Devaluing Survivors, Criminalizing Dissent & Creating Utopia

By Eleanor Goldfield, -

It took one woman 10 years to see her rapist brought to justice because that's when they finally tested her rape kit. Her story is not uncommon. This week, we dive into the backlog of untested [...]

Atlas Of Real Utopias: Transformative Cities

By Sol Trumbo VIla and Nick Buxton, -

In an age of Trump and trolls, it may be strange to talk about utopia. Not only has a divisive reactionary right-wing privileged minority surged to the fore, but social inequality, militarism and [...]

Utopia And The Right To Be Lazy

By David F. Ruccio, -

Students are much too busy to think these days. So, when a junior comes to talk with me about the possibility of my directing their senior thesis, I ask them about their topic—and then their [...]

Portland Is A Sustainable Utopia—How It Happened

By Yves Smith, -

By Yves Smith for Naked Capitalism - Yves here. We so often feature stories about what is wrong, because in our view, you need to have an accurate diagnosis before you can come up with solutions. [...]

A Place Where Happiness Comes First

By Magda Fahsi, -

MPN: Is it possible that people don’t want to be happy? JT: I cannot see that happening, unless human beings have ceased to be human beings and lost their humanity. I think this is where the [...]