Guess Who Arms Both Azerbaijan And Armenia

By David Swanson, Let's Try Democracy. -

This war between Azerbaijan and Armenia is, quite typically, a U.S. war even if the U.S. public doesn’t think so, even if the news is that the United States is trying to negotiate peace — news [...]

Israeli Weapons Fuel The Violence In Azerbaijan

By Raul Diego, Mintpress News. -

The latest iteration of the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict, which has already claimed the lives of dozens of people, had been largely forgotten by the world before hostilities reignited in September. [...]

How To Stuff The Middle East With Weaponry

By William Hartung, Tom Dispatch. -

The United States has the dubious distinction of being the world’s leading arms dealer. It dominates the global trade in a historic fashion and nowhere is that domination more complete than in [...]

Israel’s Crimes Must Be Met With Arms Embargo

By Maureen Clare Murphy, Electronic Intifada. -

Israel’s bombing of the besieged Gaza Strip must be met with an “urgent and comprehensive military embargo,” the Palestinian Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions National Committee stated on [...]

Military Spending In 2019 Hits Highest Increase In A Decade

By Marlee Kokotovic, Nation of Change. -

Earlier this week a new analysis was reported showing the world’s military spent a combined $1.9 trillion last year with the U.S. being the top spenders. According to the most current annual [...]

Lessons From Battling The Pentagon For Four Decades

By William D. Hartung, Tom Dispatch. -

I’ve been writing critiques of the Pentagon, the national security state, and America’s never-ending military overreach since at least 1979 -- in other words, virtually my entire working life. In [...]

The US Is Addicted To Weapons Sales To The Middle East

By William D. Hartung, -

It’s no secret that Donald Trump is one of the most aggressive arms salesmen in history. How do we know? Because he tells us so at every conceivable opportunity. It started with his much [...]

Arms Companies Failing To Address Human Rights Risks

By Staff, -

As the world’s biggest arms companies prepare to set up shop at a global arms fair in London, a new report by Amnesty International shows how major industry players including Airbus, BAE Systems [...]

U. S. Sale Of War Planes To New Zealand Faces Resistance

By David Swanson, -

The U.S. State Department uses public funds and public employees to market private products designed for mass killing to foreign governments. Few corporations have benefitted more from this [...]

The Arms Industry Gains Even More Power In Washington, DC

By Mandy Smithberger and William D. Hartung, -

The way personnel spin through Washington’s infamous revolving door between the Pentagon and the arms industry is nothing new. That door, however, is moving ever faster with the appointment [...]

In Yemen And Beyond, U.S. Arms Manufacturers Are Abetting Crimes Against Humanity

By Medea Benjamin and Nicolas J.S. Davies, -

Our leading weapons dealers have developed a business model that feeds on war, terrorism, chaos, political instability, and human rights violations. The Saudi bombing of a school bus in Yemen on [...]

Report: War Profiteers, US Arming Of Repressive Regimes

By Staff, CODE PINK -

It is a rare moment when a mainstream US media outlet makes the connection between U.S. weapons manufacturers and the killing of civilians. But tragically, it is not rare at all that repressive [...]

I Don’t Remember Voting For US Bombs To Kill Little Kids In Yemen

By Will Bunch, -

It must have been a moment of unspeakable shock, terror and pain. But it’s hard to know exactly what it was like at the moment last Thursday when a school bus packed with Yemeni schoolchildren — [...]

I Traced Missile Casings In Syria Back To Their Original Sellers, So It’s Time For The West To Reveal Who They Sell Arms To

By Robert Fisk, -

Readers, a small detective story. Note down this number: MFG BGM-71E-1B. And this number: STOCK NO 1410-01-300-0254. And this code: DAA A01 C-0292. I found all these numerals printed on the side [...]

US Provides Military Assistance To 73 Percent of World’s Dictatorships

By Rich Whitney Truthout -

As of the fiscal year 2015, the last year for which we have publicly available data, the federal government of the United States had been providing military assistance to 36 of 49 dictatorships, [...]