World Poverty Increasing With Urbanization

By Manipadma Jena, -

By Manipadma Jena for Toward Freedom - (IPS) – Rapid urbanization is increasingly shifting the impacts of malnutrition from rural to urban areas. One in three stunted under-five children out of [...]

FCC Will Enable Cities To Create Own Internet Providers

By Vera Bergengruen, -

Frustrated with the sluggish speed and high cost of their Internet service providers, the residents of Wilson, N.C., decided a few years ago to take matters into their own hands – they would [...]

Brazilians Take Back The City

By Jillian Kestler-D'Amours, -

Only the steady flow of men, women and children through a rusted, grey door alert passersby that anyone lives inside the 22-story building. It's covered in graffiti: a small house - bright [...]