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Construction Companies Exploit Agricultural Visas To Underpay Workers

Jose Ageo Luna Vanegas first worked for Signet Builders in the early 2000s. Hired on a temporary labor visa, he traveled from Mexico to U.S. job sites. The hours were long, but he was paid overtime. Years later, around 2017, Signet hired him again. This time, he received no overtime pay. That’s when he ​“started asking questions,” his attorney, Jennifer Zimmermann, said.  The work was largely the same. His visa was different. Originally, Luna Vanegas was hired on an H-2B visa. Various industries use the visas to fill labor shortages. A hotel facing a busy summer might hire foreign maids, for instance. But, when Signet hired him for his second stint with the company, he was on an H-2A visa. It’s reserved for agriculture work.

Trump Regime Denies Visas To Members Of Russian And Iranian UN Delegations

International protocol obliges host country USA to issue visas for delegation members, attending sessions at UN headquarters in New York. The US operates by its own rules exclusively, repeatedly breaching international laws, norms and standards. Iranian President Rouhani addressed the General Assembly on Wednesday, arriving in New York on Monday. Iranian Foreign Minister Zarif preceded him in the city last Friday, saying US visas for him and Rouhani were delayed, only issued grudgingly, adding that the Trump regime “made it very clear in a letter that they attached to my visa that I’m not eligible to get a visa, but they’re doing it on a waiver basis. So they want me to know that I’m not supposed to be here”—the same true for Rouhani. Many of his aides and Iranian journalists were denied visa permission to attend the General Assembly session.
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