The Boogaloo Movement Has Successfully Hijacked Social Networks

By Casey Newton, The Verge. -

Lately a question I have been asking myself is: how worried do we need to be about the Boogaloo groups? The Boogaloo movement, if you’ve been sitting this one out so far, refers to a loosely [...]

NYPD Discipline Review Panel Found Dozens Of Cops Deserved More Serious Punishment

By Yoav Gonen, Peter Senzamici, and Carson Kessler, The City. -

These were among the 45 cases of disciplinary action taken by the NYPD over a 12-month period in which a little-known anti-corruption panel determined the punishments should have been more [...]

Beating Of Reporter Raises Questions About Race And Media

By Mike Elk, Payday Report. -

Late on Saturday afternoon, outside of the Pittsburgh Penguins’ hockey stadium, a crowd of left-leaning protesters brutally beat Ian Smith, a white KDKA TV cameraman, within fear of his [...]

FBI ‘Has No Intelligence’ Indicating Antifa Was Linked To Violence In Protests

By Sonam Sheth, Business Insider. -

The FBI has collected no intelligence indicating that "antifa" was involved in violence over the weekend related to protests over the death of George Floyd, a 46-year-old black man who died on [...]

Brazil: Right Wing Militias On The Loose

By Shobhan Saxena, The Hindu. -

On Wednesday, a police team picked up two men from a luxury condominium by a lake in Brasilia. They also seized posters with photos of heavily-armed men in full military gear, calling for a [...]

Indianapolis: People Protest Three Killings By Police In 24 Hours

By Rick Callahan, AP News. -

Protesters crowded the streets of Indianapolis on Thursday to voice concerns about police treatment after officers shot and killed two men and fatally struck a pregnant pedestrian in three [...]

Settler Violence In West Bank Rises Noticeably In April

By B'Tselem, Days of Palestine. -

Human rights center B'Tselem said that Israeli settlers have stepped up their attacks against Palestinians in the occupied West Bank during April despite the coronavirus crisis. B’Tselem said [...]

The Torture Machine, Racism And Violence In Chicago

By Jeff Haas and Dennis Cunningham, -

The Torture Machine, Racism and Police Violence in Chicago, by People’s Law Office and longtime National Lawyers Guild attorney Flint Taylor, is a meticulously detailed and authentic, truly [...]

Hong Kong Protests Evolve From Violent To Terrorist

By Yonden Lhatoo, South China Morning Post. -

While this great revolution of our times has removed Hong Kong’s bragging rights as one of the safest cities in the world, the security situation has not been deemed alarming enough for people to [...]

The Police Are Bad For Your Health

By Mike Pappas, Left Voice. -

I was recently starting an overnight hospital shift, when I received a text from a medical colleague working in a hospital in New York:  “The NYPD are here harassing a gunshot wound victim who is [...]

Chilean Military Learns Brutal Tactics From Israel

By Benjamin Zinevich, Independent. -

Chile - What started as a student act of civil disobedience against Santiago’s rising metro fares has now expanded outside the Chilean capital. In a sudden uprising against austerity and [...]

City Council Approves $500,000 For Cure Violence Program

By Taheshah Moise, WFMY News 2. -

Greensboro, N.C. — City Council approved $500,000 Tuesday to help reduce violence in certain parts of Greensboro. The money will fund the program called "Cure Violence" that treats violent crime [...]

Trump Ordered By Judge To Testify In NY Protest Case

By Tal Axelrod, The Hill. -

A New York judge Friday ordered President Trump to answer questions in a civil suit involving a 2015 incident between protesters and his security guards. State Supreme Court Justice Doris [...]

Opposition Sets Democracy On Fire In Bolivia

By Hugo Moldiz Mercado, Resumen English. -

The fragmented and heterogeneous right-wing opposition bloc in Bolivia has found in its increasingly sharp and violent attack on democracy and the institutions of the Plurinational State its [...]