How A Black And Latinx Coalition Turned Utilities Back On In LaGrange

By Lewis Raven Wallace, Scalawag Magazine. -

Anton Flores thought it would be simple to help someone get their water turned back on.  "I had a single mom, who was undocumentable, whose utilities had been cut off, and she came to me," [...]

‘The Most Basic Form Of PPE’: 1.6 Million Households Face Water Shutoffs

By Jackie Botts, Cal Matters. -

The first thing Deborah Bell-Holt does each morning is check whether water still flows from her bathroom faucet. It always does, thanks to an April executive order from Gov. Gavin Newsom [...]

In Coronavirus Crisis, 575 Groups Urge Halt To Electricity, Water Shutoffs

By Staff, The Center for Biological DIversity -

WASHINGTON - More than 575 utility justice, labor, faith, consumer and environmental groups urged state governors, mayors and utility regulators today to put a moratorium on electricity and [...]

“Our Biggest Enemy Is PG&E”: Inside The Fight To Put Utilities Under Public Control

By Nuala Bishari, -

SANTA ROSA, Calif.—“We’ve been evacuated twice in the past five years,” J.D. Opperman tells a small crowd of around 30 who had gathered to protest Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) in [...]

How PG&E’s Power Shutoffs Sparked An East Bay Disability Rights Campaign

By Matthew Green, -

Stacey Milbern didn't lose power during the recent blackouts, but if she had, things could have gotten dicey fast. Milbern, whose East Oakland apartment was just outside PG&E's public safety [...]

We Need Publicly Owned Utilities

By Jill Richardson, -

Right now, thousands of Californians are fleeing raging wildfires, while millions sit in the dark. And for-profit utilities may be to blame. Pacific Gas & Electric — a private, for-profit utility [...]

SC Regulators Slap Down Duke Energy Rate Increase, Call Executives ‘Tone Deaf’

By Haley Walters, The Greenville News By Andrew Brown, -

State utility regulators on Wednesday reduced a proposed rate increase that would have affected 591,000 Duke Energy customers in the Upstate, and called executives of the energy company "tone [...]

TVA Votes To Close 2 Coal Plants, Despite Political Pressure From Trump And Kentucky GOP

By James Bruggers, -

Brushing aside pleas from coal-friendly politicians, Tennessee Valley Authority's board voted Thursday to retire a 49-year-old coal-fired power plant in Kentucky. President Donald Trump and the [...]

The Green New Deal Must Put Utilities Under Public Control

By Jackson Koeppel, Johanna Bozuwa and Liz Veazey, -

Highland Park, Mich., is a small, majority-black community of three square miles, nestled in the center of Detroit, with some of the highest poverty and unemployment rates in the country. It’s [...]

Public Takeover Of PG&E: A Radically Common-Sense Proposal

By Johanna Bozuwa, -

California’s large investor-owned utility, Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E), announced it would be filing for bankruptcy by the end of the month after being faced with $30 billion in damages related [...]

Can California Utilities Burn Down The State And Make The Public Pay For It?

By Matt Stannard, -

The fossil fuel industry knowingly alters the climate, exacerbating fire risks in the American West, including massive wildfires across California. Energy utilities (presently private [...]

Utilities Have A Problem: The Public Wants 100% Renewable Energy, And Quick

By David Roberts, -

Renewable energy is hot. It has incredible momentum, not only in terms of deployment and costs but in terms of public opinion and cultural cachet. To put it simply: Everyone loves renewable [...]

U.S. Utility Solar Contracts ‘Exploded’ In 2018 Despite Tariffs: Report

By Nichola Groom, -

(Reuters) - Procurement of solar energy by U.S. utilities “exploded” in the first half of 2018, prompting a prominent research group to boost its five-year installation forecast on Thursday [...]

After Latest Water Rate Hike, A Call To Pugh And Young For Help

By Fern Shen, -

A City Council bill to give poor residents a break on fast-rising water rates – promised a year ago by President Jack Young – is yet to be drafted As Baltimore water bills rose for the third year [...]

Utilities Kill Solar Bill Despite Majority Support In SC House

By Sammy Fretwell, -

Under pressure from the state's major utilities, the S.C. House killed a solar bill Tuesday that was intended to protect thousands of jobs and save customers money on their monthly power bills. [...]

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