Haiti’s White Rulers Have Spoken On Haiti’s Political Future

By Black Alliance For Peace. -

The Black Alliance for Peace (BAP) condemns the arrogance and illegality of United Nations Special Envoy for Haiti Helen La Lime’s July 8 statement that Haitian Prime Minister Claude Joseph will [...]

July 4 Glorifies The US Military — A Force With White Supremacy At Its Core

By Rory Fanning, Truthout -

The U.S. isn’t young anymore. One can’t help but wonder what Fredrick Douglass would say if he were to give a speech on the country’s 245th birthday. The “great streams” of American racism, white [...]

What Really Happened On Juneteenth

By Robin Washington, Forward. -

If you saw my column about Juneteenth posted here over the last few days, or a previous version on the website of Be’chol Lashon several years ago, or a video version currently presented by [...]

The Culture Of Vehicular Attacks: On The Murder Of Deona Marie Erickson

By CrimethInc, It's Going Down. -

On June 13, a driver attacked a demonstration in Minneapolis, killing Deona Marie Erickson. This is the result of years of right-wing efforts to normalize—and even legalize—vehicular attacks. Now [...]

‘The White Republic’: A Response By Gerald Horne

By Gerald Horne, Organizing Upgrade. -

The good news is that Comrade Bob Wing’s analysis represents a step forward in terms of the U.S. Left’s understanding of the nation—“republic”—in which it struggles. The bad news is that the [...]

Dubious Arrests, Death Threats and Confederate Loyalists

By Julia Wall and Carli Brosseau, ProPublica. -

Reported from a community where protesting is restricted and violence feels imminent, “Sound of Judgment” provides a rare view into the fight for justice in small-town America.

From Palestine To Colombia: The End Of The White World Colonial/Capitalist Project?

By Ajamu Baraka, Black Agenda Report. -

The world is shocked by the image of an eleven-story residential building in Gaza collapsing from a bomb dropped by the Israeli Defense Force, one of the most advanced armies in the world thanks [...]

Media Ignores The Anti-Vax Movement’s White Supremacist Roots

By Nora Loreto, Read Passage. -

Earlier this year, CBC Marketplace journalists attended a “$623 Mastering Vaccine Info Boot Camp.”  The session’s host was Sherri Tenpenny, a woman who has built an empire based on convincing [...]

Scheer Intelligence: “Moffie” Links White Supremacy And Homophobia As Macho Perversions

By Robert Scheer, ScheerPost.com. -

“Moffie,” a new South African movie billed as an apartheid-era “queer war film,” tells the story of  the closeted 16-year-old Nicholas (Kai Luke Brummer) and his conscription into South Africa’s [...]

Establishment Role In Anti-Asian Bigotry

By Margaret Kimberley, Black Agenda Report. -

Ever since a white Georgia man killed six Asian women and two others in Atlanta, the corporate media have jumped onto the “stop Asian hate” bandwagon as if they are innocent bystanders. It is [...]

Portland Indigenous Land Defenders Address Targeted Violence

By Carissa Dez, Village Portland. -

On the early morning of February 5th in downtown Portland, members of Oregon’s Indigenous Tribes held a press conference at Portland City Hall among a large showing of community. They [...]

On Contact: Boxing White Supremacy

By Chris Hedges, RT. -

On the show this week, Chris Hedges talks to Professor Gerald Horne about the importance of boxing in the shattering of white supremacy. Professor Horne’s new book is ‘The Bittersweet Science: [...]

Joe Biden Is A White Supremacist War Hawk, Too

By Danny Haiphong, Black Agenda Report. -

The white hooligans who invaded Capitol Hill on January 6th set the stage for the U.S. ruling class to reinvigorate its most prized political narrative: American exceptionalism. Trump committed [...]

Toward A Revolutionary Left Framework On An Age-Old Debate

By Danny Haiphong, Black Agenda Report. -

Activists in the U.S. have debated race and class for decades to no resolution. Nonetheless, in this moment of U.S. imperial decay and crisis, the debate over whether race or class takes [...]

How The Israeli Flag Became A Symbol For White Nationalists

By Ben Lorber, +972 Magazine. -

As thousands gathered in Washington on Jan. 6 for the fateful Donald Trump rally that would end in the storming of the U.S. Capitol, an Israeli flag was spotted in the crowd, [...]