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June 18 Webinar: ALBA-TCP, First Fair Trade Agreement In The World

The Chicago ALBA Solidarity Committee is inviting everyone to a webinar organized by the Nicaragua Solidarity Coalition, with the participation of high-level officials from Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela, to expose the attacks that successive US administrations have unsuccessfully launched over the years to destroy the Bolivarian Alternative for the Americas – Peoples Trade Treaty (ALBA-TCP). The speakers will be: from Cuba, Héctor Igarza Cabrera, ambassador to Canada; from Venezuela, Carlos Ron, Venezuela’s deputy foreign affairs minister for North America; and from Nicaragua, Minister of Commerce Jesús Bermudez.

Sanctions: A Wrecking Ball In A Global Economy

Join a discussion of the latest developments in key regions of the world with several authors of the new anthology: SANCTIONS: A Wrecking Ball in a Global Economy.  Intensifying US sanctions, imposed on a third of humanity, are sending shock waves through the world economy. Now this brutal form of economic warfare on civilian populations is being contested. US dollar dominance is being challenged as the currency of global trade. Sanctions have boomeranged back on the US and EU countries with inflation, supply chain shortages, and a looming recession causing hardship at home. But by far the greatest burden is borne by 40+ sanctioned countries. The US response is doubling down on harsher sanctions. What are the implications?
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