The US Militarization Of Outerspace

Joshua Cho, -

The Wall Street Journal (5/10/19) published an excerpt from an upcoming book by CNN’s chief national security correspondent, Jim Sciutto, which claims that despite a “Star Wars–like space [...]

FM Javad Zarif: We Don’t Want War, And No One Can Confront Iran

By Staff, -

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif says he does not believe a war will break out in the region as Tehran does not want a conflict and no country has the "illusion it could confront [...]

Police Raid Venezuelan Embassy In DC, Arrest Last Remaining Members Of Embassy Protection Collective

By Staff, -

Police have broken into the Venezuelan Embassy in Washington, DC and arrested four protesters from the Embassy Protection Collective, according to Medea Benjamin, an activist from the anti-war [...]

The U.S. Has Been Eclipsed In Every Sphere But War

By Glen Ford, -

If you can’t pronounce Huawei (Wah-Way), then you won’t be able to explain to your grandchildren how the United States definitively lost the race for planetary technological supremacy, the last [...]

Washington Pushes To Brink Of War Against Iran

By Bill Van Auken, -

The abrupt trip staged by US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to Brussels to push Washington’s hard line against Iran, combined with the deployment of still more US military assets to the Persian [...]

Leaked Draft Of Trump’s Peace Plan Reveals Creation Of ‘New Palestine’

By Allison Deger, -

A leaked document of “main points” from the Trump administration’s so-called “deal of the century” was published today by Yisrael Hayom, outlining a plan for a two-state solution that includes [...]

US And Russia To Discuss Fate Of Venezuela Amid Reports Putin Will Not Prop Up Maduro

Nicolas Maduro’s future will be weighed up today by two key players as Vladimir Putin and Mike Pompeo meet in Russia to discuss Venezuela’s fate. Mr Pompeo, on his first visit to Russia as [...]

Trump Is Being Set-up For War With Iran

By Paul Craig Roberts, -

May 13, 2019 "Information Clearing House" - Trump destroyed his chance at being a successful president by the stupid appoinments he has made.  At the moment he is being set up by his national [...]

National Lawyers Guild Condemns Secret Service Complicity In Violence Against US Peace Activists

By Staff, Popular Resistance -

The undersigned write to condemn the violations of law which are occurring at the Venezuelan Embassy in Washington D.C. and to demand immediate action be taken. Prior to April 25, 2019, a group [...]

Newest Statement From The Venezuela Embassy Protection Collective

By Staff, -

This is the 34th day of our living in the Venezuelan embassy in Washington, DC. We are prepared to stay another 34 days, or however long is needed to resolve the embassy dispute in a peaceful way [...]

The Revelations Of WikiLeaks: No. 2 —The Leak That ‘Exposed The True Afghan War’

By Elizabeth Vos, -

Three months after it published the “Collateral Murder” video, WikiLeaks on July 25, 2010 released a cache of secret U.S. documents on the war in Afghanistan. It revealed the suppression of [...]

Donald Trump Says U.S. Underestimated Venezuela’s ‘Tough Cookie’ Nicolas Maduro: Report

By Shane Croucher, -

President Donald Trump reportedly described Venezuela’s President Nicolás Maduro as a “tough cookie” and believes his administration underestimated the socialist leader, who held on to power in [...]

‘Dangerous And Appalling’: US Defenders Of Venezuelan Embassy Demand Secret Service End Illegal Water And Power Shutoff

By Eoin Higgins,   -

What is happening at the embassy, said one activist, is "a microcosm of the what is taking place in Venezuela as the U.S. continues to try and orchestrate a coup." Police in Washington, D.C. and [...]

Violent, Bigoted Supporters Of Juan Guaidó Attempt To Invade Venezuela’s D.C. Embassy

By Alexander Rubinstein, -

WASHINGTON — Emboldened by the attempted military coup — and amidst the ongoing tenancy of the Embassy Protection Collective at Venezuela’s Washington embassy at the invitation of the legitimate [...]