Health Advocates Bring Pile Of Bones To Biden Chief Of Staff, Moderna CEO

By Leandra Bernstein, ABC. -

Washington — Activists gathered outside the homes of the White House chief of staff and the CEO of Moderna to demand the Biden administration and private drug companies do more to address the [...]

Wealthy Countries Weigh Boosters; Fewer Than 2% Of Africans Vaccinated

By Nina Demeo And Otto Fors, Left Voice. -

The highly infectious Delta variant of the coronavirus is sweeping Africa in a deadly third wave of the pandemic. Over the last month, there has been an 80-percent increase in cases across the [...]

Switzerland’s UBS Blocks And Holds Venezuela’s COVAX Payments

By Lucía Eugenia Córdova, Orinoco Tribune. -

In an official communication issued on June 7, the COVAX initiative notified the Government of Venezuela that UBS bank (United Bank Switzerland) blocked and put “under investigation” the last [...]

A New Vision That Puts Health Over Profit And Drives Innovation

By Margaret Flowers, Clearing the FOG. -

There is a struggle right now to push the World Trade Organization to waive patent protections for medicines, vaccines and technology used for the COVID-19 pandemic. James Love of Knowledge [...]

Critics Call Biden’s Vaccine Sharing Plan ‘Woefully Inadequate’

By Kenny Stancil, Commondreams. -

The White House announced Thursday its plan to donate 25 million excess Covid-19 vaccine doses to other nations—a plan progressives described as an "inadequate" response to the ongoing pandemic, [...]

African Countries Urged To Manufacture COVID-19 Vaccines

By Telesur English. -

According to the council, the manufacturing of COVID-19 vaccines in Africa could be achieved through sharing of the intellectual property right, technology transfers and open non-exclusive licensing.

Vaccine Waiver Pledge Tests Biden-World’s Pharma Ties

By David Sirota, Walker Bragman and Andrew Perez, Daily Poster. -

Several of President Joe Biden’s most powerful appointees and advisers have had business relationships with pharmaceutical giants lobbying the administration on COVID-19 and intellectual property [...]

Systemic Racism Continues To Plague Pandemic Response

By Derrick Z. Jackson, Union of Concerned Scientists. -

On March 29, Eric, the most prominent lay leader at my church in Cambridge, Massachusetts, perished from COVID-19. He was one of 685 people across the United States and one of 15 in Massachusetts [...]

Majority Of US Population Supports Patent Waiver For COVID-19 Vaccine

By People's Dispatch. -

According to a new survey, more than 60% of US voters across party lines would support president Joe Biden endorsing the demand of a patent rights waiver for COVID-19 vaccines raised by over 100 [...]

Why China’s Vaccine Internationalism Matters

By the Qiao Collective. -

United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres called it “the biggest moral test” facing the world today. World Health Organization Director General Tedros Adhanom warned of a “catastrophic [...]

Epidemiologist Warns That A Fourth COVID-19 Surge Is Under Way

By Benjamin Mateus, WSWS. -

Leading US epidemiologist Dr. Michael Osterholm, director of the Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy in Minneapolis, gave a stark warning of a devastating new stage of the COVID-19 [...]

The Vaccine Must Be A Common Good For Humanity

By Vijay Prashad, Tricontinental: Institute for Social Research. -

Nearly three million people have reportedly been killed by the novel coronavirus (SAR-CoV-2) and upwards of 128 million people have been infected by the virus, many with long-lasting health [...]

Vaccine Nationalism Is Putting World Health At Risk

By Laura Lopez Gonzalez, Tribune Magazine. -

It’s 9:21pm, and the phones of journalists across South Africa are buzzing. The health department has just released the country’s daily Covid-19 statistics in a WhatsApp message. ‘We convey [...]

Organizations Petition High Court Of Justice Demanding Vaccines For Palestinians

By M. Dennis Paul, Popular Resistance. -

Six Israeli and Palestinian human rights organizations petitioned the High Court of Justice on Thursday demanding that Israel take immediate steps to ensure regular supply of vaccines to the [...]

Vaccine Imperialism: China vs. The Western World

By Lee Siu Hin, Action LA. -

China and Russia are among the first countries in the world to vaccinate people, according to the website Our World in Data. By December 15, 2020, at least 1.5 million Chinese had taken a jab, [...]

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