Dr. Osterholm’s Warning: COVID Hurricane On The Horizon

By Vincent Emanuele, Counterpunch. -

Twelve months ago, Dr. Michael Osterholm was interviewed on the Joe Rogan Program. At the time, he warned that anywhere from 400,000 to 1.5 million Americans would die of COVID and that the [...]

Vaccine Imperialism: China vs. The Western World

By Lee Siu Hin, Action LA. -

China and Russia are among the first countries in the world to vaccinate people, according to the website Our World in Data. By December 15, 2020, at least 1.5 million Chinese had taken a jab, [...]

What The Vaccine Debacle Tells Us About Predatory Capitalism

By Ognian Kassabov, Al Jazeera. -

Vaccines have been a beacon of hope amid a raging coronavirus pandemic that has killed more than 2.4 million people and brought world economies to a halt. They have been presented as a remedy [...]

Global Solidarity Is Needed During The Pandemic To End Medical Apartheid

By Margaret Flowers, PopularResistance.org. -

Some of the truths the COVID-19 pandemic is exposing about the United States are its racial disparities in health and access to health care. Black and Indigenous people are more likely to be [...]

The Global South Faces A ‘Vaccine Apartheid’

By Hadas Thier, In These Times. -

The coronavirus crisis in South Africa is far from over despite falling case numbers in recent weeks. The virus has claimed more than of 50,000 lives, and many health experts predict [...]

Latin America Finds Its Own Answers To Produce COVID-19 Vaccines

By Rubén Sierra, Council On Hemispheric Affairs. -

In a world harmed by the severe COVID-19 pandemic, the access to vaccines is being distorted by the rules of the open market and the deep gap between rich and poor nations. As the director of the [...]

Unprotected African Health Workers Die As Rich Countries Buy Up COVID-19 Vaccines

By Kai Kupferschmidt, Science Magazine. -

On 6 January, gastroenterologist Leolin Katsidzira received a troubling message from his colleague James Gita Hakim, a heart specialist and noted HIV/AIDS researcher. Hakim, chair of the [...]

Scheer Intelligence: The Clearest Example Of Israeli Apartheid Yet

By Robert Scheer, ScheerPost.com. -

As Israel’s COVID-19 vaccination program got underway in recent months, reports in Western media, including the New York Times, lauded the country’s speedy inoculation efforts to vaccinate every [...]

The Never Ending COVID Crisis

By Margaret Kimberley, Black Agenda Report. -

It was in early 2020 that the word COVID-19 entered the lexicon. In the past year more than 440,000 people in the United States have died from this disease. The impact of shutdowns meant to end [...]

COVID-19: How Weaponizing Disease And Vaccine Wars Are Failing Us

By Popular Resistance. -

On January 26, 2021, authors and editors of the book "Capitalism on a Ventilator: The Impact of COVID-19 in China and the US" held a webinar to provide an update to the book and answer [...]