Striking Coal Miners Return To New York To Picket Investor

By Steve Wishnia, Labor Press. -

The miners who dig black rocks from beneath the soil of Alabama returned to New York July 28 to protest outside the steel-clad offices of BlackRock Fund Advisors on East 52nd Street. The [...]

Union Hopes High As Chileans Rewrite Anti-Labor Constitution

By Yoel Bitran, Labor Notes. -

Many Americans have become accustomed to hearing that every presidential election is “the most important in a generation.” But for Chileans like myself, these words were undeniably true when [...]

Striking Miners In Alabama

By Luis Feliz Leon, The American Prospect. -

Miners at Warrior Met Coal in Alabama have been on strike for almost five months, struggling to reverse concessions in pay, health care, and safety. Strikers brought their picket lines from the [...]

The Incalculable Cost Of Cheap Chicken

By Tina Vasquez, Scalawag. -

The average American consumes more than 100 pounds of chicken meat annually—or 8 billion chickens a year, nationwide. It should come as no surprise then that as the pandemic unfurled across the [...]

A French McDonald’s Is Now A Food Bank After Staff Resisted Shutdown

By Sarah Jackson, Business Insider. -

At one McDonald's in Marseille, France, everyone eats for free. Locals don't pay a dime — or euro — for food there because the location is now a food bank. The restaurant originally opened [...]

How Oakland Teachers Took Control Of Our Return To School

By Shelby Ziesing and John Green, Labor Notes. -

It was March when, with declining Covid case rates and expanding access to vaccinations, the Oakland Education Association’s Big Bargaining Team reached an agreement to end the school year in [...]

Rio Tinto Workers Strike In British Columbia

By Roger Jordan, WSWS. -

Around 900 workers walked off the job at mining conglomerate Rio Tinto’s aluminium smelting facility in Kitimat and power plant in Kemano, British Columbia early Sunday morning. The workers, for [...]

Polish Amazon Workers Are Organizing

By Alex N. Press, Jacobin. -

Although Amazon is based in the United States, its workforce now extends around the world. This has been used by the company to suppress wages and increase productivity through greater [...]

What We Can Learn From Iceland’s Four-Day Work Week

Between 2015 and 2019, the government of Iceland and the Reykjavik City Council undertook an employment experiment, allowing a sample of workers access to a shorter work week without any loss of [...]

Workers Are Being Crushed By Unemployment Benefit Shutoffs

By Julia Rock and Andrew Perez, Jacobin. -

The war on jobless aid began on May 4, when Montana governor Greg Gianforte (R) announced that the state would cut off federal unemployment benefits at the end of June. “Montana is open for [...]

People Working for Minimum Wage Can’t Afford Rent In The US

By Sarah Ruiz-Grossman, Black Agenda Report. -

Taking into account local minimum wage rates, the average minimum-wage worker would have to put in nearly 97 hours per week (more than two full-time jobs) to afford a modest two-bedroom rental, [...]

Railway Workers Strike Amidst Wave Of Transportation Struggles

By Brunna Machado, WSWS. -

A strike by São Paulo railway workers last Thursday, July 15, shut down an important section of public transport in Brazil’s largest city over the demand for higher wages. More than 40 stations [...]

How Contingent Faculty Organizing Can Succeed In Higher Education

By Steve Early, New Politics. -

Despite recent organizing gains among some contingent faculty members, the adjunctification of higher education has left hundreds of thousands of college and university teachers with low pay, [...]

Clock Ticking On Benefits Deadline For Uranium Workers

By Kathy Helms, Multicultural Alliance for a Safe Environment. -

Churchrock – Larry King, president of Churchrock Chapter and a former uranium worker, doesn’t stand a snowball’s chance in the melting Arctic of receiving federal benefits afforded sick Navajos [...]

Private-Equity ‘Vampires’ Run Into A Wall Of Worker Resistance

By Roger Bybee, The Progressive Magazine. -

At the peak of the Great Recession in 2008, General Motors was bailed out by U.S. taxpayers and survived. Bail-out money in hand, GM sharply increased its production in China and other low-wage [...]