Racism In Chile

By Andre Vltchek, Orinoco Tribune. -

Recently, when a retired Chilean U.N. employee tried to enter ECLAC (United Nations Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean, based in Santiago de Chile) to claim her pension in a [...]

The GOP’s ‘Southern Strategy’ Shows How White Supremacy Fuels Class Exploitation

By Peter Montague, Truthout. -

Starting in the early 1970s, the Republican Party began to draw voters away from the Democrats by appealing to racism and racial anxiety in the electorate; Republicans called it their “Southern [...]

Chris Hedges: America Faces A Historic Choice — “Ugly Corporate Tyranny” Or Revolution

By Chauncey Devega, Salon. -

Time is broken in Donald Trump's America. Minutes feel like hours, hours feel like days. Weeks are months, and months are years. And there is an overwhelming sense of time warped by dread as the [...]

The State And White Supremacy

By Ajamu Baraka, Black Agenda Report. -

As an ongoing phenomenon, the analysis of what is referred to as the George Floyd, or now the “Black Lives Matter” demos, must be necessarily tentative. It has been instructive to observe how the [...]

The Racist Underpinnings Of The American Way Of War

By Walden Bello, Foreign Policy in Focus. -

The U.S. military command’s pushback against President Donald Trump’s attempt to use the military against people demanding racial justice has received a lot of good press. But let’s not overdo [...]

White Supremacy And Segregation Under FDR’s New Deal

By Shamus Cooke and Bradley Wiedmaier,  Socialist Organizer. -

Key New Deal programs failed Black Americans. The WPA and CCC could have been part of a segregation-busting project, but instead segregation was bolstered, as Blacks were relegated to separate [...]

China-Bashing Is Rooted In Myths Of Western Superiority

By Martin Powers, South China Morning Post. -

In his preface to the most influential 18th-century book on China, J.B. Du Halde said European explorers saw themselves as superior to everyone they encountered, but in China they found a [...]

Journalist Blinded By Cops Speaks Out

Journalist and photographer Linda Tirado was standing near a police line in Minneapolis May 29, covering the George Floyd protests engulfing the city. All of a sudden, her face “exploded” in [...]

Protesters Blockade Central Prison In North Carolina

By Calvin Deutschbein, Workers.org. -

June 13 marked the beginning of the third week of protests in Raleigh, N.C., the state capital and home of the murderous Raleigh Police Department and more than 70 other law enforcement agencies. [...]

What Journalism Needs Is Not More Diversity, But Less White Supremacy

By Janine Jackson, Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting. -

As police violence against Black people and those who would rise in their defense forces a national engagement—of a sort—with the reality of white supremacy in our institutions, the widening [...]

Abolishing Policing Also Means Abolishing Family Regulation

By Dorothy Roberts, Chronicle of Social Change. -

The uprisings taking place across the nation and the world have brought unprecedented attention to abolition as a political vision and organizing strategy. More Americans are recognizing that [...]

From Rebellion To Revolution

By Kali Akuno, Viewpoint Magazine. -

The Floyd rebellion is changing the world before our very eyes. What type of change and to what degree it will shift the balance of forces between rulers and ruled, haves and the have-nots [...]

Non-Black People Of Color Are Mobilizing To End Complicity In Black Death

By Jason Wu, Truthout. -

The complicity of an Asian American officer in the murder of George Floyd is forcing Asian American communities across the country to face the ongoing ways in which we have benefited from and [...]

Group Behind Confederate Monuments Also Built A Memorial To The Klan

By Greg Huffman, Facing South. -

It was a Saturday. The mailman never comes to my door, but there was his knock. A couple days earlier I had ordered a book on Amazon that I had seen before only in a library. "Sorry to bother [...]

Community Control Vs. Defunding The Police

By Max Rameau and Netfa Freeman, Black Agenda Report. -

The intensity and scope of the mass rebellion that has gripped the U.S. and expanded internationally has shaken global white supremacist capitalist patriarchy to its knees. The people have tasted [...]