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Brazil: Volunteer Brigades And Artists Fight Forest Fires And Deforestation

The frequency and extent of wildfires are increasing all over the world. In South America, Brazil has had the highest incidence of forest fires in recent years. In 2019, during the first year of Jair Bolsonaro’s government, fires in the Amazon made headlines around the world. For the first time on record, the smoke from the forest fires in the Amazon reached São Paulo, the largest city in South America, more than 1,600 miles to the southeast of the burned regions. And in 2020, one third of the Pantanal wetlands biome was burned (11 million acres), leaving an estimated wildlife death toll of over 17 million animals.  Despite the large fires of 2019 and 2020 associated with higher deforestation rates in the Amazon, the Brazilian government has not instituted any additional public policy to fight forest fires.

3,000% Increase In Mentor Volunteers After Baltimore Riots

Baltimore, there was a 3,000 percent increase in volunteers to mentor disadvantaged children in the city. A very small percentage of the protesters were causing damage, and among them were mostly children who were too young to know any better, and people who were in extremely desperate situations. The vast majority of the protesters in the city were peaceful and did not cause any damage to private property. Teenagers in the city were also responsible for “the purge” scare, in which students threatened to start a crime spree of vandalism begining in a Baltimore mall. Luckily, the teenagers were stopped and talked-down by local gang members, who had recently called a truce to keep peace in the community. The fact that so many children were involved in the destruction seen this week, has inspired many residents in Baltimore to reach out and give needy children some much needed support.

Detroit Water Brigade Plans Water Distribution

What a 2nd week it’s been! Thousands of you have visited the site, registered to volunteer, donated to us and come out to canvass the neighborhoods to learn more about people’s needs. We are so amazed! But this is just the beginning. This weekend and next week, we will open up even more resource hubs and begin distributing water and vital information to Detroiters facing imminent shutoff or already living with it. We need hundreds more volunteers, and we’re working to find living places around the city – community centers, churches, hostels, residences – where out-of-town volunteers can stay. Let us know if you have any ideas! We’re also excited to see that after weeks of silence the national media is finally beginning to cover this humanitarian crisis. The United Nations is taking note and the whole world is watching what is happening here and how Detroiters and their allies are responding to this human rights violation. Our own spokesman Demeeko Williams spoke to RT America yesterday, and look for him on Fox 2 Detroit’s Let it Rip Weekend this Sunday at 9am facing off with the Detroit Water and Sewerage Department itself. We have to keep spreading the word!
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