Nonviolent Jousting With Northrop Grumman

By Max Obuszewski, Popular Resistance. -

Under the aegis of Baltimore Peace Action, twelve stalwarts left Baltimore on September 3 to take on weapons contractor Northrop Grumman.  If Sancho Panza were with us, he would have described [...]

Protestors Block Entrances To Raytheon Plant Over Weapon Sales

By Palestine Chronicle. -

US protestors early Thursday morning blocked the entrance to Raytheon’s facility in Portsmouth in protest of weapon sales to Israel. Members of the FANG Collective, a Pawtucket-based group [...]

Activists Challenge Subsidies For Weapons Maker

By Taylor Barnes, World Beyond War. -

On a warm Saturday morning in May, a group of demonstrators gathered in a public square in Asheville, North Carolina, for the kind of protest lawmakers don’t usually foresee when they haggle for [...]

Elbit Tamworth Shut Down For The Third Time

By Palestine Action. -

Action follows brutalisation of Palestinians by Israeli forces over the weekend, with almost 400 injured as live ammunition was used against Palestinians protesting illegal land confiscation in [...]

What We Know About Bombs Being Dropped In Our Name

By Danaka Katovich, World Beyond War. -

At some point before the summer of 2018, an arms deal from the US to Saudi Arabia was sealed and delivered. A 227kg laser-guided bomb made by Lockheed Martin, one of many thousands, was part of [...]

Solidarity With Palestine Activists Being Prosecuted

On Wednesday, six activists from the Palestine Action campaign appeared at Highbury Magistrates Court charged with conspiracy to commit criminal damage and burglary, in connection with [...]

Palestine Action Co-Founder Arrested For Blackmail

By Joe Glenton, The Canary. -

Palestine Action co-founder Richard Goddard was arrested for blackmail on 3 February, just days after the group launched a joint action with Extinction Rebellion that shut down the premises of [...]