Why I Stand With Julian Assange

By Peter Van Buren, The American Conservative -

Assange has ended up standing at a crossroads in the history of our freedoms: specifically, at what point does the right of the people to know outweigh the right of the government to keep [...]

The Inter-American Court of Human Rights Ruling Supports Assange Freedom

By Adam Garrie, Eurasia Future -

The Inter-American Court of Human Rights ruled that it is the duty of nations to allow for the passage of successful asylum seekers from embassies to the mainland territory of the state that has [...]

Prominent Whistleblowers And Journalists Defend Julian Assange At Online Vigil

By Oscar Grenfell, Wsws.org -

Over the weekend, dozens of public figures, including prominent whistleblowers and journalists, took part in a 36-hour international online vigil in defence of WikiLeaks editor Julian Assange. [...]

‘Snowden Is The Master Of His Own Destiny’ Russia Rebuts US Attempts To Have Whistleblower Extradited

By Staff, Telesurtv.net -

United States President Donald Trump is expected to pressure Russia to hand over NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden in exchange for sanctions relief at the upcoming Trump-Putin summit; however, [...]

Why I Stand With Julian Assange

By Lee Stranahan, Sputniknews.com -

“Perhaps as an old man I will take great comfort in pottering around in a lab and gently talking to students in the summer evening and will accept suffering with insouciance. But not now; men in [...]

Supporters Prepare To Speak Out On Sixth Anniversary Of Assange’s Entrance Into Embassy

By Elizabeth Vos, Disobedientmedia.com -

On June 19th, Julian Assange will mark the sixth year since he entered the Ecuadorian Embassy in London, seeking refuge from the efforts of the US and UK governments to persecute him in [...]

Online ‘Unity4J’ Vigil Reveals The Strength Of Support For Assange Among Journalists, Activists, Whistleblowers

By Elizabeth Vos, Disobedientmedia.com -

The Unity4J online vigil, which took place over the weekend, saw the participation of renowned activists, journalists, whistleblowers and even filmmakers who came together – despite vastly [...]

The Eerie Silence Surrounding The Julian Assange Case

By Dennis J Bernstein, Consortium News -

There is a silence among many who call themselves left. The silence is Julian Assange. As every false accusation has fallen away, every bogus smear shown to be the work of political enemies, [...]

The Isolation Of Julian Assange Is The Silencing Of Us All

By Staff, Johnpilger.com -

In this letter, twenty-seven writers, journalists, film-makers, artists, academics, former intelligence officers and democrats call on the government of Ecuador to allow Julian Assange his right [...]

Bad Track Record Gets Worse As New Whistleblower Outed By The Intercept

By Whitney Webb, Mintpressnews.com -

MINNEAPOLIS – On Wednesday, Minnesota Public Radio (MPR) reported that former Minneapolis-based FBI agent Terry James Albury had been charged with leaking classified government information to the [...]

Whistleblower: Omidyar’s Campaign To Neuter Wikileaks

By Whitney Webb for MintPress News. -

The pressure against WikiLeaks has reached fever pitch, with Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ calling Assange’s arrest a “priority” and CIA Director Mike Pompeo labeling it a non-state hostile [...]

2017 – A Year In Courage

By Staff, couragefound.org -

As we approach the end of a year that saw increased threats on freedom of the press, right-wing governments on both sides of the Atlantic launch attacks on civil liberties, and the continued [...]

Sam Adams Associates: Sy Hersh First Mainstream Journalist Awarded

By Annie Machon, By, www.rt.com -

By Annie Machon for RT. Since 2002 the unique Sam Adams Award for Integrity in Intelligence has been given annually in either the US or Europe. This year the awards took place in Washington DC, [...]

Fair Trial Under Attack In Reality Winner Whistleblower Trial

By Trevor Timm, www.theintercept.com -

By Trevor Timm for The Intercept - THE JUSTICE DEPARTMENT is seeking to impose extreme secrecy rules in the trial of alleged Intercept source and whistleblower Reality Winner that could prevent [...]

Former CIA Intelligence Analyst Says Whistleblowers Are Vital To A Transparent Democracy

By Mark Karlin, www.truth-out.org -

By Mark Karlin for Truthout - Melvin A. Goodman: I spent 24 years at the CIA as a Soviet analyst in the directorate of intelligence. I was not drawn to the agency by idealism, but by a [...]