Wall Street’s Latest Scheme Is Monetizing Nature Itself

By Ellen Brown, Scheer Post. -

A month before the 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference (known as COP26) kicked off in Scotland, a new asset class was launched by the New York Stock Exchange that will “open up a new [...]

Striking Alabama Coal Miners Take Protest To Wall Street

By William Thornton, AL.com. -

About 14 striking Alabama mine workers have taken their case to Wall Street this morning. Chanting “no contract, no coal,” the miners today launched the latest step in a strike that began [...]

Financialization Created Chicago Public Schools’ Fiscal Crisis

By Stephanie Farmer, Jacobin Magazine. -

Chicago Public Schools (CPS) is in a deep and enduring fiscal crisis. After decades of budget cuts, Chicago’s public K–12 schools have been hollowed out, magnifying the hardships of stagnant [...]

The Case For The Financial Transaction Tax

By Lenore Palladino, The Appeal. -

For most Americans, what threatens health also threatens wealth. The COVID-19 pandemic triggered the worst economic crisis in nearly a century, with millions suddenly facing hunger, unemployment, [...]

Who Are The Ultimate War Profiteers?

By Christian Sorenson, Covert Action Magazine. -

The U.S. ruling class deploys the military for three main reasons: (1) to forcibly open up countries to foreign investment, (2) to ensure the free flow of natural resources from the global south [...]

The Gamers’ Uprising Against Wall Street Has Deep Populist Roots

By Ellen Brown, ScheerPost.com. -

A short squeeze frenzy driven by a new generation of gamers captured financial headlines in recent weeks, centered on a struggling strip mall video game store called GameStop. The Internet and a [...]

Gamestop—And the Game That Never Stops!

By Jack Rasmus, ZNet. -

This past week a video game company in trouble, Gamestop, became the center of media attention.  Day traders had driven up the company’s stock price by thousands of percent in just one day. The [...]

‘French Revolution In Finance’

By Morgan Artyukhina, Sputnik News. -

The New York Stock Exchange suffered a poor day on Wednesday, with the Dow Jones Industrial Average sinking by more than 600 points. However, for a select few companies, stock values have gone [...]

The Reddit Revolution, GameStop And Melvin Capital

By Glenn Greenwald, Substack. -

A remarkable series of events culminated in at least one major Wall Street hedge fund on the verge of insolvency and widespread anxiety and even panic from the titans of the financial system. It [...]

War Of The (Financial) Worlds

By Nomi Prins, Tom Dispatch. -

Sometimes things only make sense when seen through a magnifying lens. As it happens, I’m thinking about reality, the very American and global reality clearly repeating itself as 2021 [...]

Water Should Not Be Traded On Wall Street

By Avexnim Cojti, Cultural Survival. -

On December 8, 2020, several media sources reported that fresh water started to be traded on Wall Street as a commodity such as gold and wheat. This comes as water scarcity is increasing in [...]

Hunter Biden Criminal Probe Bolsters A Chinese Scholar’s Claim

By Glenn Greenwald, Substack. -

Hunter Biden acknowledged today that he has been notified of an active criminal investigation into his tax affairs by the U.S. Attorney for Delaware. Among the numerous prongs of the [...]

On Contact: American Dissent

By Chris Hedges, RT. -

On the show this week, Chris Hedges talks to Professor Paul Street about the outcome of the US presidential election, and how despite likely losing, Donald Trump has solidified an angry, disposed [...]

Trump’s Zealots: White Supremacists And Evangelicals

By Gilbert Mercier, Telesur English. -

Let us not be naive. If President Trump recently called on his adoring followers to “liberate” states like Michigan, Virginia, Maryland*, and Minnesota, which all happen to have Democrat [...]

The Wall Street Crash And The Great Depression

By James Kilby, Marxist.com. -

With mass unemployment on the cards, many are comparing the current crisis to the Great Depression of the 1930s. In both cases, however, these crises were not 'accidental', but a product of [...]