, you're basically just [...]

Cut Fatalities By Making Streets For People

By Staff, -

CITING AN INNOVATIVE NEW MOVEMENT known as Vision Zero, Mayor DeBlasio and NYC DOT Commissioner Polly Trottenberg have pledged to reduce traffic fatalities in New York City to zero in ten years. [...]