Biden Administration Is Undermining The Venezuela Dialogue

By Leonardo Flores, Mintpress News. -

The talks between the Venezuelan government and the extreme-right wing opposition had been going well. There are still outstanding issues to be resolved, like ending the economic war, but the [...]

Alex Saab To Appear Today Before A Judge In Miami

By Ana Perdigón, Orinoco Tribune. -

On the afternoon of Monday, October 18, Venezuelan diplomat Alex Saab will appear before a judge in Miami, United States, after having been illegally extradited from Cape Verde. This action has [...]

Venezuelan Government Envoy Alex Saab Extradited To The United States

Venezuelan government envoy Alex Saab has been extradited to the United States from Cape Verde, where he had been imprisoned since 2020. The extradition was first reported by local Cape Verde [...]

Forbes Reveals Why The US Government Is Trying To Extradite Alex Saab

By Roger D. Harris, Orinoco Tribune. -

Alex Saab is “the key that unlocks the Venezuelan monetary mystery—that is, how a country facing sanctions from the US, the UK and the European Union—is still able to export things like gold and [...]

Allow Humanitarian Aid To Reach Venezuela

By Progressive International. -

We are writing to you to urge Novo Banco to execute the transfer of a modest portion of the now technically unfrozen assets belonging to Bandes, the Venezuelan economic and social development [...]

Outrage Over Atrocities Committed Against Alex Saab

By Orinoco Tribune. -

After receiving a letter from the diplomat Alex Saab, the head of the Venezuelan government delegation in the Mexico Talks, Jorge Rodríguez, expressed outrage at the atrocities committed against [...]

HBO’s Anti-Maduro Propaganda Is Cruder Than Venezuelan Oil

By Joe Emersberger, Fairness and Accuracy In Reporting. -

HBO Max began streaming a documentary on September 15: A La Calle (“To the Street”). It portrays US-backed opposition leaders in Venezuela as pro-democracy heroes battling a brutal [...]

Tensions Rise At Third Round Of Stalled Government-Opposition Negotiations

By Paul Dobson, Venezuelanalysis. -

Mérida – The Venezuelan government and US-backed opposition held a third round of talks in Mexico City over the weekend amid increasing friction. The weekend negotiations followed “fruitful” [...]

18 Countries Issue Call For Defense Of United Nations Charter

By People's Dispatch. -

The Group of Friends in Defense of the United Nations Charter held its first ministerial meeting at Venezuela’s UN Mission in New York City on Thursday, September 23 on the sidelines of the UN [...]

Hush, Hush (Venezuela Is Winning!)

By Maria Paez Victor, Counterpunch. -

By now it is obvious that the mainstream media does not cover any good news whatsoever about Venezuela.  Even non-political issues are always accompanied by a poisoned cliché sentence or two [...]

UN Human Rights Chief Calls For Venezuela Sanctions Relief

By José Luis Granados Ceja, Venezuelanalysis. -

Mexico City, Mexico - Michelle Bachelet, United Nations (UN) High Commissioner for Human Rights, called on Monday for sectoral sanctions against Venezuela to be lifted. “I reiterate my call [...]

Alex Saab Defence Team Confident Of Achieving His Release

By Alex Saab Defence Team, Popular Resistance. -

Femi Falana, SAN, who heads up Alex Saab’s ECOWAS Defence commented “Contrary to some of the statements which have been made in the media, the legal process is far from over and His Excellency [...]

Cape Verde’s Top Court Approves Maduro Envoy’s Extradition To US

By Aaron Ross, Reuters. -

Praia - Cape Verde's highest court ruled on Tuesday that Alex Saab, a Colombian businessman who is wanted by U.S. authorities on charges of laundering money on behalf of Venezuela's government, [...]

Venezuela Dialogue Offers Way Out Of Crisis

By Leonardo Flores, Popular Resistance. -

There are high hopes surrounding the upcoming round of negotiations between the Venezuelan government and the extreme right-wing of the opposition. The sides are set to meet on September 3 in [...]