Several Reasons Why West Papua Should Get Its Freedom: Immediately!

By Andre Vltchek, -

But what really is happening in West Papua? Of course, foreign journalists are banned from entering and reporting freely from there. Only official Indonesian journalists, basically lackeys of the [...]

Why Are Protesters Dying In West Papua?

By Joel Evans, New Internationalist. -

August was a busy month for those advocating for the West Papuan cause. The last two weeks saw protests – the biggest for over two decades – across the region which culminated in violence and [...]

West Papuan Protesters Call For Self-Determination In Mass Rallies

By Staff, -

Thousands of protesters have taken to the streets in highland areas of West Papua, one week after violent demonstrations flared across Indonesia’s easternmost provinces, leaving one dead and [...]

Papua: How Indonesian President Jokowi Is Trying – And Failing – To Win Hearts And Minds

By Arie Ruhyanto, -

Almost every December, the Indonesian region of Papua makes headlines both nationally and further afield. In 2018, following the arrest of hundreds of Papuans commemorating the region’s [...]

80 Arrested In Protests For Occupied West Papua Independence

By Free West Papua. -

West Papua - Arrests took place on September 3 as people around the country gathered to hold peaceful rallies to support the Pacific Islands Forum (PIF) meeting, which is currently underway on [...]

Please Help Us To Get Yanto Out Of Jail

By Staff, -

On the 31st May 2017, as hundreds of people in Timika were gathered peacefully to hold a prayer and thanksgiving ceremony for the thousands of signatures in the Bomberay region of West Papua, [...]

West Papua Flag Day: Country That Doesn’t Exist

By Chantal Da Silva, -

By Chantal Da Silva for Independent - ‘The whole essence of our humanity is being reduced to nothing’ Free West Papua campaign leader Benny Wenda said. In West Papua, simply raising the Morning [...]

West Papuan Civilians In Danger Amid Indonesian Military Attacks

By Staff, -

By Staff of Free West Papua Campaign - The names of those injured were: Aser Magai (male) Guwanus Tabuni (male) Deka Anow (male) Dominus Dogomo (male), Melianus Kobogau (male). Unverified [...]

Indonesian Government Denies Human Rights Violations In Papua

By Free West Papua Campaign, -

By Free West Papua Campaign USA. The Asian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) is very disappointed at the Indonesian government’s irresponsible denial of human rights violations in Papua and West [...]

Outlawed West Papua Independence Petition Presented To UN

By Timothy Fernandez, -

By Timothy Fernandez for ABC News AU - 'A secret petition demanding a new independence referendum for West Papua has been presented to the United Nations. The Indonesian Government banned the [...]

Boycott Indonesia For West Papua Independence

By Ecoterra, -

By Ecoterra. In addition to the official petition (please see below and sign up) addressed to the United Nations and the international community, ECOTERRA Intl. and friends of Peoples close to [...]

Free West Papua Political Prisoners Campaign Team

By Amy Frazier, -

By Amy Frazier. Arlington, VA - The Free West Papua Political Prisoners Campaign Team is a team of nonviolent activists at George Mason University and the surrounding areas led by Herman [...]

More Than 500 Arrested In West Papuan Independence Protests

By Staff, -

By Staff of Tele Sur - Indigenous Melanesians in West Papua have faced decades of repression at the hands of Indonesia. Over 500 people were arrested in West Papua on Monday during [...]

West Papua’s Fight For Self Determination

By Staff, -

By West Papua Action Network. Indonesia came to absorb the region known as West Papua in 1969 following the withdrawal of the Dutch colonial administration. This occupation resulted in a [...]

More Than One Hundred Arrested In West Papua Including 9-year Old Boy

By Herman Wainggai, -

By Herman Wainggai for Herman Wainggai - It’s midnight in West Papua and the public protest to commemorate the signing of the New York Agreement, didn’t go well. Protesters anticipated the [...]

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