Hundreds Of Cancer Patients Lives’ Endangered By US Sanctions

By Andreína Chávez Alava, Venezuela Analysis. -

Six independent UN human rights experts alerted that hundreds of Venezuelan cancer patients’ lives are under threat because of an “excessively strict application” of US sanctions. In a press [...]

Venezuela Warns US For Military Aircraft Violating Its Airspace

A C-17 military transport aircraft belonging to the US Air Force flew into Venezuela’s Zulia state, which borders Colombia, on Thursday evening, its Minister of Defense Vladimir Padrino Lopez [...]

Jorge Rodríguez Denounces New Drone Assassination Attempt On President

By Alba Cudad, Orinoco Tribune. -

On Tuesday, July 13, during a press conference held at the Federal Legislative Palace, the president of Venezuela’s National Assembly (AN), deputy Jorge Rodríguez, presented new evidence of [...]

EU Mission Evaluates Venezuela Electoral Team

By Paul Dobson, Venezuelanalysis. -

The European Union (EU) has sent an “exploratory mission” to Venezuela to assess social and political conditions in the country. The 15-day mission is similarly charged with judging electoral [...]

Media Completely Ignore American Secret Agent’s Trial For Terrorism

By Alan Macleod, Mintpress News. -

Caracas, Venezuela — Unless you read the local Venezuelan press, you are unlikely to know that an American secret agent is currently standing trial in Venezuela on charges of terrorism and [...]

Launch: ‘Group Of Friends In Defense Of The United Nations Charter’

By Joselyn Ariza, MFA Venezuela. -

We, representatives of Algeria, Angola, Belarus, Bolivia, Cambodia, China, Cuba, the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, Equatorial Guinea, Eritrea, Iran, Lao People’s Democratic Republic, [...]

Alex Saab Case Exposes Lawlessness Of The United States

By Victoria Torres, Orinoco Tribune. -

Dan Kovalik, lawyer, human rights activist and pacifist, asserted that “the story of Alex Saab is very important because it really exposes the lawlessness of the United States. The US put [...]

Prosecution Of Alex Saab Unjust, Illegal And Indefensible

By Ultimas Noticias, Orinoco Tribune. -

José António Dos Reis, former minister in Cape Verde, founder of the country’s Movement for Democracy (MPD) ruling political party, and close to the current government, harshly criticized Prime [...]

How A US Congressman Took On The US Blockade Against Venezuela

By Celina della Croce, Peoples Dispatch. -

On a cold winter day in February 2019, activists gathered in downtown Northampton, Massachusetts, to denounce the attempted US-backed coup in Venezuela. More than two years later, in the wake of [...]

Anti-Imperialists Convene In Venezuela For Carabobo Bicentennial Congress

By Cindy Forster, Kawsachun News. -

Venezuela has launched a bold call for unity among the left at the International Bicentennial Congress of the Peoples of the World, taking place this week in Caracas, June 21st to [...]

Delegation Visits Cabo Verde To #FreeAlexSaab As US Flaunts International Laws

By Margaret Flowers, Clearing The FOG. -

Venezuelan diplomat, Alex Saab, who is a businessman born in Colombia, has been held for over a year now in the small African island nation of Cabo Verde at the request of the United States, [...]

The Communard Union, Chávez’s Ideas In Action

By Cira Pascual Marquina, Venezuelanalysis. -

Since 2019, several Venezuelan organizations that were weathering the storm of the crisis began to meet and sound each other out. In doing so, they were motivated by the need to survive in the [...]

US Abduction Of Venezuelan Diplomat, A Global Challenge

By Sara Flounders and Roger Harris, Popular Resistance. -

With the possible extradition of a Venezuelan diplomat to the US on bogus charges, an emergency human rights delegation organized by the International Campaign to Free Alex Saab was quickly [...]

Venezuela Conference Another Example Of Liberal Hypocrisy

By Yves Engler, -

Was it conscious? Did someone at Global Affairs say, ‘we should organize a lofty sounding conference that’s a cover for our pro-US and corporate policy on the anniversary of the international [...]