Bolivia: The CIA Is Already Weaving The Plot For Fraud

By Hector Bernardo, -

Bolivia’s Supreme Electoral Tribunal (TSE) announced that new presidential elections will be held on May 3, 2020. In the current conditions, the elections only seem to have the intention to [...]

The Deeper Story Behind The Assassination Of Soleimani

By Federico Pieraccini, Strategic Culture. -

Days after the assassination of General Qasem Soleimani, new and important information is coming to light from a speech given by the Iraqi prime minister. The story behind Soleimani’s [...]

61 Years Strong: Cuba’s Revolution Lives On Despite Blockade

By Staff, -

A day that will forever live in the hearts and minds of free men and women around the world, Jan. 1, 1959 marked the triumph of the Cuban Revolution, as the military dictatorship of Fulgencio [...]

A Report Card On The American Project

By Andrew Bacevich, -

Thirty years ago this month, President George H.W. Bush appeared before a joint session of Congress to deliver his first State of the Union Address, the first post-Cold War observance of this [...]

Whose Blood, Whose Hands?

“Qasem Soleimani had the blood of Americans on his hands”, so said US Representative Eliot Engel, Chair of the House Committee on Foreign Relations. A similar accusation was made by many other [...]

Assassination Of Soleimani Is A Message To Iran-China-Russia ‘Cease Cooperating’

By Ekaterina Blinova, -

The US is trying to stop Eurasia's economic and political integration in order to delay its own demise, say international observers, explaining what message the US sent to the Russia-China-Iran [...]

War With Iran

By Chris Hedges, -

The assassination by the United States of Gen. Qassem Soleimani, the head of Iran’s elite Quds Force, near Baghdad’s airport will ignite widespread retaliatory attacks against U.S. targets from [...]

Lies, The Bethlehem Doctrine, And The Illegal Murder Of Soleimani 1141

By Staff, -

In one of the series of blatant lies the USA has told to justify the assassination of Soleimani, Mike Pompeo said that Soleimani was killed because he was planning “Imminent attacks” on US [...]

Attacks On Iran–Past And Present

By John Scales Avery, -

On Friday 3 Jan 2020, progressives in the United States and all peace-loving people throughout the world were horrified to learn that Donald Tromp had added to his long list of crimes and [...]

Trump Threatens Afghan Armageddon U.S. “Plans” For The Afghan War Might Prove A Crime Against Humanity

By Nick Turse, -

On February 4, 2002, a Predator drone circled over Afghanistan’s Paktia province, near the city of Khost. Below was al-Qaeda’s founder Osama bin Laden -- or at least someone in the CIA thought so [...]

NLG Strongly Condemns Illegal Targeted Assassinations By U.S. & Increased Repression Of Iranian Nationals At U.S. Borders

The National Lawyers Guild (NLG), the oldest and largest progressive bar association in the United States, strongly condemns recent illegal U.S. actions in Iraq, including the killing of Iranian [...]

Venezuela: Guaido Replaced As Parliament Head

By Lucas Koerner and Ricardo Vaz, Venezuelanalysis. -

Caracas, VZ - Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaido was handed a defeat Sunday in his bid to secure reelection as president of the country’s National Assembly (AN). With the votes of [...]

The Soleimani Assassination: The Long-Awaited Beginning Of The End Of America’s Imperial Ambitions

By Philip Giraldi, -

The United States is now at war with Iran in a conflict that could easily have been avoided and it will not end well. There will be no declaration of war coming from either side, but [...]

After 18 Years of US Occupation, Poll Finds Zero Percent Of Afghans Thriving, 85 Percent “Suffering”

By Alan Macleod, -

Since the 2001 occupation of Afghanistan began, fighting has not stopped, destroying the country and leading to the U.S. spending an estimated $2 trillion on the war. American polling firm [...]

Response To US Strikes: A United Opposition To Occupation Of Iraq

By Julia Kassem, -

US airstrikes Sunday targeted locations in Anbar, Iraq, as well as four other locations in Iraq and Syria. The attacks targeted a Katai’b Hezbollah military site, killing 27 and injuring 51. The [...]