Reflections On A Visit To Cuba’s Urban Cooperatives

By Christina Clamp, -

By Christina Clamp for Grassroots Economic Organizing - Cuba has been of interest to me for many years. I lived in Guatemala and Costa Rica from September, 1974 to December, 1975. During that [...]

Real Power: Reflections On Participatory Budgeting

By Eric Dirnbach, , -

By Eric Dirnbach for Public Seminar. Participatory Budgeting was first used for the municipal budget in Porto Alegre, Brazil in 1989, and since then the PB movement has grown to over 3,000 [...]

How Urban Governments Are Promoting Worker Co-ops

By Michelle Camou, -

By Michelle Camou for GEO - City governments are shaping up as key actors accelerating worker co-op development. It started in 2009 when the City of Cleveland accessed a federal guaranteed loan [...]

Ending Police Militarization, One City At A Time

By Ana Conner and Tara Tabassi, -

By Ana Conner and Tara Tabassi in Truth Out - Urban Shield, the world's largest SWAT training and war-weapons expo, was held in September in California's Bay Area, beginning on the 14th [...]

Turning Pennies Into Billion$: The Tiny Tax Wall Street Fears

By Matt Stannard, -

By Matt Stannard in Occupy - A financial transaction tax (FTT) is a tiny charge placed on financial (rather than consumer) transactions. It can range from a dime to fifty cents per $1,000 [...]

Urban Activists Set Out To Sue San Francisco’s Suburbs

By Heather Smith, -

By Heather Smith in Grist - The first time I heard of Sonja Trauss, she was mobilizing San Franciscans to support new apartment construction. This was not a campaign that went over well in the [...]

Cities: The Path To Reducing Global Emissions

By Staff, -

By Staff for Tree Alerts - With many cities and regions around the world already demonstrating climate leadership, new research backs up the importance and huge potential benefits of urban areas [...]

New Orleans: Recovery Or Removal?

By The Laura Flanders Show, -

By The Laura Flanders Show - Ten years after Hurricane Katrina, a new documentary from The Laura Flanders Show and teleSUR English explores the race, class and gender outlines of the [...]

Lessons From Watts For Ferguson, Baltimore, L.A. And Everywhere

By Gloria Walton, -

By Gloria Walton in Scopela - In the last 20 years, SCOPE has emerged as a local laboratory for L.A. From day one, we were pushing the envelope. Experimenting. How do we build community power and [...]

Seattle City Councilmember Blows Whistle On ALEC (&ACCE)

By Nick Licata, -

By Nick Licata in PR Watch - There was one problem in finding out—ALEC is open only to state legislators or private-interest parties, i.e. corporations or business associations. Being neither, I [...]

28 Inspiring Urban Agriculture Projects

By Food Tank, -

By Food Tank - Around 15 percent of the world's food is now grown in urban areas. According to the U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), urban farms already supply food to about 700 [...]

Where Are Mayors Opposing Police Militarization?

By Chelsea Byers, Janet Weil and Michelle Pineiro, -

By Chelsea Byers, Janet Weil and Michelle Pineiro for Code Pink - In cities across the United States, we have seen how the militarized mold of policing and the supply of armored vehicles, assault [...]

And The World’s Most Sustainable City Is…

By Roman Kilisek, -

A city is more that just a place where people live and work. And as more of the world’s population gravitates toward city living, these urban centers must cater to their population’s myriad needs [...]