Venezuela: Guaido Replaced As Parliament Head

By Lucas Koerner and Ricardo Vaz, Venezuelanalysis. -

Caracas, VZ - Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaido was handed a defeat Sunday in his bid to secure reelection as president of the country’s National Assembly (AN). With the votes of [...]

Venezuela: Five Coup Attempts By Opposition Foiled In 2019

By Marco Teruggi, -

Five major violent right-wing operations in Venezuela were put out of commission in 2019. That explains, in part, why the country is ending the year with a tranquility that many find surprising. [...]

Crisis & Critique: Venezuela, A Paradox Of Stability?

By Ociel Lopez, -

For Venezuelans, the start of 2019 was perhaps the tensest moment in the past seventeen years. Unlike the political violence of 2017 and the electoral abstention drama of 2018, we faced a real [...]

Grassroots Democracy And The Social Production Of Housing

By Cira Pascual Marquina, Venezuelanalysis. -

Pobladoras is a platform of organizations that have worked in a coordinated way for some fifteen years. That is one of its great successes: a fifteen-year history connecting different expressions [...]

Pro-Coup Venezuelan Soldiers Who Fled To The US Now Locked Up In ICE Detention Center

By Alan Macleod, Mintpress News. -

The Venezuelan soldiers who participated in the U.S.-backed coup attempt in April of this year and subsequently fled to the U.S. have been incarcerated in ICE detention camps ever [...]

Venezuela: Social Program Meets Goal, Delivers 3 Million Homes

By Staff, -

Venezuela's President Nicolas Maduro Thursday announced that the Venezuelan Great Housing Mission (GMVV) achieved its 2019 goal by completing the delivery of 3 million dwellings to the Bolivarian [...]

Military Assault Raises Alert In Venezuela

By Marco Teruggi, -

An armed group assaulted a military facility in the south of Venezuela, in the state of Bolivar, bordering Brazil. The action that took place on Sunday morning was broadcast on social networks [...]

The US Approves Bill That May Legislate Hybrid Warfare On Venezuela

By Nino Pagliccia, -

In a nutshell, we can safely say that the US government will make large amounts of US taxpayers' money available for regime change in Venezuela under the guise of “humanitarian relief” for a [...]

Sanctions Kill. Join AFGJ And Nicaraguan Farmers To Fight The Blockade Of Venezuela

By Chuck Kaufman, AFGJ -

The Manitos Children’s Fund raises money in North America (US and Canada) to buy food from Nicaraguan cooperatives to donate for children’s nutrition in Venezuela. But there’s a lot more to the [...]

TIME Magazine Won’t Say It, But Maduro Is The Man Of The Year

By  Iroel Sánchez, La Pupula Insomne, translation Resumen Latinoamericano, North America bureau. -

On January 4, 2019, the governments of the now decadent Grupo de Lima announced that from January 10 – the date on which, after winning elections whose numbers were better in terms of majority [...]

Venezuelan Government Denounces Right-Wing Terrorist Plan

By Staff, -

Venezuelan Communication Minister, Jorge Rodriguez, denounced a terrorist plan Saturday led by the right-wing opposition,  which was fortunately dismantled, but that it intended to attack [...]

Embassy Protectors Are Being Denied Their Right To A Fair Trial

By Ajamu Baraka and Bahman Azad, Embassy Protectors Defense Committee. -

Judge Beryl A. Howell, the chief judge of the US District Court, denied the discovery motions requested by the four embassy protectors who were arrested on May 16 after staying in the Venezuelan [...]

2019 Latin America In Review: Year Of The Revolt of the Dispossessed

A year ago, John Bolton, Trump’s short-lived national security advisor, invoked the 1823 Monroe Doctrine making explicit what has long been painfully implicit: the dominions south of the Rio [...]