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Wars and Militarism

The CIA In Ukraine; The NY Times Gets A Guided Tour

If you have paid attention to what various polls and officials in the U.S. and elsewhere in the West have been doing and saying about Ukraine lately, you know the look and sound of desperation. You would be desperate, too, if you were making a case for a war Ukrainians are on the brink of losing and will never, brink or back-from-the-brink, have any chance of winning. Atop this, you want people who know better, including 70 percent of Americans according to a recent poll, to keep investing extravagant sums in this ruinous folly.

‘Operation Al-Aqsa Flood’ Day 149: Children Die Of Malnutrition

At least 15 Palestinian children died on Sunday morning of malnutrition and dehydration as Israeli forces blocked sufficient humanitarian aid from accessing the enclave. Gaza’s Ministry of Health said the children died in Kamal Adwan Hospital in north Gaza, while six others, suffering from malnutrition and diarrhea, are still in the intensive care unit with their lives are at risk. The hospital’s ability to run electric generators and oxygen cylinders has been depleted in the past five months of Israeli bombardment, which damaged medical equipment and ambulances while putting dozens of hospitals and healthcare centers in Gaza out of service.

Palestinian Factions Gather In Moscow To Devise A United Response

Palestinian political groups have gathered in Moscow to discuss the possibilities of greater unity and the formation of a united government to work for the formation of an independent state and to resist the ongoing war in Gaza. The meeting is being attended by all major groups in Palestine such as the constituents of the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO), including Fatah and Palestinian People’s Party, and non-constituents such as Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad. According to Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Mikhail Bogdanov, representatives of 14 Palestinian organizations, both from the occupied Palestinian territories as well from countries in the West Asian region, have been invited for the meeting.

US Slammed For Providing Israel With ‘License To Kill’ Palestinians

According to three different agencies of the UN, over half a million Palestinians are on the verge of famine if heavy interruption of humanitarian aid persists and a ceasefire does not take effect in Gaza soon. The fear was echoed by several countries who also held the US equally responsible for such a catastrophe. The World Food Program (WFP), the Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA), and Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) representatives briefed the UN Security Council on the situation in Gaza at a special meeting called by Guyana, Switzerland, Algeria, and Slovenia on Tuesday, February 27.

Rafah’s Dire Plight: Netanyahu’s Last Grasp For Victory

The Palestinian city of Rafah is not just older than Israel; it is as old as civilization itself. It has existed for thousands of years. The Canaanites referred to it as Rafia, and Rafia has been almost always there, guarding the southern frontiers of Palestine, ancient and modern. As the gateway between two continents and two worlds, Rafah has been at the forefront of many wars and foreign invasions, from ancient Egyptians to the Romans to Napoleon and his eventually vanquished army. Now, it is Benjamin Netanyahu’s turn. The Israeli Prime Minister has made Rafah the jewel of his crown of shame, the battle that would determine the fate of his genocidal war in Gaza – in fact, the very future of his country.

Southern Lebanon Stands With Resistance Despite Israeli Terrorism

The principles of the people of southern Lebanon remain unchanged since the 90s when it comes to the Resistance, as they stand in the face of Israeli terrorism and declare their unwavering support for the Resistance. Numerous villages in southern Lebanon mourned in early February more than a dozen civilian martyrs who were killed by the Israeli occupation. There was also a large number of casualties, including 14 people who were injured in two Israeli airstrikes that targeted the Ghazieh area (south of Sidon). Three days earlier, the towns of Nabatiyeh and al-Sawaneh buried 10 martyrs in a magnificent procession.

Yemen’s Military Operations Signal A New Phase In The Red Sea

Residents of Yemen’s capital city of Sanaa endured another harrowing night last Saturday as American and British aircraft dropped bombs on an insecticide manufacturer in a dense residential neighborhood. In the wake of the airstrikes, MintPress News reporter Ahmed AbdulKareem went to the Al-Nahda neighborhood in the center of the city, where a fire rising dozens of meters into the air illuminated nearby homes. There, he found a chaotic scene eerily reminiscent of those now regularly seen in Gaza in the wake of Israeli raids.

The Ghost Of Clausewitz And The Ukraine War

“This week, February 24, 2024 marks the beginning of the third year of the war in Ukraine. Hundreds, if not thousands, of assessments of the first two years of the war will be published, heard, or viewed. As the war now enters its third year, Russia recently announced victory in a major regional battle for the strategic city of Avdeyevka in the Donetsk region of east Ukraine. Avdeyevka was the lynchpin for Ukrainian defenses throughout the region which, by some indications, are beginning to fracture. After similar Russian strategic victories in the strategic cities of Bakhmut in 2023, and Mariupol in 2022, Russia lacked sufficient numerical forces to capitalize on those victories and launch new offensives to further expand its area of control.

‘Operation Al-Aqsa Flood’ Day 143: Gaza Famine Is ‘Man-Made’

While Israel’s violent aggression on Gaza approaches the five-month mark, the situation in the besieged enclave deteriorates by the day as the population undergoes an Israeli-imposed famine as a result of the blockade. Following reports of a two-month-old baby starving to death on Friday, the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA) has said the high risk of malnutrition continues to increase, with one in six children in northern Gaza “severely malnourished.” “We continue to appeal for regular humanitarian access,” UNRWA said in a post on X.

Yemen: ‘US Hegemony In International Waters Obsolete’

Yemen's Defense Minister, Major General Mohammed al-Atifi, stated on 25 January that the era of US naval hegemony is “obsolete," in a reference to the Yemeni armed force’s operations against Israeli-linked commercial ships and US and UK naval ships in West Asia. “The US, Britain, and Israel must realize that the policies of demarcation and assertion of hegemonic influence on international waters are obsolete and no more favorable,” Atifi said during a graduation ceremony of Yemeni cadets in the country’s western coastal city of Hudaydah.

At ICJ Hearing, Global South Countries Call For End To Occupation Of Palestine

The ongoing hearing at the International Court of Justice on the Israeli occupation of Palestine has revealed clear divisions on the issue that also extend to countries’ positions on the genocidal Israeli war on Gaza. While countries from the Global South have called for an end to the Israeli occupation as soon as possible, the US and many of its allies seek the continuation of status quo. On the fifth day of hearing on Friday, February 23 the UK, adhering to the line taken by the US earlier, tried to defend the Israeli occupation and asked the court to avoid giving its opinion of its legality.

‘Operation Al-Aqsa Flood’ Day 141: Israel Attacks Civilian Shelter

An Israeli airstrike just hit Rafah, killing seven people, showing that even Rafah, where the majority of displaced Palestinians are sheltering, is no longer safe. The attack comes following a bloody night where Israeli forces attacked a building in Deir el-Balah, where more than 120 people were sheltering. At least 24 Palestinians were killed in the attacks, the majority of whom were women and children. “You can see for yourself the bodies. All the dead were women and children. There is no peaceful place for us to go. We were all displaced, we’ve all lost our homes. Where do you want us to go?

Mea Culpa On Ukraine

The genocide in Gaza – or more precisely the major NATO powers’ active and practical support for the genocide in Gaza – has forced me to re-evaluate my views on Ukraine in a manner more sympathetic to the Russian narrative. In particular, I was complacent in my dismissive attitude to the argument that the Western powers would back ethnic cleansing and massacre in the Donbass by forces including some motivated by Nazi ideology. The same powers who are funding and arming Ukraine are funding and arming a genocide by racial supremacist Israeli forces in Gaza.

Fatal Flaws Undermine America’s Defense Industrial Base

The first-ever US Department of Defense National Defense Industrial Strategy (NDIS) confirms what many analysts have concluded in regard to the unsustainable nature of Washington’s global-spanning foreign policy objectives and its defense industrial base’s (DIB) inability to achieve them. The report lays out a multitude of problems plaguing the US DIB including a lack of surge capacity, inadequate workforce, off-shore downstream suppliers, as well as insufficient “demand signals” to motivate private industry partners to produce what’s needed, in the quantities needed, when it is needed.

UN Experts: Arms Exports To Israel Must Stop Immediately

Geneva – Any transfer of weapons or ammunition to Israel that would be used in Gaza is likely to violate international humanitarian law and must cease immediately, UN experts* warned today. “All States must ‘ensure respect’ for international humanitarian law by parties to an armed conflict, as required by 1949 Geneva Conventions and customary international law,” the experts said. “States must accordingly refrain from transferring any weapon or ammunition – or parts for them – if it is expected, given the facts or past patterns of behaviour, that they would be used to violate international law.” 
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