Amazon Expects Employees To Operate Like Fast-Moving Machines

By Michelle Chen and Molly Crabapple, In These Times. -

For Sean Carlisle (a pseu­do­nym) a 32-year-old grad­u­ate stu­dent and native of California’s Inland Empire, the last three years at his local Ama­zon ful­fill­ment cen­ter have been an [...]

Capitalism Vs. Safety, Health: An Old Story Again

By Richard D. Wolff,  Economy for All, a project of the Independent Media Institute. -

The US president recently ordered meatpacking employees back into workplaces plagued by coronavirus. He did not order employers to make their slaughterhouses safe. GOP-proposed legislation [...]

Violence Escalating At Retail Stores Over Wearing Face Masks

By Kate Taylor and Áine Cain, Business Insider. -

Retail workers at chains, including Kroger, Waffle House, and Costco, are increasingly caught in the crossfire when it comes to enforcing store or state policies on personal protective equipment. [...]

Blankenship Gets Maximum Sentence: One Year In Prison, $250K

By Ken Ward Jr., -

By Ken Ward Jr. for Charleston Gazette-Mail - Former Massey Energy Co. CEO Don Blankenship, who rose from humble beginnings in Mingo County to become the wealthy and powerful chief executive of [...]

Philippines Factory Fire: 72 Workers Need Not Have Died

By Irene Pietropaoli, -

By Irene Pietropaoli in The Guardian - The factory was required to have a raft of permits from different bodies including a business permit from the local authority, a fire permit from the Bureau [...]

Support The Injured Colombian Workers

By Paige Shell Spurling, -

On February 16, 2015, 20 injured workers from the Colombian petroleum industry joined the injured Colombian General Motors workers in the tent encampment in front of the U.S. Embassy in Bogota [...]

Oil Strike Is About Lives Of Workers

By Butch Cleve, -

In an oil refinery, like the one where I work, stuff leaks all the time. Sometimes dripped oil just makes a black spot on the ground. Sometimes 500-degree gas flows out, ignites and [...]

Gulf Coast Refineries: Texas’ Ticking Time Bombs

By Remington Alessi, -

The United Steelworkers aren’t just on strike because of wages. They’re concerned about safe practices, because workers are in constant danger from a corporate culture that does not care for [...]

Work Is Killing Workers

By Esther Kaplan, -

The crush of work these nurses face also exemplifies a hidden side of the recent economic recovery: in industry after industry, speedups are turning work into a hazard, with increasing numbers of [...]

Railroad Suspends Union Officer For Citing Safety Concerns

J.J. Giuliano has been local chairman of the Selkirk unit of Albany, N.Y., Local 770 since 2003. Keeping his members safe is Giuliano’s top priority, and along with the leaders of the other [...]