‘Smoking Gun’ Analysis: US Sanctions Produce ‘War Time’ Economy

By Anya Parampil, The Grayzone. -

Red Lines Host Anya Parampil Speaks With Francisco R. Rodríguez, The Executive Of Oil For Venezuela, About A Study He Recently Published Which Analyzed The Impact Of US Sanctions On Venezuela’s [...]

Washington, Guaidó And The Billion-Dollar Circus

By Ricardo Vaz, Venezuelanalysis. -

This outcome was far from certain in recent months. With Guaidó’s self-proclamation and initial enthusiasm far in the rearview mirror, the opposition’s cherished tradition of [...]

UK Gold Ruling Based On ‘Illegal Interference’ In Venezuela

By José Luis Granados Ceja, Venezuela Analysis. -

Mexico City, Mexico, December 20, 2021 – The United Kingdom’s highest court issued a ruling on Monday favoring opposition figure Juan Guaidó and his efforts to wrest control of US$1.7 billion [...]

Tales Of Resistance: Guaidó’s Pie

By Jessica Dos Santos, Venezuelanalysis. -

A few days ago I was out grocery shopping when I heard a man tell his friend that Venezuela was the only country in the world with two presidents but where everything was still screwed [...]

Alex Saab’s Diplomatic Immunity Ruling Freezes His Court Case

The trial against the Venezuelan diplomat, Alex Saab, in the Court of the US Southern District of Florida, was suspended due to the ongoing appeal for his diplomatic status. The appeal was filed [...]

Nick Estes In Conversation With Jorge Arreaza

By Nick Estes, The Red Nation. -

Jorge Arreaza is the Minister of Industries and National Production in Venezuela. Red Nation Podcast co-host Nick Estes spoke to him in Caracas in late November 2021.

The Cuban Guaidó Wannabe

By Volker Hermsdorf, Resumen English. -

Cuban opponent of the system, Yunior García Aguilera, has announced a “strategic alliance” of opposition forces in Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua. This “alliance” of activists “confronting the [...]

Interview: Wife Of Venezuelan Diplomat ‘Kidnapped’ By The US

By Mnar Adley And Alan Macleod, Mintpress News. -

On Wednesday, November 24, MintPress News Editor in Chief Mnar Adley sat down to speak with Camila Saab, the wife of imprisoned Venezuelan diplomat Alex Saab. Saab was on a diplomatic mission [...]

Venezuela’s Socialists Win Elections In Landslide

By Ben Norton, The Grayzone. -

After years of boycotting previous votes, Venezuela’s right-wing opposition parties agreed to participate in these elections, through a series of negotiations that were held in Mexico and [...]

Jorge Arreaza On Venezuela Recovering From Sanctions

By Mnar Adley, Mintpress News. -

UN Special Rapporteurs estimate that 100,000 people have died in Venezuela in the last decade because of the lack of medicine brought on by U.S. sanctions. Nearly 60% of those deaths took place [...]

Five Reasons Why The Left Won In Venezuela

By Leonardo Flores, Popular Resistance. -

For the first time in four years, every major opposition party in Venezuela participated in elections. For the fifth time in four years, the left won in a landslide. Voters elected 23 governors, [...]

Venezuela: Chavismo Wins Governorships In 20 Of 23 States

By Telesur English. -

Venezuela's National Electoral Council (CNE) President Pedro Calzadilla reported a 41.80 percent turnout in Sunday's Subnational elections. Having counted 90.21 percent of the ballots cast in [...]

Washington Maintains Seditious Agenda Against Venezuela

By Ana Perdigón , Orinoco Tribune. -

The government of the United States ratified its seditious policy against Venezuela by continuing to recognize former deputy Juan Guaidó as the interim president of Venezuela. On Tuesday, [...]

Briefing: Venezuelan Elections November 2021

By Venezuela Solidarity Campaign, Orinoco Tribune. -

Venezuela goes to the polls again on  N21ovember in ‘mega elections.’ The dialogue that began in late summer between the Venezuelan government and sections of the hard right-wing opposition had [...]

Nicaragua, Cuba, Venezuela As Existential Threats To The US

By Ajamu Baraka, Black Agenda Report. -

One of the extreme ironies of the latest attack by the settler-colonial regime of the United States against the national democratic project of Nicaragua is that in Nicaragua, the second poorest [...]