One Of America’s Poorest Cities Has A Radical Plan

By Jordan Heller, Huffington Post. -

Cleveland ― The last time Tymika Thomas’ name appeared in newsprint was in connection with an elaborate 2012 robbery in the Cleveland suburb of Wickliffe in which Thomas and two accomplices stole [...]

Capitalism Is Killing Patients… And Their Physicians

By Dr. Michael Pappas, Popular Resistance. -

Until physicians are willing to accept the fact they they are being exploited by the same system that harms their patients, there will be no progress made in addressing physician depression and [...]

NLRB Rules Union Pickets Illegal

By Moshe Z. Marvit, In These Times -

The National Labor Relation Board (NLRB) recently ruled that janitors in San Francisco violated the law when they picketed in front of their workplace to win higher wages, better working [...]

National Prison Strike Solidarity: Next Steps

By Amani Sawari, Sawarimi. -

We made it! I appreciate everyone's efforts in making the National Prison Strike a national headline for three weeks. Your solidarity and support has been a huge reason why the NPS flooded the [...]

Real US Wages Are Essentially Back At 1974 Levels, Pew Reports

By Drew Desilver, Pew Research Center. -

On the face of it, these should be heady times for American workers. U.S. unemployment is as low as it’s been in nearly two decades (3.9% as of July) and the nation’s private-sector employers [...]

National Prison Strike Kickoff #August21

By Amani Sawari, Sawari Mi. -

On the first day of the prison strike we’ve already seen hundreds demonstrating on both sides of the wall. Particularly where I reside in the Pacific Northwest, there have been reports of over [...]

Supreme Court’s Fatal Attack On Public Sector Workers

By Anthony DiMaggio, Counterpunch. -

The courts have always been an instrument of plutocratic power. But the war against American workers has intensified in Trump’s America. With its recent rulings, Harris v. Quinn (2014) and Janus [...]

Labor Struggles Unite Students And Workers

By Arvind Dilawar, Pacific Standard Magazine. -

New York City - Students making their way into the New School's University Center on May 8th passed through a gauntlet of labor demonstrations. Reaching the center on 5th Avenue between East 13th [...]

Prisoners Organizing National Strike Against ‘Modern Day Slavery’

By Michael Arria, In these Times. -

Prisoners across the country say they are gearing up for an end-of-summer nationwide strike against inhumane living conditions and unpaid labor—or, in their words, “modern-day slavery.” The [...]

Teachers’ Courage Is Contagious

By Margaret Flowers and Kevin Zeese, Popular Resistance. -

At the roots of the teacher's strikes and protests are neo-liberal policies. Education has become a profit center, which is driving more testing so that companies can sell testing software and [...]

West Virginia Teachers Are Now Out On A Wildcat Strike

By Kate Arnoff, In These Times -

In a bright spot among an otherwise bleak landscape for labor, over 15,000 teachers and school support employees in all 55 West Virginia counties have been out on strike for seven days, as they [...]

West Virginia Teachers Take A Stand

By Joseph Kishore, World Socialist Website. -

More than 20,000 teachers and public school employees in West Virginia are taking a courageous stand in defense of their interests and those of the entire working class. On Friday, teachers [...]

Day 8 Of Countdown To Launch: Daniel Cooper Bermudez

By Daniel Cooper Bermudez, -

By Daniel Cooper Bermudez. Trade for People and Planet is a campaign created by Popular Resistance, an organization that has been fighting for justice since 2013 with roots growing far before [...]

Market Economy: Deep Roots Of Dysfunction

By Jane Roelofs, -

By Jane Roelofs for the Center for Global Justice. There is nothing new in the disaster anticipated from NAFTA. The market economy hasn't "broken down," or suddenly reached environmental [...]

Amazon’s Last Mile: Unprotected Workers

By Bryan Menegus, -

By Bryan Menegus for Gizmodo. In terms of size, efficiency, and ruthlessness, Amazon has few equals. The least publicly accountable of the big tech companies—Google, Apple, and Facebook face [...]

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