Why Just Statues? Why Not Topple the US Constitution As Well?

By Dan Lazare, Strategic Culture. -

There’s no point toppling slaveholders without toppling what slaveholders wrought, up to and including their greatest achievement of all – the U.S. Constitution. This is the document that not [...]

Impeach The U.S. Constitution

By Paul Street, www.truthdig.com -

By Paul Street for Truth Dig - I am always darkly amused when I hear one of my fellow Americans call for a return from our current “deep state” plutocracy and empire to the supposedly benevolent [...]

Police Without Warrants Searched Low Income Housing

By Llowell Williams, www.care2.com -

By Llowell Williams for Care2. Longmont, CO - Though the United States strives to realize justice and equality for all Americans, it is an unfortunate truth that when it comes to people of lower [...]

Omnia Sunt Communia: May Day 2017

By Peter Linebaugh, www.counterpunch.org -

By Peter Linebaugh for Counterpunch. The constitution of the U.S.A. began when an assembly of rich white bankers, lawyers, and slave owners gathered behind closed doors in Philadelphia in 1787. [...]

Mississippi Parents Demand An Answer: Are Charter Schools Constitutional?

By Nadia Prupis, www.commondreams.org -

By Nadia Prupis for Common Dreams - Mississippi parents are challenging the public funding of charter schools on the grounds that it's not constitutional. The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), [...]

A Legal Precedent For A More Equitable Society

By Edward Campbell for Op-Ed News. Article One sections 9 and 10 of the Constitution forbids the grant of any "Titles of Nobility". In promoting the adoption of the Constitution of the United [...]

TPP The Great Grandchild Of The Worst Of US Constitution

By Staff, www.poclad.org -

By Staff for POCLAD, It’s not only whether the TPP is akin to NAFTA and previous corporate governance agreements but also how much it can be likened to a “child,” even a “great, great grandchild” [...]

Veterans For Peace Building Right To Assembly

By Staff, www,PopularResistance.org -

This video by Inside Out Ptv focuses on members of VFP who have been arrested at the Vietnam War Memorial in New York City repeatedly in recent years. Their first arrest was at peacekeepers [...]

Senate Shreds Constitution To Advance Nominee

By Joan Livingston, www.popularresistance.org -

CODEPINK and others have long been working hard to block David Barron's nomination to the First Circuit Court, just one step below the Supreme Court, because of memos he wrote that show a clear [...]

Manning: Security State Is Undermining The US Constitution

By Chelsea Manning via Aaron Kirkhouse, www.privatemanning.org -

It is becoming increasingly clear to me that the dangers of withholding documents, legal interpretations, and court jurisprudence from the public that pertain to the right to “life, liberty, and [...]