No To NATO Spring Actions In Washington, DC

By Popular Resistance -

Every year NATO has held its summits, people around the world have organized massive protests against it: in Chicago (2012), Wales (2014), Warsaw (2016), Brussels (2017 & 2018) — and 2019 will be [...]

‘Massive Fleet’ Of Buses Now Taking New Yorkers To Women’s March

By Catherine Pearson, -

By Catherine Pearson for The Huffington Post - The Women’s March on Washington is happening. It has permits. It has a starting location. More than 150,000 people have indicated on Facebook that [...]

Sioux Nation Brings Oil Pipeline Fight To Washington, DC

By Maria Rachal, -

By Maria Rachal for The Hill - Members of the Sioux nation journeyed to Washington, D.C. this weekend to protest a proposed $3.8 billion oil pipeline they say would contaminate their drinking [...]

Solidarity With COP21 Protests, Hundreds At White House

By John Zangas, -

By John Zangas for DC Media Group - Washington, DC – Several hundred people allied with environmental organizations rallied at the White House on Sunday, November 30 to show their solidarity with [...]

Cafeteria Union Workers Demand Restaurant Employees Get Better Pay

By Clark Mindock, -

By Clark Mindock of IBTimes - U.S. Senate aides brown-bagged their lunches this week in support of cafeteria workers on Capitol Hill hoping to unionize. The aides were aligning themselves with a [...]

Journey For Justice March From Selma To DC

By Alvin Benn, -

By Alvin Benn in The Montgomery Advertiser - Protest marches have been part of Selma’s civil rights fabric since 1965, but an 860-mile trek to Washington had a minister leaning on the Bible for [...]

Marijuana Activists Are Chaining Themselves To ‘Liberty Pole’

By Perry Stein, -

At the very deliberate time of 4:20 a.m. Wednesday, dozens of D.C. marijuana activists arrived at the Mall. They put on some music, constructed a 42-foot “liberty pole,” and chained themselves to [...]

Grassroots Activists In D.C. Take On A Corporate Titan

By Joan Shipps, -

Exelon is America's largest producer of nuclear power. But its plants are several decades old now, and getting expensive to maintain. And the increasing cost competitiveness of solar means [...]

Homeless For The Holidays – McPherson Park — Part I

By John Zangas, -

They occupy alleys and benches, the side doorways of office buildings and dead spaces behind dumpsters. They hobble along sidewalks, looking for change, food and clothing. “Can you spare [...]

Stop & Frisk Gets Worse: Jump Outs In Washington

By Nicole Flatow, -

As protests erupt around the country, the “jump-out” has been the focal point of local advocacy for the group known as DC Ferguson. The group held a rally to protest the tactic on the week of the [...]

Thousands Rally In DC Over Ferguson Grand Jury Decision

By John Zangas, -

Thousands rallied in Washington, DC on Tuesday to support the Ferguson, Missouri community following a controversial grand jury decision not to indict White police officer Darren Wilson for the [...]

It’s Easy To Make Day Laborers’ Lives Better, Washington D.C.

By Lydia DePillis, -

Protecting day laborers from contractors who might cut corners on safety or short them on pay, with a fledgling group called Trabajadores Unidos de D.C. – United Workers of D.C. The group, [...]

Aug. 2 National March On The White House: Stop The Massacre In Gaza!

By Answer, -

On July 16, Israeli Defense Forces deliberately targeted a group of children playing soccer on a Gaza beach, killing four from the same family and maiming the others—another war crime committed [...]

D.C. March Against Fracked Gas Exports

By Chesapeake Climate Action Network, -

On Sunday afternoon, several thousand activists from across the Mid-Atlantic region and beyond will join the first-ever Washington, D.C. rally against the gas industry’s controversial push to [...]

Keystone XL Protesters Enter TD Bank

By DC Indymedia, -

On the 28th of June, protesters from Climate First! entered two branches of TD Bank demanding they sever their ties to TransCanada, builder of the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline. At the first [...]

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