Israel’s Systematic Violence Against Palestinian Women

By Greg Shupak, -

Crucial to Israeli colonialism is an attempt at the destruction of Palestinian society. This is part of a bid to secure demographic majority over non-Jewish people across all of historic [...]

Zapatista Women Inspire The Fight Against Patriarchy

By Shirin Hess, -

Dawn had only just broken over the mountains. While most of the women and children on the camping grounds were still asleep, others were already wide awake, huddling together in the first rays of [...]

What’s To Celebrate? Iraq, 15 Years Later

By Cindy Sheehan, -

H.W.  he was left in power in Iraq and during the regime of the Commander in Grief  Bill Clinton, the people of Iraq were devastated with crippling sanctions and active bombing. Moreover, [...]

Women Will Rid The World Of Nuclear Bombs

By Heidi Hurtur, -

Today, experts say, we are inching ever closer to nuclear catastrophe. The Bulletin of Atomic Scientists defines how close we are to nuclear war with their metaphorical Doomsday Clock. Earlier [...]

From #MeToo To #WeStrike

By Liz Mason-Deese, -

A year before #MeToo erupted in the United States, women in Argentina were fighting against an epidemic of violence against women in which, on average, one woman is killed every 30 hours. The [...]

More Than 5 Million Join Spain’s ‘Feminist Strike’

By Sam Jones, -

More than 5 million workers have taken part in Spain’s first nationwide “feminist strike”, according to trade unions. The action, held to mark International Women’s Day, is intended to highlight [...]

Why Training Women In Nonviolent Resistance Is Critical To Movement Success

By Marie Berry and Erica Chenoweth, -

In the year since Trump’s inauguration, we have seen an outpouring of popular mobilization in resistance to his administration’s policies. Crowd estimates suggest that 5.2-9 million people took [...]

On March 8th, Women Across The World Are Going On Strike

By Staff, -

It’s been a turbulent year for women everywhere. Whilst a self-confessed perpetrator of sexual assault sits in the White House, feminist grassroots organisations are gaining in strength and [...]

Marching Forward Women, Resistance And Counter-Power

Bertha Zúñiga Cáceres, Medha Patkar and Nonhle Mbuthuma, -

If we learnt anything in 2017 in the aftermath of Trump’s election shock, it was that the face of resistance to today’s autocrats would be that of a woman. Women were the first to take to the [...]

A Woman’s Rebellion

By Rod Such, -

Naila and the Uprising, the latest documentary by Brazilian filmmaker Julia Bacha, who previously directed the 2009 documentary Budrus, centers on the life of Naila Ayesh and how she came to [...]

“This Is An Era Defined By The Rise Of Women”

By Angelina Giannopoulou, -

In Athens, in a crowded room of 600 people, which proved very small for such an incredible woman, Angela Davis started her lecture by expressing her gratitude. She thanked all the Greek political [...]

Our Movements Are Greater Than Trump

By Margaret Flowers and Kevin Zeese, Popular Resistance. -

More women are activated, and this is definitely a positive. The challenge is to move them to recognize the deep roots of the crises we face and how to organize in ways that support, rather than [...]

US Capitalism Lets Children And Mothers Die

By W. T. Whitney, -

One of the authors of a recent study of U.S. children’s deaths told an interviewer that, “The U.S. is the most dangerous of wealthy, democratic countries in the world for children … Across all [...]

Black Women Challenge ‘White Feminism’ of Women’s March

By John Zangas, -

“Black women’s issues need to be at the forefront in order for this country to move forward,” said Brittany Oliver, founding director of Not Without Black Women (NWBW), to many cheers from the [...]