Weapons Industry Is Jubilant About Biden’s Nominee For Arms Buyer

By Sarah Lazare, In These Times. -

LaPlante is being poached directly from the military industry that is praising him, which he entered after serving in an acquisitions role under the Obama administration, where he was known for [...]

Impact Of Nuclear Weapons Ban Treaty On Nuclear Weapons Business

A new report released by ICAN and PAX today, has found that the number of banks, pension funds, asset managers and insurance companies investing in the production of nuclear weapons has gone down [...]

Liverpool Mobilises Against The Europe Arms Fair

By Kaya Purchase, Red Pepper. -

A national protest against an upcoming arms fair took place in Liverpool on 11 September with over 3,000 people in attendance. Jeremy Corbyn and Maxine Peake were among those who showed support. [...]

Western Governments Chided At Arms Conference For ‘Enabling’ Arab Regimes

By Nur Ayoubi, Middle East Eye. -

Western nations and arms companies are complicit in aiding regimes in the Middle East to spy on their citizens, speakers at an international conference shedding light on the human rights [...]

Disrupt Land Forces Week Of Action Begins

By Andy Paine, Disrupt Land Forces. -

It was Thursday afternoon peak hour in South Brisbane, soundtracked as usual by trucks rumbling down the busy thoroughfares of the area. But these were not the usual trucks, and the response to [...]

How Cutting Down Military Spending Could Bring About Peace

By Ron Forthfer, Palestine Chronicle. -

Since the end of WWII, especially since the breakup of the Soviet Union, it appears as if US political leaders feel they are trapped in a time warp and are unable to break free. They seem to [...]

US, Lobbyists And Arm Dealers Rush To Reposition Amid Impending Saudi Defeat

By Raul Diego, Mintpress News. -

Washington - In his last months in office, former President Donald Trump gave American defense contractors like Lockheed Martin and Reaper drone manufacturer General Atomics Aeronautical Systems [...]

Who Are The Ultimate War Profiteers?

By Christian Sorenson, Covert Action Magazine. -

The U.S. ruling class deploys the military for three main reasons: (1) to forcibly open up countries to foreign investment, (2) to ensure the free flow of natural resources from the global south [...]

UK Turns To ‘Counterterror’ Law To Repress Palestine Action

By Asa Winstanley, Electronic Intifada. -

Solidarity campaigners shut down an Israeli drone parts factory in the UK for several hours last week. Three activists from Palestine Action were arrested outside the Elbit Systems factory in [...]

Washington Post ‘Expert’ Linked To Defense Companies Hypes North Korea Missile Threat

By Alan Macleod, Mintpress News. -

An alarming report published Monday in the Washington Post claimed that North Korean leader Kim Jong-un could fire an intercontinental ballistic missile right as Joe Biden is [...]

How A Key Pentagon Official Turned China Policy Over To Arms Industry And Taiwan Supporters

By Gareth Porter, Global Research. -

When the United States finalized a set of seven arms sales packages to Taiwan in August, including 66 upgraded F-16 fighter planes and longer-range air-to-ground missiles that could hit sensitive [...]

Canada Has A War Crimes Problem

By Matthew Behrens, Rabble.ca. -

Two new reports on Canadian weapons exports reveal that Canadian-based corporate entities (and, by extension, government agencies that support and encourage their exports) are complicit in the [...]

A “Persistent Eye In The Sky” May Be Coming To A City Near You

By Medea Benjamin and Barry Summers, Information Clearinghouse. -

“Gorgon Stare will be looking at a whole city, so there will be no way for the adversary to know what we’re looking at, and we can see everything.” That same persistent eye in the sky may soon be [...]