Marshall Islanders Remember ‘Castle Bravo’ Nuclear Bomb

By Helen Jaccard, Popular Resistance. -

Hawaii - Marshall Islanders living on O'ahu joined members of Veterans For Peace, Hawai'i Peace & Justice and Refuse Fascism on Monday, March 1st at Magic Island in Honolulu to remember the 1954 [...]

Making Waves: The Rebirth Of The Golden Rule

By Labrats, Beyond Nuclear. -

The Golden Rule is a project of Veterans For Peace. They aim to advance Veterans For Peace opposition to nuclear weapons and war, and to do so in a dramatic fashion. They have recovered and [...]

A Brief History Of US Military Poisoning Of Hawai’i

By Ann Wright, Kyle Kajihiro and Jim Albertini, Popular Resistance. -

Poisoning the Pacific: The US Military’s Secret Dumping of Plutonium, Chemical Weapons, and Agent Orange, a new book by Japan-based journalist Jon Mitchell, is a detailed investigation and [...]

Atomic Veteran Says The US Must Never Resume Nuclear Weapons Testing

By Jim Dangerfield, Union of Concerned Scientists. -

I was an Army specialist fourth class in 1957 when I was bused to the Nevada Test Site with other servicemen for an operation we were told nothing about. We soon witnessed a series of nuclear [...]