No Right To Privacy If You’re Poor?

By Don Lash, -

Institutional racism places Black women with gross disproportionality in the position of being disenfranchised of privacy rights as poor women, and the moral construction of poverty gives the [...]

‘If We Stop, The World Stops!’: Hundreds Of Thousands Of Spanish Women Take To Streets For Feminist Strike

By Jessica Corbett, -

Hundreds of thousands of people across Spain marked International Women's Day on Friday with a "feminist strike." The strike, in its second consecutive year, demanded stronger efforts to [...]

Draft Registration Will Be Either Ended Or Imposed On Women

By Staff, -

A choice must now be made. It is officially unconstitutional to discriminate against 18-year-old women by not forcing them to sign up to be forced against their will to kill and die for [...]

Chile’s Feminists Inspire A New Era Of Social Struggle

By Bree Busk, -

It is May 2018 and as winter descends on Santiago, Chile, a new wave of feminist activity is exploding into life. Anti-patriarchal graffiti covers the city walls and streets are littered with the [...]

Yellow Vest Women’s March Against Austerity Responds To Government Violence

By Staff, -

Over 50,000 yellow vest women protest in Paris and hundreds more protest across the country against gov't austerity, demanding peaceful ways to reforms.  Women "yellow jackets" all across France [...]

Strong, Defiant Women Changed Ireland Forever – But Our Fight’s Not Done

By Sarah Monaghan,  -

As I wrote this we learned the President of Ireland has just signed the Health (Regulation of Termination of Pregnancy) Bill 2018 into law. We did it. We repealed the eighth amendment and [...]

Status Of Women In Cooperatives

By Nandani Azad, -

Women and cooperation play a significant role in the Indian economy especially as no other country in the world has a co-operative movement as large and as diverse as India. Even prior to the [...]

“Women On Death Row: Invisible Subjects Of Gender Discrimination”

By Death Penalty Focus, -

California has the largest female death row in the U.S., with 23 condemned women imprisoned at the Central California Women’s Facility in Chowchilla. Four women have been executed in the state [...]

How Capitalism Has Screwed Women Over

By Richard D. Wolff, -

It’s been one year since the explosion of the Me Too movement that followed allegations against Harvey Weinstein. Since then, the #metoo hashtag has been used around 19 million times to expose [...]

Cops Sexually Assault At Least 100 Women Every Year And No One Talks About It

By Michael Harriot, -

When discussing America’s police state, we often talk about “black bodies.” The conversation is peppered with words like “brutality” and “police violence.” But no one talks about another brutal [...]

American Woman Turns To Hunger Strike To Break Media Blackout On Yemen

By Whitney Webb, -

SAN FRANCISCO — In Yemen, 18 million civilians are now at the brink of starvation, including 5 million children. The situation in the country, widely considered to be the world’s worst [...]

Women Workers Bring Glasgow To A Standstill

By Conrad Landin, -

Strikers march to Glasgow Council's city chambers for a mass rally during a 48 hour strike by 8,000 GMB and Unison members over an equal pay claim. SCOTLAND’S largest city was brought to a [...]

Reflections From The 2018 Women’s March On The Pentagon

By Zhivko Illeieff, -

The Women’s March on the Pentagon took place on October 20–21, 2018. The antiwar workshops, rally, and march were a call for women and their allies to organize on the 51st anniversary of the 1967 [...]

The New Women’s Health: Shut Up & Breed + A Rally To Jump Start Anti-War Work

By Eleanor Goldfield, -

The purge is here. Facebook, Twitter and the silencing of anything that goes against the state. Next up, women's health and rights are under attack. A backwards, theocratic reworking of Title X [...]

Glasgow: Thousands Of Women To Strike Over Pay Discrimination

By Libby Brooks, -

Thousands of women council workers across Glasgow plan to bring the city to a standstill this week in what is believed to be the biggest equal pay strike seen in the UK. More than 8,000 workers, [...]