Rockwool Pipeline Construction May Disturb African-American Cemetery

By John Zangas and Anne Meador, -

Ranson, W.Va.–Granny Smith Lane was until recently riddled with almost impassable potholes. If you navigated them successfully and wound your way to the end of the narrow, tree-lined roadway, you [...]

WVDEP Approval Of Rockwool Gas Pipeline Permit Made In ‘Bad Faith,’ Opponents Say

By Anne Meador, -

The West Virginia Department of Environment (WVDEP) on Friday issued the final permit necessary for Mountaineer Gas to build a gas pipeline to service the Rockwool factory in Jefferson County, [...]

Student Reporters In West Virginia Find Atlantic Coast Pipeline Offers Only Two Dozen Permanent Jobs

By Sharon Kelly, -

It’s hard for anyone to miss a “help wanted” sign like this: “13,000 Union Workers Needed for Atlantic Coast Pipeline Project.” That’s how the website Oilfield Job Shop described the [...]

West Virginia Educators Remain Defiant In Second Day Of Statewide Strike

By Tom Eley, -

Efforts by the unions to declare “victory” after the tabling of the bill and to pressure strikers back to work failed to convince striking educators who remember all too well similar declarations [...]

West Virginia Teachers Walk Out To Oppose Charter Schools

Thousands of teachers and support staff in West Virginia are walking out of schools today and descending on the state capitol in Charleston to oppose legislation that would introduce the state’s [...]

West Virginia Teachers Strike Over Retaliatory Privatization

By Russell Mokhiber, -

This year, to retaliate for that embarrassment, those same legislative leaders want to privatize state teacher jobs with charter schools and push public schools teachers to the brink. “Charter [...]

West Virginia Teachers Announce Another Statewide Strike

By Dave Jamieson, -

West Virginia public school teachers plan to go on strike again Tuesday, nearly a year to the day after they began a historic walkout that inspired teacher strikes in other states. The unions [...]

‘Resist Rockwool’ Holds Sit-In Of Senator Joe Manchin Office

By Anne Meador, -

Washington, DC — West Virginia residents occupied U.S. Senator Joe Manchin’s office today to demand he take a position on a controversial factory under construction in the Eastern Panhandle. U.S. [...]

West Virginia Teachers, School Staff Vote “Overwhelmingly” To Authorize Work Action

By Staff, -

Teachers and other school workers in all 55 West Virginia counties voted last week to call a work action against a reactionary omnibus education bill moving through the legislature. Union leaders [...]

Mountaineer Gas Pipeline: Rockwool Foes Zero In On ‘Blood Supply’ Of Unwelcome Factory

By Anne Meador, -

Hundreds of people packed the room at the Shepherd University Student Center Wednesday night to deliver impassioned statements to the West Virginia Public Service Commission on a permit for a gas [...]

Rockwool Fails To Report Sinkhole, Cited For Permit Violations

By Anne Meador, -

The West Virginia Department of Environment Protection (WVDEP) cited Danish stone wool manufacturer Rockwool for failing to report the formation of a sinkhole and other problems at a construction [...]

Officials: W.Va. Explosion Was Along Newly Installed Natural Gas Line

By Anya Litvak and Karen Kane, -

No injuries were reported Thursday after an explosion in a newly installed natural gas line near Moundsville, W.Va., shot flames into the sky that could be seen for miles. “Thank God nobody is [...]

As Tree-Cutting Continues For The Mountain Valley Pipeline, So Do The Protests

By Laurence Hammack, -

Coffey knew, as soon as she read an urgent text from a neighbor and left work in a rush, that it was the day she had been dreading — the day that tree-cutting for the Mountain Valley Pipeline [...]

Tree Sitters In West Virginia Aren’t Leaving; They’re Expanding

By Staff, -

It’s now been one week since the monopod tree-sit was erected on a mountain road, in an attempt to stop pipeline construction. This move itself came about a month after an earlier tree-sit was [...]

First Fight For $15, Then West Virginia Teachers: Can New Playbook Rescue Labor Movement?

By Max Zahn, -

Shannon Johnson grew up with a birth defect in her throat that required multiple surgeries. Stuck in the hospital, she found solace in Disney movies. “I could get so immersed in the characters,” [...]

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