Linking Popular Movements And Unions Is A Winning Strategy For Workers

By Kevin Zeese and Margaret Flowers, Popular Resistance -

After years of declining power and stagnant wages, workers in the United States are awakening, striking and demanding more rights.  A Bureau of Labor Statistics report shows the number of [...]

Economic Update: Socialism And Worker Co-ops

By Richard Wolff, Democracy at Work -

20th century socialism is now behind us. Socialists continued to evaluate both its achievements and failures via extensive self-criticism. A changed socialism has emerged, focused on a transition [...]

Marx And The Democratization Of Work

By Richard D. Wolff, Roarmagazine. -

Marx himself said and wrote little about the future beyond capitalism. He didn’t believe in future-gazing; no one could know how the world would evolve. Marx gave us some ideas of what might have [...]

General Motors’ Factories Should Not Be Closed. They Should Be Turned Over to the Workers

By Rich Whitney, Counterpunch -

General Motors’ November 26th announcement that it will be eliminating more than 14,000 jobs and closing seven factories worldwide by the end of next year, including four factories in the U.S. [...]

Why The U.S. Needs More Worker-Owned Companies

  By Peter Walsh, Michael Peck and Ibon Zugasti,   -

The gap in wealth in the United States between the ultrawealthy and everyone else has reached its widest point in decades. One way to narrow the divide is through the use of worker buyouts, in [...]

More U.S. Businesses Are Becoming Worker Co-ops: Here’s Why

By Eillie Anzilotti, Fast Company -

Many businesses in the U.S. were founded as worker cooperatives. But a growing portion–as many as 40%–of co-ops in the U.S. are born out of traditional workplaces like A Child’s Place, whose [...]

What Happened After 17 Employees Took Over A Beloved Maine Business

By Lauren Abbate, -

ROCKLAND, Maine — For the last two months, patrons of Rock City Coffee might not have noticed any changes when they stopped at the busy downtown cafe for their regular order. That’s exactly what [...]

Capitalism Got You Down? Try A Worker Cooperative

By Robert Ramin Raymond, -

Do you ever have the feeling that your boss is ripping you off? Maybe it’s not your boss; maybe it’s a bit more abstract. Like you get home from work and feel cheated somehow. “They should be [...]

Worker Co-ops And Happiness

By Michaela Fisher,   -

Greeting from São Paulo, the largest city in South America! I have left Argentina behind and moved onto Brazil, but I’ve been meaning to tell the story of a cooperative that left a huge [...]

Worker Cooperatives Offer Real Alternatives To Trump’s Retrograde Economic Vision

By Sarah Aziza, -

Announcing his presidency in 2016, Donald Trump promised the nation that he’d become “the greatest job president God ever created.” His plan to accomplish this rested on a retrograde economic [...]

Arkansas Farmers Join Cooperatives to Make Small Farming Possible

By Staff, -

By Staff for the Food Tank. In addition to providing fresh produce and meat for families in Arkansas, New South Produce Cooperative and Grassroots Farmer’s Cooperative supply financial and [...]

Newsletter – The Consent Of The Governed

By Margaret Flowers and Kevin Zeese. Governments function because of the consent of the governed. When a government does not serve the needs or interests of the people, it loses its legitimacy [...]