OPCW Insiders Slam ‘Compromised’ New Syria Chemical Weapons Probe

By OPCW Insiders, The Grayzone. -

We have read the first Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons Investigation and Identification Team (IIT) April 2020 report on alleged chemical attacks at Ltamenah. We observe that, [...]

Four Whistleblowers Claim OPCW Is Silencing The Truth

By Aaron Mate, The Grayzone. -

A new Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) whistleblower has surfaced in response to a malicious and factually flawed attack by OPCW leadership on two veteran [...]

US’s Doll House: A Vast Tapestry of Lies and Illusions

By Edward Curtain, Behind the Curtain -

While truth-tellers Julian Assange and Chelsea Manning sit inside jail cells and Edward Snowden lives in exile in Russia, the American people hole up in an illusionary dwelling constructed to [...]

RAY McGOVERN: German TV Exposes The Lies That Entrapped Julian Assange 

By Ray McGovern, Consortiumnews.com -

Truth has broken through for those confused about how a publisher ended up in a maximum security prison in London with a one-way extradition ticket to court in the U.S. and the rest of his life [...]

Starve The Beast, Feed The Community + Kings Of A Graveyard

By Eleanor Goldfield, Occupy.com -

Uncle Sam's manifest destiny is to become king of a global graveyard – how our economic warfare kills and tortures millions worldwide and how folks here and elsewhere are organizing to fight back [...]

Whistleblower Chelsea Manning Spends Her Birthday Imprisoned

By Alan Macleod, Mintpress News -

Military whistleblower Chelsea Manning spent her 32nd birthday behind bars yesterday for continuing to refuse to testify against Wikileaks co-founder Julian Assange. She has been in prison since [...]

Assange In Court

By Staff, Craigmurray.org.uk -

UPDATE I have received scores of requests to republish and/or translate this article. It is absolutely free to use and reproduce and I should be delighted if everybody does; the world should know [...]

Jeremy Hammond Found In Contempt For Failure To Testify Before Federal Grand Jury

By Staff, Sparrowmedia.net -

“Today, in Federal Court in the Eastern District of Virginia, Jeremy Hammond was found in contempt for refusing to answer questions posed to him by a grand jury. This grand jury is  the same [...]

Busting A Myth: Assange Has Published Damaging Material On Russia

By Patrick Lawrence, Consortiumnews.com -

Among the many myths fostered by critics of WikiLeaks is that the publication has repeatedly shown political bias in favor of nations the U.S. treats as enemies and suppresses documents damaging [...]

Chelsea Manning Imprisoned Without Charge For Six Months

By Kevin Reed and James Cogan, Wsws.org -

The courageous whistleblower Chelsea Manning has now been held in a federal detention center in Alexandria, Virginia for more than six months. Manning has not been charged with or committed any [...]

Saying He Would Return To US For Fair Trial, Snowden Wants People To Know ‘Why I Did What I Did’

By Andrea Germanos, Commondreams.org -

"Was it better for the United States? Did it benefit us? Or did it cause harm? They don't want the jury to be able to consider that at all." Edward Snowden said Monday that he would return to the [...]

M.C. McGrath, Hiding In The Open

By Staff, Exposingtheinvisible.org -

M.C. McGrath is a hacker and an activist based in Berlin, Germany and is the creator of Transparency Toolkit. This Toolkit provides a set of tools to collect data from various open data sources [...]

Justice Department To Force Imprisoned Hackivist Jeremy Hammond To Testify Against Wikileaks

By Kevin Gosztola, Shadowproof.com -

FBI informant Hector Xavier Monsegur was instrumental in targeting and carrying out a cyberattack on the private intelligence firm, Stratfor, in 2011. The FBI allowed several individuals to [...]

Roger Waters And John Pilger Make Powerful Defence Of Julian Assange In London

By Staff, Wsws.org -

Up to 1,000 people gathered last night in central London to hear internationally acclaimed musician Roger Waters deliver a musical tribute to imprisoned WikiLeaks’ publisher Julian Assange. [...]

Executive Summary: Chelsea Manning’s “Grumbles” Motion

By Kelly Wright, Aaronswartzday.org -

This brief digs into the distinction between a punitive sanction and one that is merely “coercive.” A person who is held in civil contempt may be confined (incarcerated) in order to coerce their [...]