Black Alliance For Peace Stands In Revolutionary Solidarity With The People Of Bolivia

By the Black Alliance for Peace. -

The Black Alliance for Peace condemns the U.S. sponsored counter-revolutionary coup in Bolivia. The right-wing ruling elite of Bolivia with the full support of the bipartisan right-wing U.S. [...]

Crimea Stands Up For Its Legal Rights And Against US Domination

By Bruce K. Gagnon, -

The Fifth Anniversary International Conference: "Crimea in the Current International Context" began on November 7 inside the Livadia Palace, Yalta, Crimea.  In these same rooms Churchill, [...]

The World Is Rising Up Against Austerity And The Rule Of The Rich, When Will We?

By Danny Haiphong, -

The pessimism spread by the so-called “Resistance” to Donald Trump serves one purpose and one purpose only: to desensitize the masses of people in the U.S. to the misery of endless austerity and [...]

The Blatant Illegality Of US Interventions In Syria

By Ron Forthofer, -

The US is increasing its military presence in Syria.  In, “Trump OKs wider Syria oil mission, raising legal questions” the AP reports: "President Donald Trump has approved an expanded military [...]

US Embassy Pressures Thailand Over Monsanto Poison Ban

By Joseph Thomas, -

Under Thailand’s new government, efforts to ban toxic pesticides and herbicides including those made by US agricultural giant Monsanto were first accelerated, and have now finally succeeded. [...]

1979 Iran Hostage Crisis Recalled

By Staff, -

Washington D.C., November 4, 2019 – On November 4, 1979, a group calling itself the Students Following the Line of the Imam stormed the gates of the U.S. Embassy in Tehran, seized control of the [...]

Free Speech, Latin America And The Imperialist Inquisition

By Stephen Sefton, -

More clearly than ever, addressing Western liberal imperialism in its several varieties as a rationality than can be persuaded or changed by challenging its contradictions is a fundamental error. [...]

On Bragging About Murdering People You Turned Into Terrorists

By Staff, -

You cannot promote the rule of law by loudly bragging about committing murder. You cannot end terrorism by committing terrorism. Here is a U.S. president openly proclaiming that he has committed [...]

Positive Signs That The Tide Is Turning Towards Humanity In Latin America

By Alicia Jrapko, -

As we are gathering today, in my country Argentina, there is a very important presidential election taking place. If there is no fraud, it appears that the progressive formula of Alberto [...]

Support The UN Resolution Against Unilateral Coercive Measures

For decades the U.S. government and its European allies have been illegally using unilateral economic sanctions (“Unilateral Coercive Measures”) as a weapon of war and mass destruction to topple [...]

US-Iran Standoff Moves From High Seas To Dry Land

By Alison Tahmizian Meuse, Asia Times. -

A simmering regional standoff between the US and Iran shifted from the high seas to dry land over the past two weeks, as street protests from Beirut to Baghdad challenge existing political orders [...]

Monte Carmelo Celebrates 14th Peasant Seed Festival

By Katrina Kozarek, Venezuelanalysis. -

On October 29, the rural village of Monte Carmelo, located in the municipality of Andrés Eloy Blanco in Lara State, celebrated its 14th consecutive Peasant Seed Festival. According to Juan Ramón [...]

Max Blumenthal Arrest Exposes Hypocrisy Of Western Media And ‘Human Rights’ NGOs

Blumenthal is a bestselling author whose work has appeared in such publications as the New York Times, CJR, The Nation and Salon. DC police arrested him at his home on a five-month-old arrest [...]

Trump Shifts From Ending “Forever Wars” To Sending Tanks Into Syria’s Oil Fields

US Defense Secretary Mark Esper Friday confirmed that Washington would leave military forces in Syria to maintain control of the country’s principal oil and gas fields. The Pentagon is [...]

The US Double Standard In Venezuela Vs. Honduras

By Steve Ellner and Teri Mattson, -

The recent conviction of Tony Hernández for massive cocaine smuggling in a federal court case in which his brother, Honduran president Juan Orlando Hernández, was an unindicted co-conspirator [...]