US Militarism’s Toxic Impact On Climate Policy

By Medea Benjamin and Nicolas J. S. Davies, Popular Resistance. -

President Biden addressed the UN General on September 21 with a warning that the climate crisis is fast approaching a “point of no return,” and a promise that the United States would rally the [...]

The Second Afghan War And US Retreat From Central Asia

By Jack Rasmus, ZNet. -

There were actually two Afghan wars. The first began within a few weeks of the 9-11 tragedy, when the US was attacked by Al Qaeda with the assistance of elements of the Saudi Arabia ruling [...]

The Return Of The Marines

By Thomas Peralte, Black Agenda Report. -

A battalion of U.S. Marines from North Carolina’s Camp Lejeune left for Haiti on Wednesday, August 18 under the pretext of aiding the victims of the disasters that struck the departments of Sud, [...]

The Peace Movement Must Press For Diplomacy, Not More War, In Afghanistan

By Margaret Flowers, Clearing the FOG. -

Col. Ann Wright was in Afghanistan to open the US Embassy in 2001. She recounts how the recommendation then was to get the US military out as quickly as possible. Instead, the Pentagon spent 20 [...]

Calling Out The Greatest Culprit Behind The Climate Crisis

By Margaret Flowers, Clearing the FOG. -

Abby Martin and Mike Prysner of The Empire Files are producing a new feature-length documentary that exposes the US military as "Earth's Greatest Enemy." Left out of the conversation about the [...]

Opening And Closing US Embassies-From Sierra Leone To Afghanistan

By Ann Wright, Popular Resistance. -

While the people of Afghanistan are in a state of fear of the Taliban who now control Afghanistan, its capital, major cities and countryside after the U.S. and NATO occupation of twenty years, [...]

Military Should Return Hawaii Lands

By Ann Wright, Popular Resistance. -

The 65-year leases of 30,000 acres of Hawaii state land by the U.S. military are ending in 2029. The state of Hawaii should not re-lease these lands no matter what the amount the U.S. military [...]

Pentagon Undercounts And Ignores Military Sexual Assault In Africa

By Nick Turse, Reader Supported News. -

All of these incidents, whether the alleged victim was a civilian or a member of the military, are supposed to be included in the Pentagon’s Defense Sexual Assault Incident Database and listed in [...]

Atlantic Stormwind In The Black Sea

By Manlio Dinucci, -

The large aeronaval maneuver Sea Breeze, officially "co-hosted by the United States and Ukraine" in the Black Sea, began on June 28, 2021. The United States planned and commanded it, US is, [...]

Increasing Pressure On China

By Ann Wright, Popular Resistance. -

Each week the Pacific is getting even more crowded with military ships, submarines and aircraft from countries in the region and from outside. NATO countries- United Kingdom, France, Germany and [...]

How The CIA Turned Afghanistan Into A Failed Narco-State

By Alan Macleod, Mintpress News. -

Afghanistan - The COVID-19 pandemic has been a death knell to so many industries in Afghanistan. Charities and aid agencies have even warned that the economic dislocation could spark widespread [...]

Missiles And Munitions Headed To Ewa Beach, Hawaii

By Brad Wolf, World Beyond War. -

The United States Army plans to build an enormous weapons facility storing stockpiles of conventional warheads and explosives right next to the residential housing communities of Ewa Beach, Ewa [...]

On Contact: Confronting The Ruling Elite

On the show this week, Chris Hedges talks to Richard Falk about the inner workings of the power elite and the institutions that do its bidding. Falk is professor emeritus of international law and [...]

What Matters About The Origins Of The COVID-19 Virus

By Glen Janken, Popular Resistance. -

Up until recently I dismissed the hypothesis that the coronavirus that causes COVID-19 escaped from a Chinese lab as a crackpot conspiracy theory meant to increase anti- China sentiment in the [...]

US Troop Build Up Threatens Resource War In The Arctic

By Sam Carliner, Left Voice. -

While plenty of headlines are being dedicated to the U.S. military’s withdrawal from Afghanistan, an increase of U.S. forces in another area has gone under the radar. This area is the [...]