Identifying The Policy Levers Generating Wage Suppression And Inequality

By Lawrence Mishel and Josh Bivens, Economic Policy Institute. -

Inequalities abound in the U.S. economy, and a central driver in recent decades is the widening gap between the hourly compensation of a typical (median) worker and productivity—the income [...]

Child Care Should Be Universal And Well-Paid

By Michelle Chen, Truthout. -

Queen Freelove of New Haven, Connecticut, remembers when the pandemic transformed the daycare she ran out of her home, abruptly turning the atmosphere from cozy to clinical: “Things got extremely [...]

Organizers Calling To Close Loophole That Enables Prison Slavery

By Tamar Sarai Davis, Port Side -

While the 13th Amendment abolished chattel slavery, an often ignored clause still allows for slavery and involuntary servitude as “punishment for a crime.” This “slavery clause” is now the target [...]

Four Day Work Week Trial In Iceland ‘Overwhelming Success’

By Jon Stone, Independent. -

The world’s largest ever trial of a four-day working week and reduced working time in Iceland was an “overwhelming success” and should be tested in the UK, researchers have said. More than 1 [...]

Members Of Topeka’s Local Frito-Lay Union Just Voted To Strike

By India Yarborough, Topeka Capital-Journal. -

Members of the local union representing Frito-Lay workers have voted to strike. After multiple rounds of mediated contract negotiations with the company yielded little progress, members [...]

Volvo Truck Workers In Virginia Return To The Picket Lines

By David North, WSWS. -

Following Sunday’s massive repudiation of the second sellout contract negotiated by the pro-corporate United Auto Workers, 3,000 workers at the Volvo Truck North America’s New River Valley Plant [...]

Nestlé Workers Demand Equal Pay For Equal Work

By Ysh Cabana, Canadian Dimension. -

Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, workers at the Nestlé manufacturing plant in Toronto’s west end are facing unfair conditions including part-time pay, pension cuts and precarious employment, and [...]

Workers At Steel Giant ArcelorMittal Go On Strike

By Hugo Maltais, WSWS. -

Canada - In northeastern Quebec, 2,500 ArcelorMittal workers have been on strike since May 10. The strikers, who work in mines, port facilities, rail lines and offices belonging to the [...]

Tribune Publishing Shareholders Let Everyone Down

By Jon Schleuss, The Newsguild. -

Thousands of NewsGuild-CWA members, myself included, were upset by Tribune Publishing’s announcement today that shareholders approved the company’s takeover by Alden Global Capital, a hedge fund [...]

How corporations buy and sell food made with prison labor

By H. Claire Brown, The Counter -

In 2011, Leprino Foods, the $3 billion company that supplies all the mozzarella to Papa John’s, Pizza Hut, and Domino’s pizza chains, lost its buffalo milk supplier in India. Water buffalo [...]

How Artificial Intelligence Depends on Low-Paid Workers

By Anita Slater, Tribune Magazine -

When thinking of AI futures, the classic sci-fi tropes tell us that machines will one day take over and replace humans, with robots rendering work as we know it obsolete: the outcome will either [...]

Leaving No One Behind In The City

By Alana Brave and Bruno Dobrusin, Equal Times. -

There is a general consensus that cities and public transport will play a central role in the recovery from Covid-19. Some have called this the “urban opportunity”. From investments in [...]

Unemployment Benefits Are Not Creating A Worker Shortage

By Arthur Delaney and Dave Jamieson, Huff Post. -

As the U.S. economy bounces back from the COVID-induced downturn, some employers say they’re having a hard time finding workers. GOP lawmakers like Rep. David Rouzer (N.C.) blame the safety [...]

Desperate For Workers, US Restaurants And Stores Raise Pay

By Christiopher Rugaber, AP News. -

Washington - U.S. restaurants and stores are rapidly raising pay in an urgent effort to attract more applicants and keep up with a flood of customers as the pandemic eases. McDonald’s, Sheetz [...]

Restaurant Workers Protest Poor Working Conditions And Low Wages

By Kiara Alfonseca, ABC News. -

Food service workers are putting renewed pressure on their employers for better working conditions and wages. Businesses across the country are blaming a “workforce shortage” for being [...]