Venezuela After The Elections: More Concessions To The Capitalists, While Economic Crisis Worsens

By Jorge Martin, -

The Venezuelan elections on 20 May were merely an episode in a long saga of imperialist aggression, economic crisis and the deterioration of living conditions for the working class and poor. The [...]

Venezuela: Vanguard Of A New World

By Peter Koenig, -

Venezuela is a champion in democracy, in democratic elections, as proven twice within the last twelve months and more than a dozen times since 1999. Never mind that the lunatic west doesn’t want [...]

The Propaganda And Economic Attacks On Venezuela Continue After Election

By Roger Harris, Popular Resistance -

When I read the Foreign Policy article referenced in the first paragraph I was amazed at the how many false myths could be contained in one article. Then I saw the author was José R. Cárdenas who [...]

Venezuela Needs Our Solidarity, Not Charity

By Margaret Flowers and Kevin Zeese, Clearing the FOG. -

The Bolivarian Revolution in Venezuela just succeeded against the forces of US imperialism through the election of Nicolas Maduro for a second term as president. US officials were openly calling [...]

Land Reform: The State Of The Campesino Struggle in Venezuela

By Tatuy TV, Venezuela Analysis -

Venezuela is a country with ample, open, and unused rural spaces which enjoy excellent environmental conditions for crop production, cattle raising, and a host of other productive activities. It [...]

The Reelection Of Maduro – Venezuelan Voters Defiant Answer To US Empire

By Roger D. Harris, -

The Venezuelan people reelected Nicolas Maduro for a second presidential term on May 20. A US-backed political tide of reaction had been bucked, which had swept away previously left-leaning Latin [...]

Nicaragua,Venezuela: One Enemy, One Fight For Democracy

Bolivia, Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela are all targets of the U.S. government because they challenge control of Latin America and the Caribbean by Western corporate elites and their local allies. [...]

The Real Venezuela Is Not What You Think

By Daniel Kovalik, -

I just returned from observing my fourth election in Venezuela in less than a year. Jimmy Carter has called Venezuela’s electoral system “the best in the world,” and what I witnessed was an [...]

Colombia’s New NATO Partnership ‘A Threat To Peace’

By Staff, MorningStar. -

President Juan Manuel Santos announced on Friday that Colombia would be working with the West’s military alliance as a “global partner” from this week, becoming the first Latin American country [...]

Venezuela Defeats US In Election, Now Must Build Independent Economy

By Kevin Zeese, Popular Resistance -

Upon returning to the United States from Venezuela and reading the terrible media reporting of the election, it was evident that the people of the United States are being lied to. The Intrepid [...]

Venezuela’s Election Matters—It Was Under Siege by U.S., Canadian & the EU

By Vijay Prashad, Independent Media Institute   -

On May 20, half the people of Venezuela went to vote. They delivered a mandate to Nicolás Maduro, the 55-year-old successor to Hugo Chávez and the leader of the Chavista movement. Maduro won 68 [...]

Media Delegitimize Venezuelan Elections Amid Complete Unanimity Of Outlook

By Alan MacLeod, -

However, Western media have taken an entirely different outlook to the proceedings, unanimously presenting them as seriously flawed, at best, and at worst a complete sham presided over by a [...]

Venezuela’s Highly Unusual Presidential Election

By Greg Wilpert, -

This is the best opportunity since 1998 that the opposition has to defeat the Bolivarian Revolution. So why are they boycotting the election? Venezuela will hold its 24th electoral event in 20 [...]

US Refuses To Recognize Venezuela’s Election Results, New Sanctions Already Planned

CARACAS, VENEZUELA -- Even before Venezuelans finished casting their votes Sunday, U.S. Deputy Secretary of State John Sullivan announced that the U.S. would not recognize the result of [...]

On The Technical Aspects Of Voting, Venezuela Does It Right

By Kevin Zeese, Popular Resistance. -

Caracas, Venezuela - The voting system in Venezuela cannot be technically challenged in any serious way. It is open, transparent, leaves a voter-verified paper record and can easily be recounted [...]