Walking The Tightrope: Latin America’s Pink Tide

By: Frederick B. Mills, New Politics. -

Latin America’s Pink Tide: Breakthroughs and Shortcomings, edited by economic historian and prominent Latin Americanist Steve Ellner, offers a critical ethical theoretical framework for assessing [...]

UK Decision On Venezuelan Gold Condemned: ‘It’s Daylight Robbery!’

By Hands Off Venezuela. -

The fact that the UK High Court cites the UK government’s recognition of Juan Guaidó as the reason for blocking access to the gold is farcical. The UK government has formally recognised Guaidó as [...]

Spain’s Zapatero: There Are Governments That Regret Having Recognized Guaido

By The Orinoco Tribune. -

Former Spain Prime Minister José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero believes that there are governments that regret having recognized opposition leader Juan Guaidó as interim president of Venezuela back in [...]

The Embargo Deepens As Adobe And Oracle Leave Venezuela

By Leonardo Flores, Popular Resistance. -

On October 7, users of Adobe software products in Venezuela began receiving messages saying that the company would no longer provide them with services, citing U.S. government sanctions [...]

US Coup Suffers Defeat In Venezuela, Protests Grow Against US Intervention

By Kevin Zeese, Popular Resistance -

February 23 may end up being a decisive day in the attempted US coup of Venezuela. US Puppet fake president, Juan Guaido, promised so-called humanitarian aid would break through the borders of [...]