On Shedding An Obsolete Past

By Andrew Bacevich, Tom Dispatch. -

You may have noticed: the Blob is back. Beneath a veneer of gender and racial diversity, the Biden national security team consists of seasoned operatives who earned their spurs in Washington long [...]

De-Militarizing The United States

By Melvin Goodman, Counterpunch. -

The reliance on military instruments of power to implement foreign policy has expanded the role of the Department of Defense at the expense of the Department of State.  The State Department’s [...]

Fortress On A Hill: Interview With Larry Wilkerson

By Danny Sjursen, Fortress on a Hill. -

Powerful.  That’s how I’d describe today’s episode.  A deep dive into the mind of COL(R) Larry Wilkerson, his career as a U.S. Army officer to include combat in Vietnam, his close professional [...]

New Details Emerge Linking US To Latest Coup Attempt In Venezuela

By Alan Macleod, Mintpress News. -

The government of Venezuela is celebrating after thwarting another foreign-backed coup attempt Sunday, just two days after self-declared another coup attempt by “Interim President” Juan [...]

A Simple Democratic Transition Framework For Venezuela: End All Sanctions

By Nino Pagliccia, One World Press. -

On March 31, the US Secretary of State issued a press statement proposing a “pathway” by which all Venezuelans would live happily ever after, at least that is what Mike Pompeo seems to wish. He [...]

State Department Finally Releases Updated Official History of Iran Coup

By Malcolm Byrne, www.nsarchive.gwu.edu -

By Malcolm Byrne for National Security Archive. The State Department today released a long-awaited “retrospective” volume of declassified U.S. government documents on the 1953 coup in Iran. The [...]