COVID-19 Sparks A Rebirth Of The Local Farm Movement

By Stephanie Hiller, YES Magazine. -

Family farms in California and across the country have been hit hard by the impact of the coronavirus on their markets. But in the health-conscious Bay Area, where celery was already one of the [...]

Urban Farming Is Revolutionizing Our Cities

By David Suzuki, -

By David Suzuki for Eco Watch - Humans are fast becoming city dwellers. According to the United Nations, "The urban population of the world has grown rapidly from 746 million in 1950 to 3.9 [...]

Marijuana: The Gateway Plant To Urban Farming

By Ellen Choy, -

Released this week in honor of 4/20 and Earth Day (two holidays important in their own right), “The Gateway Plant” provides a unique glimpse into MG’s theory of resilience-based organizing. We [...]