Portland Drone Testing Facility Cancelled

By Fight for the Future. -

Last week, the Port of Portland announced it would cancel a pending lease with Verizon for seven acres of riverfront property in one of Portland, Oregon’s most diverse neighborhoods. Verizon and [...]

Fire Dept. Rejects Verizon’s “Customer Support Mistake” Excuse For Throttling

By Jon Brodkin, Arstechnica.com -

A fire department whose data was throttled by Verizon Wireless while it was fighting California's largest-ever wildfire has rejected Verizon's claim that the throttling was just a customer [...]

Net Neutrality Protests Hitting Verizon Stores In U.S. During Holiday Season

By Evan Greer, tumblr.fightforthefuture.org -

By Evan Greer for Fight for the Future - Ajit Pai’s plan is expected to contain a “total repeal” of net neutrality protections, posing a grave threat to the future of freedom of expression, [...]

Big Gains For Striking Verizon Workers In New Agreement

By Staff, www.standuptoverizon.com -

By Staff of Stand Up To Verizon - Nearly 40,000 Verizon workers who have been on strike since April 13 are celebrating big gains after reaching a tentative agreement with the company. After 45 [...]

Verizon Strikers V. US Oligarchy, What’s Wrong With US Economy

By James A. Parrott, www.salon.com -

By James A. Parrott for Salon - Verizon workers have been without a contract since last August, which has led nearly 40,000 workers to go on strike in states from Virginia to Massachusetts for [...]

Verizon Strikers Hold National Day Of Action, Continue Strike

By Eric Kiefer, www.patch.com -

By Eric Kiefer for Hoboken Patch - May 6, 2016 – As the Verizon worker strike of 2016 heads into its 24th day, both sides appear to be digging in for a protracted battle. Members of the [...]

Verizon Strike Needs To Be A Line In The Sand

By Joe Richard and Ruth Hurley, www.socialistworker.org -

By Joe Richard and Ruth Hurley for Socialist Worker - The biggest US strike in years has entered its third week, with 39,000 Verizon workers walking the picket lines and holding fiery protests [...]

Verizon Strike In Week Three, Affecting Company Operations

By Dave Johnson, www.ourfuture.org -

By Dave Johnson for Campaign for America's Future - The Communications Workers of America (CWA) strike at Verizon is now in week three. Thirty-nine thousand workers are striking to preserve [...]

Verizon’s Reputation Plummeting As Workers Strike

By Martha C. White, www.time.com -

By Martha C. White for Time - Since nearly 40,000 union members walked off the job at Verizon two weeks ago, the telecom giant has been scrambling to keep its systems up and running, but it seems [...]

Five Reasons To Care About The Verizon Strike

By Mackenzie Baris, www.jwj.org -

By Mackenzie Baris for Jobs With Justice - Today, unions of working people at Verizon announced that theywill strike on Wednesday morning if their bosses fail to come to the table to negotiate a [...]

Verizon Workers Announce Strike Deadline Of Wednesday, April 13th

By Staff, www.fiercetelecom.com -

By Staff of Fierce Telecom - After trying for ten months to reach a fair contract, nearly 40,000 Verizon workers from Massachusetts to Virginia will go on strike at 6 a.m. on Wednesday, April 13 [...]

Verizon’s Undeletable ‘Supercookies’ Track Users’ Web Activities

By No 2 NSA, www.no2nsa.x10.bz -

The profits made by Google and Facebook from trading users’ choices and habits to ad companies are prompting other communication giants such as Verizon, to collect data on their customers, mostly [...]

Rallies Against Comcast Merger & For Net Neutrality Today

By Julia Graber, www.freepress.net -

Today’s the final day to comment on FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler’s plan to create a two-tiered Internet — and at lunchtime I gathered with a crowd of 100 activists outside Comcast’s headquarters in [...]

Germany Cancels Verizon Contract Over NSA Spying

By Reuters, www.reuters.com -

The German government has cancelled a contract with U.S. telecoms firm Verizon Communications Inc VZ.N as part of an overhaul of its internal communications, prompted by revelations last year of [...]

Video: The Day We Fight Back Against The NSA

Activists in New York City commandeered the Verizon building to promote the February 11th day of action to stop the NSA. Members of the New York City Light Brigade, The Illuminator Art [...]