The EU Avoids Treating Guaido As ‘President’ Of Venezuela

By Telesur English. -

The European Union avoided referring to the opposition politician Juan Guaido as Venezuela's "acting president" once the mandate of the National Assembly over which he presided expired on [...]

Alex Saab Case: ‘One Of The Most Egregious Examples Of Jurisdictional Overreach’

By La Iguana TV, Orinoco Tribune. -

Baltasar Garzón, former Spanish judge who is the defense attorney for Venezuelan diplomatic envoy Álex Saab, reiterated during an interview with the Colombian newspaper El Espectador that his [...]

‘There Won’t Be Snow In Africa This Christmas’

By Maj. Danny Sjursen, Ret (USA), -

Ethiopia has pursued "legitimate" military action in its Tigray province since early November, according Moussa Faki Mahamat, the chairman of the African Union (AU) Commission. Maybe. It does [...]

The Planet’s Problem From Hell: Samantha Power

By Ann Garrison, Black Agenda Report. -

Just when it seemed that Joe Biden’s coming administration couldn’t be more of a horror show, Axios reported that he’s likely to appoint another monster from the deep, violent know-it-all [...]

Free Elections In Venezuela Are A Blow To Regime Change

By Leonardo Flores, Popular Resistance. -

Venezuela held legislative elections on December 6 and, as has become the norm, the U.S. and sectors of the opposition that boycotted the election are claiming fraud without presenting evidence. [...]

We Don’t Listen To The Dying Government Of Donald Trump

By Vijay Prashad, Tricontinental: Institute for Social Research. -

The night before the National Assembly elections in Venezuela, President Nicolás Maduro spoke to a group of visitors at Miraflores Palace in Caracas. He recounted how he had been a member of the [...]

Reuters Looks Away As Ecuador Tries To Outlaw Opposition Parties

By Joe Emersberger, Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting. -

Reuters routinely buries information that would badly damage the reputation of US allies in the Americas. Whether those allies are bureaucrats from the Organization of American States and the [...]

Venezuela Votes To End Neocolonialism, Create Its Own Path

By Margaret Flowers, Popular Resistance. -

On December 2, the Embassy Protection Collective (EPC) members, who were arrested in May 2019 when the United States illegally invaded the Venezuelan embassy in Washington, DC, completed their [...]

Venezuela Wins Simply By Holding An Election

By Vijay Prashad and Carlos Ron, People's Dispatch. -

On December 6, the Venezuelan people will vote for a new National Assembly. Ordinarily, there is nothing unusual about this, nor would this be newsworthy outside Venezuela. Ever since the [...]

Embassy Protection Collective Members Mark End Of Federal Probation

By the Embassy Protectors Defense Committee. -

Washington, DC – Today, three of the four members of the Embassy Protection Collective, Adrienne Pine, David Paul and Margaret Flowers, who stayed in the Venezuelan Embassy last year to stop its [...]

Upcoming Venezuelan Election Is Another Rejection Of US Imperialism

By Margaret Flowers, Clearing the FOG. -

On December 6, Venezuelans will vote for a new National Assembly. Just as it has done for the past twenty years, the United States is interfering in the election process and has already falsely [...]

Iran In The Crosshairs

By Eric Walberg, Covert Action Magazine. -

While it is not socialist, Iran can be considered one of the principle anti-imperialist nations in the world, along with Cuba, Venezuela, Belarus and North Korea. Because of its anti-imperialism, [...]

US Intervenes As Venezuela Prepares For High Stakes Election

By Roger D. Harris, Popular Resistance. -

The US finally appointed an ambassador to Venezuela after a decade hiatus and in the runup to the Venezuelan National Assembly elections. The new ambassador, James Story, was confirmed by US [...]

Nigerians Reject US Imperialism With #EndSARS Protests

By Jacqueline Luqman, The Real News. -

Massive and intense protests against the controversial Special Anti-Robbery Squad, or SARS unit, have been going on for at least four weeks now in Nigeria, but tensions between the SARS unit and [...]

Ten Foreign Policy Fiascos Biden Can Fix On Day One

By Medea Benjamin and Nicolas J. S. Davies, Popular Resistance. -

Donald Trump loves executive orders as a tool of dictatorial power, avoiding the need to work through Congress. But that works both ways, making it relatively easy for President Biden to reverse [...]