Contemporary White Antiracism

By Cross Cultural Solidarity. -

The easiest way to find local White antiracist groups is to look at SURJ’s list – which includes SURJ chapters as well as other White antiracist groups – organized by state and [...]

Radical White Workers During The Last Revolution

By Richard Moser, -

By Richard Moser for Counter Punch - During the 1960s and 1970s, radical activists set out to organize the white working class. They linked the pursuit of working class interest and economic [...]

‘Against All Odds’ Is Required Viewing For White Progressives

By Greg Kaufmann, -

By Greg Kaufmann for Moyers and Company - “Structural racism” has become a buzzword in white progressive circles. But every time I push a white writer to break down the meaning behind the words [...]

White Silence Equals Violence: Awaiting A Verdict

By Kathy Kelly, -

By Kathy Kelly for Counter Currents - This morning, here in Minneapolis, six jurors decided beyond a reasonable doubt that I am guilty as charged and my co-defendant, Dan Wilsonwas found [...]

White Nationalism Lives And All White People Need To Confront It

By Staff, -

By Staff of Radical Faggot - Last Sunday afternoon, Joshua Beal was fatally shot by an off-duty sergeant with the Chicago Police Department in the South Side neighborhood of Mt. Greenwood. He was [...]

A Wake-Up Call For White Progressives

By Greg Kaufmann, -

By Greg Kaufmann for Talk Poverty - The night after Alton Sterling was killed by police, I got home from work late. When our three children were asleep, my wife and I finally had a moment [...]

Is White Supremacy A Mental Disorder?

By Herbert Dyer, Jr., -

One of the myriad ways that whites control the “race relations” conversation is to delegitimize or at the very least minimize analysis of their history of oppression. A favorite ploy in this [...]