Bemidji, MN: Water Protectors Lock To Enbridge Office Gates, Work Halted

By Staff, -

Bemidji, MN — In the early morning, 6 water protectors locked to the gates of a key Enbridge office in Bemidji, MN in protest of proposed tar sands pipeline project Line 3. 2 chained their necks [...]

Water Protectors Protest At Enbridge Drill Site On Mississippi River

By Anonymous Contributor, -

(Ball Bluff, MN) On March 22nd, members of the Ginew Collective supported by Northfield Against Line 3 exposed an Enbridge drilling worksite on the eastern shore of the Mississippi River on the [...]

Minnesota: Water Protectors Confront Enbridge About MMIW, Line 3

By Anonymous, -

Enbridge, in its ongoing efforts to coerce the Fond du Lac band of Ojibwe with “economic incentives,” was holding a job fair and business development seminar at the band’s casino in Carlton, [...]

The War For Survival

By Leonard Peltier, -

Well here it is, sorry to say, another year, and I’m still writing to you from a prison cell. I am still in pain from my illnesses with no knowledge of whether I will ever get treatments for [...]

Water Protectors Lock-Down Dallas Mansion Of Kelcy Warren, CEO Of Energy Transfer Partners

By L'Eau est la Vie, -

DALLAS, TEXAS 10/19 – On Friday morning, Water Protectors locked themselves to gates at the entrance of the residence of Kelcy Warren, CEO and Chairman of Energy Transfer Partners (ETP), [...]

Energy Transfer Partners’ Security Team Sinks Water Protectors’ Boats

By Dahr Jamail, -

Monday morning, an Energy Transfer Partners security team sank two boats carrying approximately 15 water protectors and members of the media at a Bayou Bridge Pipeline construction site. A press [...]

Forcible Arrest Of Water Protectors At Illegal Pipeline Construction Site In Louisiana

By Emma Fiala, -

Energy Transfer Partners (ETP) is the same company responsible for the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL), which was met with significant resistance from the local indigenous population in North [...]

Red Fawn Fallis And The Felony Of Being Attacked By Cops

By Linda Ford, -

What happened to Standing Rock water protector Red Fawn Fallis is what has happened to many women political dissenters who go up against Big Government/Corporate power. After she was viciously [...]

[Act Out! 169] – The Latest Water Protector Battles + Monsanto’s First Day In Court

By Eleanor Goldfield, -

Monsanto has avoided jury trials for years. Despite continuously mounting evidence to show that glyphosate, a main ingredient in many of their products, causes cancer, they’ve avoided having to [...]

Indigenous And Environmental Water Protectors Fight To Block Louisiana Pipeline

By Sheehan Moore, -

Half an hour outside of Lafayette, Louisiana — almost three hours west of New Orleans — the proposed route of the Bayou Bridge pipeline crosses the road. It’s a seemingly minor bend in the [...]

NoDAPL Water Protector Sentenced To Thirty-Six Months By Federal Judge

By Staff, -

Little Feather has already served fifteen months that will count as time served. The federal sentencing comes as Red Fawn Fallis awaits sentencing on June 25th, 2018 and Michael “Rattler” [...]

Update NoDAPL Water Protector Court Cases

By Staff, -

Of the 831 state arrests from Standing Rock, 578 have concluded so far. A large majority of those, (337), were won through dismissal or acquittal at trial. This is a huge success for Water [...]

Lockdown To Stop The Bayou Bridge Pipeline

By L'eau est la vie, Facebook. -

MAURICE, LA - On the morning of April 18th a water protector locked herself into a cement filled barrel placed in the trench of a horizontal directional drill on a construction site of the Bayou [...]

Water Protectors Construct Longhouse To Block Doors Of Puget Sound Energy HQ In Bellevue

By Puget Sound Anarchists. -

Water Protectors have constructed a Longhouse to block the doors of the Puget Sound Energy HQ in Bellevue, WA. Permits were applied for but it was thought with the way PSE operate, they would [...]

Goldman Sachs Event At Harvard Disrupted Today

By No Bayou Bridge Pipeline Solidarity Campaign, Popular Resistance. -

A Goldman Sachs recruitment event at Harvard University was just disrupted over Goldman's investments in Energy Transfer Partners (ETP). Goldman Sachs is the top shareholder of ETP and the [...]

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