An Afghan Woman’s Reflection On Afghanistan Post 9/11

By Samira Abrar, Popular Resistance -

The U.S. troops that invaded Afghanistan to overthrow the Taliban are still there 17 years later, and so are the Taliban. Today, up to 20 insurgent groups are waging war in my homeland. The US [...]

Disarm Trident Peacewalk Reaches Halfway Point Of 110 Mile Journey

By Ken Jones and Kathy Kelly, Voices for Creative Nonviolence -

A group of approximately 20 peacemakers from around the country have reached the midpoint of an 11-day, 110-mile walk from Savannah to the Kings Bay Naval Submarine Base in southern Georgia. [...]

Campaign To Stop Killer Robots Sends Message To United Nations

Chris Harris, EuroNews. -

Campaigners say killer robots and other autonomous weapons systems should be banned before it’s too late. Rapid technological advances are bringing them closer to reality but international law [...]

Space: The Next Battlefield?

By Alice Slater, The Hill -

Last week, Vice-President Mike Pence announced the Trump administration’s plan for a new military command, the US Space Force, emphasizing President Donald Trumps’s urging that “It is not enough [...]

Military Parade Cancelled, How Does Peace Movement Build On This Victory?

By Kevin Zeese and Margaret Flowers, Popular Resistance -

This week, the Trump military parade, planned for November 10, was canceled for 2018. In February, a coalition of groups went public, announcing we would organize to stop the military parade and, [...]

South Korea’s Moon Steers Toward Unity While Wind From Washington Blows In His Face

By Elliott Gabriel, Mintpress News. -

Seoul, South Korea - South Korea’s President Moon Jae-in marked the anniversary of Korea’s independence from Japanese colonialism with a robust call for the economic integration of North and [...]

Syria – Pentagon Plants High ISIS Numbers To Justify Occupation

The U.S. aim in Syria is still 'regime change'. The Pentagon has made it clear that it wants to stay in the country even after the Islamic State vanished. A little propaganda trick is now used to [...]

I Don’t Remember Voting For US Bombs To Kill Little Kids In Yemen

By Will Bunch, -

It must have been a moment of unspeakable shock, terror and pain. But it’s hard to know exactly what it was like at the moment last Thursday when a school bus packed with Yemeni schoolchildren — [...]

A Foreign Policy That Can Change Everything For Everyone

By Stacy Bannerman, Popular Resistance. -

We’re in the midst of an unprecedented social, political and environmental crisis that will require us to change everything. Including the one thing we won’t discuss: war. War is the [...]

Victory For The Peace Movement: Military Parade Canceled, #AntiwarAutumn Goes Forward

By Popular Resistance. -

August 16 - As resistance to the November military parade, ordered by President Trump, was gaining momentum, the Pentagon announced tonight that the parade is being "postponed" into 2019, which [...]

Yemen: A Week Of Deadly Airstrikes And Civilian Deaths

By Ahmed Abdulkareem, Mintpress News. -

Saada Province, Yemen - The late morning sun conspired with a cloudless blue sky to picturesquely frame the city of Dhahian in southern Saada province. Suddenly the serenity was broken by the [...]

Billboard Altered In Iowa To Say “No Respect US Army”

By Frank Cordaro. -

As part of the "NO Respect - Ground the Drones" IA Campaign a billboard supporting the US Army was altered to say "No Respect US Army."  A Concerned Christian Political Artist who put the "No [...]

Peace Movement Must Urge Trump And Putin To End War, Rid World Of Nuclear Weapons

By Simo Alastalo, Demokraatti -

Let me congratulate you on your great achievement – which neither you nor anybody else has noticed. You have awakened humanity from years of deep hibernation. And let’s not forget the North [...]

The United States Has Quit the Human Rights Business

By Vijay Prashad, Independent Media Institute -

The United States has decided to formally depart from the United Nations Human Rights Council. This action by the Trump administration has been met, in liberal American and European circles, with [...]

American Wars And Self-Decline

By Tom Engelhardt, Tom Dispatch -

The U.S. has, of course, embarked on a trillion-dollar-plus upgrade of its already massive nuclear arsenal (and that’s before the cost overruns even begin). Its Congress and president have for [...]