Walking The Tightrope: Latin America’s Pink Tide

By: Frederick B. Mills, New Politics. -

Latin America’s Pink Tide: Breakthroughs and Shortcomings, edited by economic historian and prominent Latin Americanist Steve Ellner, offers a critical ethical theoretical framework for assessing [...]

Does Uruguay’s Shift To The Right Mean Bad News For Mercosur?

By Juan Manuel Boccacci, Pagina 12, translation, Resumen Latinoamericano, North America bureau -

Pagina 12 talked to analysts Atilio Boron, Hernan Patiño Mayer and Oscar Laborde about their views on what’s next in Uruguay following the victory of the National Party’s Luis Lacalle Pou in [...]

Our Strength Is In Struggle

By Diego Castro Vilaboa, Towardfreedom.org -

Eleven men are competing for the job of president, but only two have the potential to be elected: progressive Frente Amplio candidate Daniel Martínez and Luis Lacalle Pou from the right wing [...]

Uruguay And The Threat Posed By Neoliberalism

By Hedelberto Lopez Blanch, Rebelion, translation, Resumen Latinoamericano, North America bureau -

As several nations in South America are going through their worst economic-political-institutional crises, Uruguay —which has survived the neoliberal wave in the region— is going to face [...]

Uruguay, Mexico Present Outline For Montevideo Conference

By Staff, Telesurenglish.net -

The conference will foster a platform for respectful negotiations between Venezuela and its opposition. The agenda for the “Montevideo Mechanism” being held in Uruguay on Thursday will be a four [...]

Why Is Former Guantánamo Prisoner On Hunger Strike In Uruguay?

By Aisha Maniar, www.truth-out.org/ -

By Aisha Maniar for Truthout - Adapting to life after lengthy imprisonment and as a refugee in a strange land are challenges. Coupled with the trauma of years of torture and the stigma of [...]

The US Returns To Latin America

By Vijay Prashad for the Hindu and Counterpunch. The financial crisis of 2007-08 dented China’s economy and saw the slow deterioration of commodity prices. It took a few years for the economic [...]

José Mujica, Former President Of Uruguay: What Makes Us Human?

By Human The Movie, www.youtube.com -

José Mujica, nicknamed Pepe Mujica, is one of the most interesting presidents in recent memory. He was President of Uruguay from 2010 to 2015. He was a former urban guerrilla fighter with the [...]

Uruguay Withdraws From TISA, Symbolic Blow To Trade Deal

By Glyn Moody, www.techdirt.com -

By Glyn Moody in Tech Dirt - Techdirt first mentioned the Trade in Services Agreement (TISA) last year, when "The Really Good Friends of Services" -- the self-chosen name for about 20 members of [...]

When Bolivia Tried To Murder A US Folk Legend

By Ryan Harvey, www.telesurtv.net -

His name was Victor Jara, and not only did he have the popularity of Presley and the political passion of Che, he also had the topical-folk style of Phil himself. But Víctor was part of something [...]

OAS Election Indicates Waning US Influence In Latin America

By Center for Economic and Policy Research, www.cepr.net -

Today’s election of Luis Almagro as the new Secretary General of the Organization of American States (OAS) is “another indication of declining U.S. influence in Latin America,” Center for [...]

Freed Guantánamo Detainees Adjust To Life In Uruguay

By Diana Cariboni, www.mintpressnews.com -

The group of four Syrians, a Tunisian and a Palestinian is still bound by the silence imposed by Washington regarding their experiences in the prison. IPS met with them for the second time Dec. [...]

10 Reasons to Love Uruguay’s President José Mujica

By Medea Benjamin, www.codepink.org -

President José Mujica of Uruguay, a 78-year-old former Marxist guerrilla who spent 14 years in prison, mostly in solitary confinement, recently visited the United States to meet with President [...]

Uruguay Agrees To Take Five Guantánamo Prisoners

By Rosalba O'Brien www.reuters.com -

Uruguay has agreed with the United States to accept some prisoners held in the much-criticized detention center at the U.S. military base of Guantanamo Bay, President Jose Mujica said on [...]

At the UN, A Latin American Rebellion

By Laura Carlsen, www.fpif.org -

Without a doubt, the 68th UN General Assembly will be remembered as a watershed. Nations reached an agreement on control of chemical weapons that could avoid a global war in Syria. The volatile [...]

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