May 10th-14th: Take Action In DC To Stand In Solidarity With J20 Defendants

By Staff, -

On December 21st, a jury returned a not-guilty verdict on all charges for the first six defendants in the J20 case. Subsequently, on January 19th, 2018, the prosecution dropped charges against [...]

“NRA Enables Domestic Terrorism” Projection Lights Up Trump Hotel Before Conference

By John Zangas, -

Washington, DC–Activists lit up Trump International Hotel with messages critical of the National Rifle Association lobby on Thursday night. The light show was timed to draw negative attention to [...]

Marching For The Democrats: Another Farce On Washington?

By Ajamu Baraka, -

Liberals and Democrat party connected organizations and networks have been quite adept at getting out in front of movements to pre-empt their radical potential and steer them back into the safe [...]

Students, Youth Speak About War, Inequality At DC March For Our Lives Rally

By Tom Hall, -

An estimated 800,000 people descended on Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington, DC for the national March for Our Lives rally on Saturday. The turnout for the DC march, the largest of 800 [...]

Activists Storm Washington, Demanding Protection For All Immigrants

By Sarah Jaffe, -

On March 6, a Maryland District Judge rejected a challenge to the Trump administration's termination of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, giving the administration a [...]

7 Things We Learned From D.C. Area Black Lives Matter Week Of Action In Schools

By Teaching for Change, -

The Black Lives Matter Movement helps students connect with history in a new way. Talking about the Black Lives Matter Movement allowed students to reflect on the long history of the Movement for [...]

76 Countries Now Involved In Washington’s War On Terror

By Tom Engelhardt, -

He left Air Force Two behind and, unannounced, “shrouded in secrecy,” flew on an unmarked C-17 transport plane into Bagram Air Base, the largest American garrison in Afghanistan. All news of his [...]

Privatization Is Spooky, Say DC Streetcar Workers

By Faiz Siddiqui, -

By Faiz Siddiqui for The Washington Post - The Save Our System campaign of the nonprofit Americans for Transit announced Tuesday it has formed a 35-member roundtable of business leaders who say [...]

Washington DC Braces For Net Neutrality Protests Later This Month

By Dominic Rushe, -

By Dominic Rushe for The Guardian - Net neutrality advocates are planning two days of protest in Washington DC this month as they fight off plans to defang regulations meant to protect an open [...]

Trump Fans Just Held The ‘Mother Of All Rallies’

By Colin Taylor, -

By Colin Taylor for Verified Politics - Around 150 – 200 people showed up for a rally that was billed as a crowd of “millions,” drawing the usual assortment of racist idiots like rape apologist [...]

March Against White Supremacy From Charlottesville To DC Sets Up Camp In Farragut Square

By Anne Meador, -

By Anne Meador for DC Media Group - Washington, DC — A ten-day, 118-mile march to confront white supremacy ended in Washington on Wednesday afternoon as several hundred people made their way [...]

118-Mile March From Charlottesville Reaches DC: ‘End White Supremacy’

By Jake Johnson, -

By Jake Johnson for Common Dreams - "This is the time for us to stand up for justice and equality." The 118-mile March to Confront White Supremacy arrived in Washington, D.C. Wednesday after ten [...]

Charlottesville Coalition To March 10 Days To DC

By Jessica Corbett, -

By Jessica Corbett for Common Dreams - "We are answering the call from faith and community leaders in Charlottesville to dismantle white supremacy in our country by taking their demand for moral [...]

DC Activists Push National Park Service To Remove Civil War Statue

By John Zangas, -

By John Zangas for DC Media Group - Washington, D.C. — Civil rights activists from several groups rallied at the statue of Civil War general Albert Pike Friday afternoon, demanding the U.S. Park [...]

TransCanada Pipelines Protested With Drumming And Dance At Washington, DC Headquarters

By Anne Meador, -

By Anne Meador for DC Media Group - Washington, DC — More than a hundred protesters and “water protectors” held a rally at TransCanada’s corporate office on Tuesday followed by a Native American [...]