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Washington DC

DC Police Raid George Washington University Student Gaza Campus

Washington, DC - The student led Gaza solidarity protest at George Washington University Yard was raided in the predawn hours of Wednesday, May 8. Police arrested 31 and charged them with unlawful entry while four were additionally charged with assault of a police officer. All those arrested were released by the early afternoon of the same day. Jail supporters waited for each student’s release and provided emotional support, food, drink, and comfort to them once they were released. Nearly all those arrested were students and none of those arrested were reported as being “outside agitators” as the University Administration claimed had taken part in the camp.

Secret Service Raids Venezuelan Ambassador’s Residency In Washington

Officers from the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the United States Secret Service raided the residence of the Venezuelan ambassador in Washington. The diplomatic building was illegally occupied by the fugitive from Venezuelan justice Carlos Vecchio with complicity from US authorities since he declared himself Venezuela’s ambassador during the failed US “regime change” operation led by former deputy Juan Guaidó, who proclaimed himself “interim president” of Venezuela in 2019. According to a report posted by photojournalist Kyle Mazza on social media on Thursday, February 15, police activity could be seen in the area, and FBI officers were wearing bulletproof jackets and carrying long guns.

100,000 Expected To Take Pro-Palestine Demands To Biden’s Doorstep

A coalition of Muslim and pro-Palestine organizations are taking the overwhelmingly popular demand for a ceasefire straight to Biden’s doorstep on January 13, at 1 pm, at the Freedom Plaza in Washington, DC. The “March for Gaza” is being organized by the American Muslim Task Force on Palestine, which includes American Muslims for Palestine, Council on American-Islamic Relations, Islamic Circle of North America, Muslim American Society, Muslim Student Association-National, Muslim Legal Fund of America, Muslim Ummah of North America, and Young Muslims, alongside the ANSWER Coalition, which played a key role in organizing the largest pro-Palestine demonstration in US history on November 4.

80+ Groups Descend On DC, Demand Gaza Cease-Fire, Migrant Rights

Activists from more than 80 advocacy groups took to Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C. on Tuesday to protest what they called the Israeli genocide in Palestine and "cruel" immigration policies here in the United States. The demonstrators demanded a permanent cease-fire in Gaza, an end to American military aid for Israel, and protection for migrants at the U.S.-Mexico border. "As the Biden administration and Senate Democrats indicate a willingness to advance cruel immigration proposals in order to pass a spending package that will send billions of dollars to Israel to continue its genocide in Gaza, we come together as a coalition of immigrant, Palestinian, and allied organizations dedicated to fighting for justice and liberation.

Confronting DC’s Gas Problem

From Oct. 24-26, a coalition of ecoactivist groups, including Extinction Rebellion Northeast, Extinction Rebellion DC, or XRDC, Scientist Rebellion, and Climate Defiance, engaged in three days of nonviolent actions against the gas industry in Washington, D.C. They disrupted the industry’s biggest annual event in North America, temporarily shut down construction on a major pipeline project, and built bridges of inter-movement solidarity by joining in protests for a ceasefire in Gaza.  The week of action began by disrupting the North American Gas Forum to demand an end to the gas industry’s lies that are accelerating climate chaos and endangering billions of lives around the globe.

November 4: All Out For Black People’s March On The White House

On November 4, freedom-loving people from cities throughout the U.S. will march on the White House, having traveled by plane, train, bus and caravan to make their voices heard at the 15th Annual Black People's March on the White House. In light of the rapidly escalating genocidal war being waged by Israel on the Palestinian people, this year’s Black People’s March on the White House will declare that, “the African, Indigenous, Mexican, Filipino, Cuban, Venezuelan and other oppressed peoples of the world stand together with Palestine in a united front against colonialism, our common enemy.

How A DC Think Tank Helped Cause The Gaza ‘Deluge’

The Hamas attack (with the loss of civilian lives) shook the Middle East and shattered many assumptions and misconceptions about the region. It’s not that Israel was shocked at the daring nature of the attack, but that Israel had long assumed that the Palestinian problem is dead and that there is no need to engage in a so-called peace process — even if managed by the U.S., the least neutral party in the Arab-Israeli conflict outside of Tel Aviv. Reflecting the belief in the death of Palestine as a question, the Biden administration was the first U.S. administration since Lyndon Johnson to not even attempt to launch a peace process regarding the Palestinian problem, demonstrating its belief that the issue is over.

Cuban Embassy In Washington DC Faces Another Terrorist Attack

Cuba’s embassy in the US capital of Washington DC was the target of a violent attack late on Sunday, September 24. In a statement shared on the platform X, formerly known as Twitter, the Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez said that an individual had thrown two Molotov cocktails at the embassy building. He added that no personnel had been injured in the attack and the details of the incident were being looked into. He also noted that this was the second such attack against the headquarters of Cuba’s diplomatic mission in the US. An individual had fired multiple rounds of bullets from an AK-47 assault rifle at the building in April 2020. Cuba’s embassy in France was also attacked with Molotov cocktails in July 2021.

Healthcare Workers In Maryland, Virginia And DC Authorize Strike

Some 3,800 union healthcare workers in Maryland, Virginia and Washington, D.C., are threatening to go on strike at the end of this month if the leadership at Kaiser Permanente and the union cannot agree to a new contract addressing staffing shortages and low pay for workers. According to a Monday statement from OPEIU Local 2, which represents 8,000 workers in the region, about 98% of health care workers from the union voted to authorize a strike to protest “unfair labor practices” if no agreement is reached by Sept. 30. The health care workers represented by OPEIU Local 2 union include optometrists, pharmacists, nurses and certified nursing assistants.

Building Hope And A Halfway House In Washington, DC

With nearly two million people in prison and an incarceration rate five times higher than most countries on the planet, the United States is the world’s only carceral superpower. Our nation has a long tradition of “justice” that is articulated in a cold, calculating and harsh expression of punishment. Despite this history, a counter narrative surrounding imprisonment and punishment in the United States has also existed — one that is based in reform, repentance, restoration and redemption. Quakers in Philadelphia spent decades in the early 19th century protesting harsh prison conditions and ultimately convinced the Pennsylvania Assembly to reform their model of imprisonment.

Extinction Rebellion Targets DC Council During Week Of Action

Washington, DC – This morning, as part of People vs Fossil Fuels national week of action, rebels from Extinction Rebellion DC chained themselves to the doors of the Wilson Building to demand the DC Council take a stand against Washington Gas’ deadly Project Pipes. The $4.5 billion massive pipeline replacement project would force DC to rely on dangerous planet-warming fossil fuels for decades to come, making the city’s current climate goals impossible to reach. The action occurred while the sky filled with hazardous smoke from wildfires in Canada. The burning of fossil fuels like methane make wildfires such as these stronger and more frequent.

China’s Report On US Cyber Attacks Only Scratches Surface Of Washington’s Impunity

U.S. political leaders and media analysts often hype "threats" from abroad in order to justify an increasingly aggressive foreign policy. China is now considered a top "threat" from significant elements of the U.S. political establishment and is regularly accused of conducting cyber espionage and other forms of snooping. Often, these accusations reflect the actual policies carried out by the U.S. government regardless of which political party holds majority power. On May 4, China's National Computer Virus Emergency Response Center (NCVERC) and internet security company 360 offered verifiable proof of this in a joint report detailing the cyber weapons used by the U.S.' Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) on other countries.

May 18: Stop Manchin’s FERC (Federal Energy Regulatory Commission)

Since March of last year, West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin has been working with Republicans on the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee which he chairs to prevent any substantive change at FERC, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission. They must stop their rubber stamping of methane gas pipelines and LNG projects! Here’s what Manchin has been and is doing, right now: -March 2022: He forced FERC commissioners to retract a new policy announced in February 2022 to require methane gas permit applications to include substantive environmental justice and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions analysis, and improved economic needs analysis.

Renewed Peace Movement Lauded As Protesters Marched In Washington

Washington, D.C.—An estimated couple of thousand of people to “several thousand” marched on March 18 in downtown Washington D.C., calling for an end to the U.S. imperialist project that they hold responsible for 20 years of a “War on Terror” on millions of people. The weekend marked the 20th anniversary of the U.S. invasion of Iraq. U.S. interference in the form of military invasions and other types of activities since 2001 have caused the global displacement of 38 million people and the death of at least 900,000 people, according to the Costs of War Project. Those are conservative estimates.

DC Government’s Racial Equity Plan Is Elite Capture By The State

D.C. Mayor Bowser’s “Draft Racial Equity Action Plan ” (REAP) is a public relations document which reflects a continued commitment to the systemic foundations of racial inequities. As a follow-up to the empty gesture of painting the words “Black Lives Matter” on 800 16th Street Northwest, Washington, DC and declaring that space “Black Lives Matter Plaza ”, the REAP suggests that the state structures which maintain settler colonialism and capitalism can be a remedy for racial inequity. “It is our charge and our responsibility to put in place policies that are intentional about ending structural racism and reversing the legacies of policies that intentionally locked Black and brown Washingtonians out of opportunity and the ability to build wealth,” Bowser said when announcing the REAP on November 16, 2022 as a first for D.C. of such a plan.
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