The U.S. Military’s Lost Wars

By William J. Astore, -

Think about it. America’s Afghan War began in 2001 with what was essentially a punitive raid against the Taliban, part of which was mythologized last year in 12 Strong, a Hollywood film with a [...]

The Pentagon Can’t Account For $21 Trillion (That’s Not a Typo)

There are certain things the human mind is not meant to do. Our complex brains cannot view the world in infrared, cannot spell words backward during orgasm and cannot really grasp numbers over a [...]

Are We Who We Thought We Were?

By Danny Sjursen, -

I grew up in blue-collar Staten Island, New York City. My mother was a waitress, my father an overqualified civil servant who also painted houses and delivered Chinese food in Brooklyn. I come [...]

Divest From The War Machine

By Annie Windholz, -

By Annie Windholz for Medium - Jodie Evans spoke about how war has become normalized to millennials- an entire generation that has only known war. She commented that under Obama the anti-war [...]

Aegis 9 Arrested in Snowstorm at BIW Destroyer ‘Christening’

By Bruce K. Gagnon, -

By Bruce K. Gagnon for Organizing Notes. The Aegis 9 were arrested at 10:00 am this morning in a snow storm at Bath Iron Works (BIW) in Maine during a 'christening' of another destroyer outfitted [...]

Drone Resisters Acquitted, Juror Tells Them: ‘Keep Doing It’

By Staff, -

By Staff for Institute for Public Accuracy. Four drone resisters, James Ricks, Daniel Burns, Brian Hynes, and Ed Kinane, from the 2015 big books action were found innocent of all charges at 11 [...]

Obama Quadruples Budget For Weapons On Russian Border

By Deirdre Fulton, -

By Deirdre Fulton for Common Dreams - Less than a week after Russia's foreign minister warned that NATO's military build-up near Russia's borders is "counterproductive and dangerous," the United [...]

The Real State Of The Union

By David Swanson, -

By David Swanson for Tele Sur - Obama said the U.S. is number one in the fight against climate change, when in reality the United States is by far the worst offender. President Barack Obama used [...]