White New Yorkers Have Received Lion’s Share Of COVID-19 Vaccine

By Sydney Pereira, Jake Dobkin and Nsikan Akpan, Gothamist. -

Three white residents receive a COVID-19 vaccine for every Black or Latino person in the city, according to new demographic data released by the mayor’s office on Sunday. At a press briefing, [...]

Black Doctors COVID-19 Consortium Will Administer Vaccines

By Emily Scott, WHYY. -

Philadelphia’s Black Doctors COVID-19 Consortium will be playing a much more hands-on role in the city’s vaccine distribution efforts. Consortium founder Dr. Ala Stanford shared on Instagram [...]

US Blockade Prevents Venezuela From Funding COVAX

By Telesur English. -

Venezuela’s Health Minister Carlos Alvarado on Sunday said that the economic blockade imposed by the United States is preventing his country from funding the COVAX initiative led by the World [...]

Science Magazine Report Praises China’s COVID-19 Vaccine

By Telesur English. -

The Science magazine website has just published a report praising a Covid-19 vaccine China has developed and referred to its "outstanding efficacy data" as a relevant feature, compared to the [...]

Experts Temper Expectations For Pfizer’s COVID-19 Vaccine

By Julia Conley, Commondreams. -

Public health experts were among those who urged cautious optimism on Monday as pharmaceutical giant Pfizer announced that the first formal review of its coronavirus vaccine showed the vaccine is [...]

US Sanctions Russian Institute That Developed COVID-19 Vaccine

By Ben Norton, The Grayzone. -

Russia won the race to develop the first vaccine against the novel coronavirus. The United States has responded by slapping sanctions on a Russian research facility involved in creating [...]

‘Western’ Media Falsely Claim Russia’s COVID-19 Vaccine Is Ready

By Moon of Alabama. -

After President Vladimir Putin announced that Russia's Covid-19 vaccine candidate had gained an approval from its regulator, 'western' media went into a anti-Russian frenzy to sow fear and doubt [...]

US Lawmakers, Top Official Clash On China’s Involvement In COVID-19 Vaccine

By Jodi Xu Klein, South China Morning Post. -

US lawmakers and a top official leading the White House’s efforts to produce a coronavirus vaccine clashed on Thursday over whether American health authorities should be working with China to [...]

Ethics Groups Call On Coronavirus ‘Vaccine Czar’ To Disclose Potential Conflicts

By Soo Rin Kim, Olivia Rubin, Katherine Faulders and Matthew Mosk, ABC News. -

The Trump administration's decision to hire its new "vaccine czar" as a private contractor, rather than a government employee, has alarmed some ethics experts who say the designation will involve [...]

US Government Fears China Will Give Away COVID-19 Vaccine For Free

By Alan Macleod, Mintpress News. -

The number of official global coronavirus mortalities surpassed a quarter of a million people today, including over 69,000 in the U.S. (although this is very likely an undercount). [...]