Canada Violating International Law By Selling Arms To Saudis

Canada’s ongoing arms sales to Saudi Arabia is being slammed as illegal under our UN commitments by Amnesty International and Project Ploughshares. And the international community is taking [...]

Shutting Down The British Arms Trade To Israel

By Alan Macleod and Mnar Muhawesh Adley, Mintpress News. -

Palestine Action Has Made Headlines For Its Forceful Commitment To Shutting Down The Arms Trade Between Israel And The U.K., Trying To Do With Direct Action What Anti-War Organizations Have Long [...]

Activists Block Rail Line Near General Dynamics Over Arms Sales

By Bryan Bicknell, London CTV News. -

London, Ontario - A small group of activists blocked a rail line in east London Friday, demanding the federal government cancel a contract to provide military vehicles to Saudi Arabia. About [...]

World’s Worst Humanitarian Disaster Triggered By Weapons From US And UK

By Thalif Deen, Inter Press News. -

United Nations - The United Nations has rightly described the deaths and devastation in war-ravaged Yemen as the “world’s worst humanitarian disaster”— caused mostly by widespread air attacks on [...]

Canadian Protestors Call For An End To Arms Sales To Saudi Arabia

By Staff, -

Rachel Small, Canada organizer for World BEYOND War, says the use by Saudi troops of Light Armoured Vehicles (LAVs) manufactured by General Dynamics Land Systems in London, Ontario has been [...]

Ten Foreign Policy Fiascos Biden Can Fix On Day One

By Medea Benjamin and Nicolas J. S. Davies, Popular Resistance. -

Donald Trump loves executive orders as a tool of dictatorial power, avoiding the need to work through Congress. But that works both ways, making it relatively easy for President Biden to reverse [...]

Shocking New Figures Show How Much US Is Fueling Violence In Yemen

By Alan Macleod, Mintpress News. -

Despite presenting itself as a force for good and peace in the Middle East, the United States sells at least five times as much weaponry to Saudi Arabia than aid it donates to Yemen. The State [...]

On War, Trump Has Largely Been An Appeaser

By W. J. Astore, Bracing Views. -

Yes, it’s good news that Trump is withdrawing troops from Afghanistan and Iraq, though roughly 2500 troops will remain in each country when Joe Biden takes office in January. In short, Trump [...]

Guess Who Arms Both Azerbaijan And Armenia

By David Swanson, Let's Try Democracy. -

This war between Azerbaijan and Armenia is, quite typically, a U.S. war even if the U.S. public doesn’t think so, even if the news is that the United States is trying to negotiate peace — news [...]

Israeli Weapons Fuel The Violence In Azerbaijan

By Raul Diego, Mintpress News. -

The latest iteration of the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict, which has already claimed the lives of dozens of people, had been largely forgotten by the world before hostilities reignited in September. [...]

How To Stuff The Middle East With Weaponry

By William Hartung, Tom Dispatch. -

The United States has the dubious distinction of being the world’s leading arms dealer. It dominates the global trade in a historic fashion and nowhere is that domination more complete than in [...]

Israel’s Crimes Must Be Met With Arms Embargo

By Maureen Clare Murphy, Electronic Intifada. -

Israel’s bombing of the besieged Gaza Strip must be met with an “urgent and comprehensive military embargo,” the Palestinian Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions National Committee stated on [...]

Military Spending In 2019 Hits Highest Increase In A Decade

By Marlee Kokotovic, Nation of Change. -

Earlier this week a new analysis was reported showing the world’s military spent a combined $1.9 trillion last year with the U.S. being the top spenders. According to the most current annual [...]

Lessons From Battling The Pentagon For Four Decades

By William D. Hartung, Tom Dispatch. -

I’ve been writing critiques of the Pentagon, the national security state, and America’s never-ending military overreach since at least 1979 -- in other words, virtually my entire working life. In [...]

The US Is Addicted To Weapons Sales To The Middle East

By William D. Hartung, -

It’s no secret that Donald Trump is one of the most aggressive arms salesmen in history. How do we know? Because he tells us so at every conceivable opportunity. It started with his much [...]

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