On Contact: COVID-19 And Critic Of Globalization

By Chris Hedges, RT. -

On the show this week, Chris Hedges talks to John Ralston Saul, author and president emeritus of Pen International, about how the Covid-19 pandemic has exposed the weakness of American society, [...]

The USA Vs. China: “A Clash Of Civilizations”

By Michael Wong, Peace Pivot. -

Hillary Clinton famously said, “’I don’t want my grandchildren to live in a world dominated by the Chinese.” During his tenure, President Obama launched his “Pivot to Asia,” moving 60% of US [...]

US Uses ‘Humanitarian Intervention’ To Advance Economic And Strategic Interests

By Roger D. Harris, Dissident Voice. -

No More War focuses on the one nation in recent times that has been continuously engaged in wars of aggression. In fact, that nation has been engaged in wars or military occupations in all but [...]

The US Military Is Hell-Bent On Trying To Overpower China

By Vijay Prashad, Globetrotter, a project of the Independent Media Institute. -

The United States has unilaterally increased a buildup around China and has ramped up threatening rhetoric against Beijing. Anxiety about a possible war against China imposed by the United States [...]

These ‘Are The Good Times — Compared To What’s Coming Next”

By Chauncey DeVega, Salon. -

Empires fall a little bit at a time and then all at once. Over the last two decades, America has proven itself to be well along on that journey. The coronavirus pandemic has simply pushed our [...]

Please Tell The Establishment That US Hegemony Is Over

By Daniel Larison, The American Conservative. -

More than 10 years ago, the columnist Charles Krauthammer asserted that American “decline is a choice,” and argued tendentiously that Barack Obama had chosen it. Yet looking back over the last [...]

The New Anti-China Campaign Is Built On Lies

By Moon of Alabama. -

To avoid self-examination of the failures that let the U.S. exceed the covid-19 casualty numbers of every other nation the powers that be decided to blame someone else. Trump's first attempt [...]

US Plots To Replace Military Forces In Iraq With CIA-Trained Agents

By Drago Bosnic, Fort-Russ.com. -

Baghdad – A prominent Iraqi security expert warned that the US is attempting to replace its military personnel in Iraq with forces trained by the CIA to protect its interests in the [...]

SOS! Save Our Sailors And Soldiers! Stop The Spread Of Covid-19

By Bob Witanek and Richard Moser, Popular Resistance. -

US military rank and file soldiers and sailors are being ravaged by an invisible enemy — the same enemy that is killing civilians across the country – COVID-19. This presents a quandary for [...]

Love In A Dangerous Time

By Mike Ferner, Counterpunch. -

A profusion of anonymous axioms and memes floods social media these days but one remains my very favorite: “It’s like we’ve all been sent to our room to think about what we did.” My friends, if [...]

Empire Files: US Empire Exploits #COVID19 For More War

By Abby Martin and Mike Prysner, Empire Files. -

"We're in the midst of a global pandemic. Billions of people around the world are worrying about how they are going to survive it physically and economically. The US Empire sees it as a perfect [...]

Letter From President Maduro As US Threatens Venezuela With War

By Nicolas Maduro, Popular Resistance. -

Associated Press reports the United States is sending naval ships to patrol the Caribbean as the US falsely accuses the Maduro administration with trafficking narcotics while ignoring the [...]

US Is Losing World Superpower Status Over Failures On COVID-19

By Patrick Cockburn, The Independent. -

The US may be reaching its “Chernobyl moment” as it fails to lead in combating the coronavirus epidemic. As with the nuclear accident in the Soviet Union in 1986, a cataclysm is exposing systemic [...]

American Suez?: The Costs Of Bombing Iran

By Maj. Danny Sjursen USA (ret.), Popular Resistance. -

Decaying empires behave badly.  Late-stage imperial states easily fall prey to perilous insecurity and irrationality, and tend to lash out like wounded, cornered animals.  Perhaps it must be so: [...]

Scheer Intelligence: The Afghanistan War Turned Americans Into ‘Good Germans’

By Robert Scheer, KCRW.com. -

Nearly 19 years into the Afghanistan War, it seems the U.S. might be finally ready to end the longest armed conflict in its history. The Trump administration announced in late February that a [...]