‘No Evil’ Foods Purges Pro-Union Employees

By Paul Blest, The Appeal. -

No Evil Foods created products like El Zapatista and Comrade Cluck, but workers say its conduct doesn’t live up to its leftist branding. No Evil Foods describes its mission as to “put more good [...]

Migrants Lead Struggle As ‘Reopening’ Fuels Resistance

By Sue Davis, Workers.org. -

Ford Motors CEO Jim Farley said during a recent conference call, “The auto industry is [the U.S.] economic engine. Restarting the entire auto ecosystem is how we restart the economy.” (New York [...]

Pivot To Mass Struggle: A Lesson From Ferguson

By Ashton Rome, Black Agenda Report. -

Like the financial meltdown of 2007–08, the deepest economic crisis since the Great Depression and a period of political radicalization, this period will dawn a new epoch in struggle. The [...]

Survey Of Nurses Proves Widespread Disregard For Nurse And Patient Safety

By National Nurses United. -

National Nurses United (NNU) released data from its new nationwide survey of nearly 23,000 nurses, revealing that dangerous health care workplace conditions have become the norm since COVID-19 [...]

COVID-19 Deaths Among Nurses: US 91, Canada 0. Why?

By Mark Gruenberg, People's World. -

There’s a yawning gap between the number of U.S. nurses the viral pandemic has killed so far in the U.S. and the number of Canadian nurses killed. The count as of May 11: U.S. 91, Canada, [...]

Following Mexico’s Worker Strikes, The US Steps In To Keep Border Factories Open

By David Bacon, Truthout. -

In Washington, D.C., President Trump is trying his best to reopen closed meatpacking plants, as packinghouse workers catch the COVID-19 virus and die. In Tijuana, Mexico, where workers are dying [...]

Prison Labor Replaces Striking Garbage Workers In New Orleans

By Mike Elk, Payday Report. -

On Wednesday, dozens of garbage workers, employed by the temp service People Ready, went on strike, demanding proper safety equipment.  The workers, who make only $10.25 an hour are also [...]

We’re Fighting COVID, Budget Cuts And ‘Murderous Racial Inequalities’

By Danny Katch, The Indypendent. -

Sean Petty is a pediatric emergency room nurse at Jacobi Medical Center in the Bronx and the southern regional director for the New York State Nurses Association (NYSNA). In mid-March, he spoke [...]

Across Class Lines: Amazon Tech Workers Join Warehouse Workers In Protests

By Bryce Covert, Progress.org. -

At first, Gerald Bryson didn’t take the coronavirus all that seriously. But then, people he knew started dying. “People I’ve known all my life, big healthy men three times my size, are dead,” he [...]

Philly Unions Are Calling For A Citywide Essential Worker Bill Of Rights

By Juliana Feliciano Reyes, Philadelphia Inquirer. -

As workers grow increasingly desperate in the face of life-threatening conditions, Philadelphia labor leaders have come together to say the city must do more to protect employees deemed essential [...]

Amazon Will Not Change Without A Union

By Hamilton Nolan, In These Times. -

Since the beginning of the coronavirus crisis, Jeff Bezos has gotten $24 billion richer. Amazon’s stock price has risen more than 40% since mid-March. This explosive creation of corporate wealth [...]

Amazon Workers Walk Out Over COVID-19 Outbreak

By Atwood Center, Facebook. -

Breaking: 50+ workers WALKED OUT at the Shakopee Amazon warehouse overnight after management revealed two more cases of COVID-19 and unjustly fired another worker leader. Faiza Osman has been [...]

Peru: Unions Protest Against Government’s Economic Measures

By Telesur English. -

Labor Unions in Peru are protesting against a new economic measure from the government that seeks to cease work until the COVID-19 pandemic dissipates. Peruvian President, Martin Vizcarra, [...]

Largest Strike Yet, Amazon Workers Call In Sick

By Julia Conley, Commondreams. -

Hundreds of Amazon workers from across the U.S. on Tuesday called in sick to demand better safety standards at the ecommerce giant's warehouses in the largest coordinated action at the company [...]

Immigrant Meatpackers Fightback Against Intimidation And Death Traps

By Mike Elk, Pay Day Report. -

As COVID-19 ravages communities across the U.S., many experts agree that meatpacking plants, where employees work shoulder-to-shoulder, are the next ground zero for the spread of COVID-19. In [...]