Nicaragua’s Crisis – The Latest Stage In A Permanent War

By Tortilla Con Sal, -

Nicaragua’s opposition paramilitary intimidation and media terror campaign have brought fear, insecurity, and hardship to around 30 of Nicaragua’s 153 municipalities. Only President Daniel [...]

Democrat’s Position On North Korea Shows They Are A War Party

By Ajamu Baraka, -

If more proof was needed to persuade anyone that the Democrats are indeed a war party, it was provided when Senator Chuck Schumer and other Democrat leaders in the Senate engaged in a cynical [...]

‘Peace Is Bad For Business’: War Profiteer Stocks Plummet After Diplomatic Progress With North Korea

By Jake Johnson, -

Last year, investors were drooling over the prospect of all-out war with North Korea, but Tuesday's summit has them worried. American defense contractors were practically drooling over the [...]

The US Is At War With Itself

By Lawrence Davidson, -

The United States is at war with itself. It is actually a function of the nation’s heritage—the past contesting specific aspects of a modern present. This results in traditions in flux. Some [...]

Over 70 Syrian Tribes Declare War On US-Backed Forces, Foreign Troops In Northern Syria

By Leith Aboufadel, -

BEIRUT, LEBANON (12:30 P.M.) – Over 70 Syrian tribes issued a joint statement on Saturday that announced the formation of a new combined force that would fight the US-backed militias and foreign [...]

Fragile: Pentagon Report Raises Alarm That US Industry Can’t Support War For Much Longer

By Staff, -

Between globalization and nearly 20 years of constant warfare, the industrial part of the US military-industrial complex is not looking so good, putting future wars at risk, according to a new [...]

The First Decoration Day

By David W. Blight, -

Americans understand that Memorial Day, or “Decoration Day,” as my parents called it, has something to do with honoring the nation’s war dead. It is also a day devoted to picnics, road races, [...]

Questioning War Is A Civic Duty. Why Do So Few Do It?

By Kevin Basl, -

“How do you motivate men and women to fight and die for a cause many of them don’t believe in, and whose purpose they can’t articulate?” That’s what Phil Klay, author and U.S. Marine Corps [...]

50 Years Later, The Spirit Of The Catonsville Nine Lives On

By Frida Berrigan, -

It was a big moment. More than a hundred people watched as a college professor held one end of a heavy vinyl cover, helping an 88-year-old woman, pull it from the top of a tall metal sign. [...]

Congress Weighs Indefinite Detention Of Americans

By Marjorie Cohn, -

Under the guise of exercising supervisory power over the president’s ability to use military force, Congress is considering writing Donald Trump a blank check to indefinitely detain U.S. citizens [...]

Recipe Concocted For Perpetual War Is A Bitter One

By Robert Wing and Coleen Rowley, -

Last October marked the 16th anniversary of our unending war – or military occupation – in Afghanistan, the longest conflict on foreign soil in U.S. history. The cost to human lives in our [...]

Israel Wants Its Own War In Syria

By Miko Peled, -

Hard as it may be to believe, at the moment of writing these words I am at the airport about to embark on a trip which will culminate in Mashhad, Iran. At the same time, Israeli army spokesperson [...]

What Does ‘Denuclearization’ Mean In The Negotiations For An End To The Korean War?

By Dave Lindorff, -

Media news reports and commentary as well as political statements coming out of Washington on the surprising blossoming of peace talks between North and South Korea tend to focus on the question [...]

War Pressure Builds As Iran And Israel Each Vow To Respond To Other’s Escalations

By Elliott Gabriel, -

TEHRAN, IRAN – Iran has no intention of letting Tel Aviv get off scot-free after the Israeli military struck an alleged Iranian air-defense system at the T4 base in Syria earlier this month, [...]

War Fever

By Daniel Lazare, -

There is a fever that seizes this land from time to time and it is the fever of war, a condition that this time seems immune to all known cures, starting with reason, as Daniel Lazare [...]