Armistice Day


By Staff of Veterans for Peace – Veterans For Peace calls on all members and all peace-loving people to take a stand for peace this Armistice (aka Veterans Day), Saturday November 11. We call for nationally coordinated local actions to demand diplomacy not war with North Korea, and the abolition of nuclear weapons and war. Veterans For Peace joins with the wider peace movement for actions before and after November 11th. In 2017, ninety-nine years after the end of World War I, “the war to end war”, the world finds itself on the brink of a nuclear war, again. The threat of a horrific nuclear exchange is possibly higher than it has ever been. The President of the United States Donald Trump has repeatedly threatened to attack North Korea (Democratic People’s Republic of Korea – DPRK), going so far as to say, while speaking to the U.N., that the U.S. will “totally destroy” the country. North Korea has also caused great alarm with its own threats, while testing long-range missiles and nuclear bombs. Twitter confrontations and saber rattling have only served to escalate tensions. The road to war is a slippery slope on which one misstep can lead to the beginning of catastrophic war. Even the use of conventional weapons would lead to the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people. Millions will die if there is a nuclear exchange.

Veterans Group Wants To End MCAS Miramar Air Show


By Debbi Baker for The San Diego Union Tribune – There is a debate playing out in the pages of the Union-Tribune Thursday morning over the MCAS Miramar Air Show which will roar into and over San Diego skies next month. A local veterans group says the annual aviation extravaganza glorifies war and the machinery used to kill, maim and destroy, and it is calling for the show to end. Marine Corps officials, however, argue the three-day event showcases what it takes to lead the nation and the world.

Veterans For Peace Golden Rule Project

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By Staff of Veterans For Peace Golden Rule Project – We aim to advance Veterans For Peace opposition to nuclear weapons and war, and to do so in a dramatic fashion. We have recovered and restored the original peace ship, the Golden Rule, that set sail in 1958 to stop nuclear testing in the atmosphere, and which inspired the many peace makers and peace ships that followed. The reborn Golden Rule will voyage once more, to show that nuclear abolition is possible, and that bravery and tenacity can overcome militarism.

Don’t Thank Me Anymore

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By Michael T. McPhearson for Common Dreams – This past Saturday morning in Saint Louis, MO I was walking home when I saw a people gathering and portions of the street being blocked. I live downtown, so it could have been another run, walk or festival. I asked someone who looked like a participant and he told me it was for the Veterans Day Parade. I was a bit surprised because Veterans Day is Wednesday. He went on to say the parade was being done on Saturday because planners were not sure if they could get enough parade spectators on Wednesday. I’m not sure if he was right about why it was decided to have the parade on Saturday, but it makes sense and is an example of our society celebrating veterans but not really caring that much about us.

Air Force Times Runs Ad Urging Drone Operators: “Refuse To Fly”

Drone strikes and extrajudicial killings are part of a larger system of permanent war that has existed for generations in the United States and shows no sign of abating. (Image: Predator drone via Shutterstock)

By Know Drones – On September 14, 2015, Air Force Times published the advertisement shown here carrying the message from 54 U.S. military veterans urging U.S. drone operators to refuse orders to fly drone surveillance/attack missions. In addition to Iraq Veterans Against the War,, Veterans for Peace and World Can’t Wait, the ad is supported by: Code Pink; Mennonite 1040 for Peace Committee; War Is a and and many people who contributed on GoFundMe and in response to appeals at the annual Kateri and Veterans for Peace conferences. Air Force Times is a weekly newspaper, owned by Tegna Inc., with a circulation of over 65,000 that includes members of the Air Force, the Air National Guard, Pentagon officials and members of Congress and their staffs.

‘Peace Ship’ Golden Rule Arrives In San Diego For VFP Convention

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By Ellen Taylor in CounterPunch – On June 20th 2015 a crowd gathered on the bank of Zerlang & Zerlang Boat Yard in Samoa, California, to witness the launching of the Golden Rule. It was a bright grey afternoon. The Veterans for Peace were still raising money for their voyage to the San Diego annual convention, so they had piles of T-shirts out and everybody was buying commemorative glasses of champagne. Out on Humboldt Bay kayaks and yachts drifted around, waiting for the splash-down. Although the excitement was congratulatory, a somber note hummed in the air. Most of the people present were old enough to have life experiences entangled with the history about to be commemorated. And this event was starkly allegorical, beginning with the very name, Golden Rule, foundation of practically all the philosophies and religions of the world, gleaming on the boat’s stern.

Christmas Truce: A Peace To End All War


During World War I, on and around Christmas Day 1914, the sounds of rifles firing and shells exploding faded in a number of places along the Western Front in favor of holiday celebrations in the trenches and gestures of goodwill between enemies. On Christmas Eve, many German and British troops sang Christmas carols to each other across the lines, and at certain points the Allied soldiers even heard brass bands joining the Germans in their joyous singing. At the first light of dawn on Christmas Day, some German soldiers emerged from their trenches and approached the Allied lines across no-man’s-land, calling out “Merry Christmas” in their enemies’ native tongues. At first, the Allied soldiers feared it was a trick, but seeing the Germans unarmed they climbed out of their trenches and shook hands with the enemy soldiers. The men exchanged presents of cigarettes and plum puddings and sang carols and songs. There was even a documented case of soldiers from opposing sides playing a good-natured game of soccer.

Turn Armistice Day Into Day To End All Wars

The sun sets behind members of Veterans For Peace as they conclude their visit to Al-Araqeeb. Photo by ELLEN DAVIDSON

Each year, Veterans for Peace chapters across the nation meet in major cities to celebrate and remember the original Armistice Day as was done at the end of World War I, when the world came together in realization that war is so horrible we must end it now. Fighting ceased in the “war to end all wars” on the 11th hour on the 11th day of the 11th month of 1918. Congress responded to a universal hope among Americans for no more wars by passing a resolution calling for “exercises designed to perpetuate peace through good will and mutual understanding … inviting the people of the United States to observe the day in schools and churches with appropriate ceremonies of friendly relations with all other peoples.” Later, Congress added that November 11th was to be “a day dedicated to the cause of world peace.”

Veterans For Peace Calls U.S. And Afghanistan Agreement More Of The Same

Support Troops End War

U.S. and Afghan officials signed a Bilateral Security Agreement that allows the U.S. to keep 10,000 service members in Afghanistan past December 2014. A separate agreement was signed with the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) who may contribute about 2,000 troops. Veterans For Peace calls for total withdrawal of U.S. troops and calls on the government of the United States to provide humanitarian aid directly to the people of Afghanistan, in non-coercive forms, to help the Afghan people rebuild their own lives and nation in cooperation with other nations in the region. The people of Afghanistan should be allowed to freely determine their own government without interference by the US.

In Breach Of Military Law, Soldiers Secretly Become Pacifists


Serving members of Britain’s Armed Forces have secretly joined a pacifist organisation directly opposed to war and the carrying of weapons, The Mail on Sunday can reveal. In a remarkable breach of military law, members of the Army, Royal Air Force and Royal Navy have joined Veterans For Peace UK, which campaigns against armed conflict. It also campaigns to stop the UK Government ‘intervening in the internal affairs of other nations’ and has organised protests at the Cenotaph on Remembrance Day as well as visits to schools to teach pupils the ‘true nature’ of armed conflict. Last night there were calls for the Ministry of Defence to launch an investigation over fears the group’s members will seek to undermine discipline in the Forces.

Veterans Arrested At Vietnam Memorial

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Mike Hastie said: “This very informative piece was well thought out and well done. Susan Modaress has a quality in her voice that was calm and convincing. There were a lot of wonderful people involved in this historical event. When I say historical, this video will age like fine wine in the future. Ten years from now, it will be far more important, because the truth it conveys will be even more prophetic.” Veterans for Peace is a global organization of military veterans and allies whose collective efforts are to build a culture of peace by using their experiences and lifting their voices. VFP informs the public of the true causes of war and the enormous costs of wars, with an obligation to heal the wounds of wars. Their network is comprised of over 140 chapters worldwide whose work includes: educating the public, advocating for a dismantling of the war economy, providing services that assist veterans and victims of war, and most significantly, working to end all wars.

New York Veterans Denied Justice... Again


Five U.S. military veterans were found guilty March 12 of disorderly conduct, failure to obey a park sign, trespassing, and failure to obey a lawful order for refusing to leave New York City’s Vietnam Veterans Plaza at the 10 pm closing time last October. “I hope we all understand clearly that we are winning,” said Tarak Kauff, one of the defendants. “Winning is not determined by what a corrupt and pathetic judicial system determines. We, and everyone else in that courtroom, including the judge and prosecution, knew damned well that we advanced the struggle. Why? Because we held our heads high, we didn’t beat around the bush or try to win the case on technicalities—we owned what we did, were adamantly clear about what and why we did what we did.”

Former CIA Analyst Sues For Being Put On Watch List

Rizzo believes that President Bush was not aware of the CIA's enhanced interrogation techniques. Yet in his memoir, Bush (pictured here with former CIA Director George Tenet in 2001) claims Tenet briefed him on the program. | Pablo Martinez Monsivais/AP Photo

“The Department of State then opened an investigation into Plaintiff McGovern, including specifically his lawful, protected political beliefs, activities, statements and associations which it kept open for nearly seven months, despite all charges having been dropped against Mr. McGovern and despite having determined that Mr. McGovern was engaged in no criminal activity.” As the complaint states: “The Department of State issued a Be On The Lookout Alert (‘BOLO Alert’) for the then- 71-year-old McGOVERN which described his ‘considerable amount of political activism, primarily anti-war,’ displayed his picture and directed law enforcement that if Mr. McGOVERN was encountered, ‘USE CAUTION, stop’ and question him and contact the Department of State Diplomatic Security Command Center.”