Jane Fonda, Sam Waterston Arrested On Capitol Hill Protesting For Green New Deal

By Olivia Rosane, Ecowatch.com -

It appears Jane Fonda is good for her word. The actress and political activist said she would hold demonstrations on Capitol Hill every Friday through January to demand action on the climate [...]

#ShutdownDC: District Brought To Standstill Over Inaction On Climate Emergency

By John Zangas, Dcmediagroup.us -

Washington, DC — Over two dozen environmental and justice groups coordinated a massive shutdown of twenty major locations in the District, snarling traffic and business operations and creating [...]

Three Takeaways From The Historic D.C. Statehood Hearing

By Amanda Michelle Gomez, Washington City Paper. -

The House of Representatives held the first hearing on D.C. statehood since 1993. The point of the hearing was to jump-start the process to vote on (and likely pass) H.R. 51, which would make the [...]

Meet The Group Making DC Streets Safer Through Do-It-Yourself Urbanism

By Natasha Riddle, Ggwash.org -

The DC Department of Transformation—not to be confused with the District Department of Transportation—is helping cyclists and pedestrians one plunger, or traffic cone, or ad hoc handstand, at a [...]

Extinction Rebellion Marches On The Capital

By Kaela Bamberger, Extinction Rebellion DC. -

Washington, DC, July 9 – Around 100 people representing the climate group Extinction Rebellion marched unpermitted for one mile from the Spirit of Justice Park to the east side of the Capitol [...]

DC Transgender Community Fighting For Equality 50 Years After Stonewall

By John Zangas, Dcmediagroup.us -

Washington, DC – Members of the transgender community led a rally on Friday afternoon at Freedom Plaza, marking the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall Inn uprising on Christopher Street in New [...]

Packing A Projector: U.S. Activists Stage Light Invasion

By Carey L. Biron, News.trust.org -

WASHINGTON, June 10 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - The plan of action was nothing new; its outcome was. Soon after sundown, the activists made for the heart of the U.S. capital, set up a powerful [...]

Meet The DC Tenants’ Advocacy Group Taking A Stand… For Regime Change And War

By Wyatt Reed, Thegrayzone.com -

The Embassy Protection Collective swallowed a lot of tough pills over its month-long stint to keep the Venezuelan embassy in Washington, DC out of the hands of wealthy opposition expats. But [...]

Anti-War Activists Protest Eviction Of Venezuela Embassy Protectors

By John Steffin, Workers.org -

Around 200 people marched and then gathered at the Venezuelan embassy in Washington, D.C., on Saturday, May 18, to show solidarity with Venezuela and the last of the embassy protectors, who had [...]

80 Arrested In Nation’s Capital At Disability Rights Protest

By Michelle Diament, Disabilityscoop.com -

Dozens of disability rights activists — including some in wheelchairs — were arrested near Capitol Hill while pressing for more access to community-based services. U.S. Capitol Police arrested 80 [...]

Letter To The DC Metropolitan Police Department

By Staff, Popular Resistance -

It is not credible to disclaim knowledge of the extensive instances of misconduct over the past week at the Venezuelan Embassy. Repeatedly, the MPD has allowed physical assaults, threats and [...]

Six Arrested At Good Friday Witness At Pentagon

By Art Laffin, Nukeresister.org -

From Holy Thursday afternoon to Good Friday afternoon, about 20 people gathered in Washington, D.C. for a Faith and Resistance retreat and public witness that was organized by the Dorothy Day [...]

Washington Walks Away From Another Treaty

By Staff, Space4peace.blogspot.com -

Please see this new short video about Washington pulling out of the INF Treaty with Russia.  This treaty was signed in 1987 between Reagan and Gorbachev.  It banned medium range nuclear weapons [...]

Extinction Rebellion Climate Activists Block DC Streets

By Alejandro Alvarez and Ford Fischer, News 2 Share. -

Washington —“Rest in peace to the birds and trees,” chanted a group on Saturday calling themselves Extinction Rebellion. “Rest in peace to you and me.” What researchers have dubbed the sixth [...]

Extinction Rebellion Convenes ‘People’s Congress’ At U.S. Capitol

By Anne Meador, Dcmediagroup.us -

Washington, DC—The release this fall of several new reports on the effects of climate change has given a new sense of urgency to the climate movement. Even though some say the reports may still [...]