Over The Last Week, At Least 85,000 Workers Were Out On 13 Different Strikes

By Michael Arria, Inthesetimes.com -

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 485,000 U.S. workers were involved in strikes and lockouts during 2018. That’s the highest number since 1986. The data for 2019 won’t be released [...]

GM Workers Ratify Contract Though ‘Mixed At Best’

By Chris Brooks and Jane Slaughter, Labornotes.org -

The Auto Workers' strike against General Motors came to a close this weekend after six weeks on the picket lines, with workers voting to ratify a contract that was clearly unloved but accepted [...]

Two Leading Economists Say Medicare For All Would Give Workers ‘Biggest Take-Home Pay Raise In A Generation’

By Jake Johnson, Commondreams.org -

Medicare for All would give most U.S. workers "the biggest take-home pay raise in a generation," two economists from the University of California, Berkeley said Friday, countering one of the main [...]

As GM Strike Enters Fifth Week, Mack Truck-Volvo Workers Launch First Strike In More Than 35 Years

By Nick Barrickman, Wsws.org -

Over 3,500 Mack Truck assembly workers walked out at plants in Pennsylvania, Maryland and Florida late Saturday night. Mack Truck workers will join nearly 50,000 General Motors automotive [...]

Efforts To Claw Back Stolen Wages Painfully Slow, As California Employers Who Cheat Workers Often Get Away With It

By Eli Wolfe, Fairwarning.org -

In February, when California labor officials announced the biggest wage theft case against a private company in state history, they made sure to include a warning for all bosses: “Stealing earned [...]

How Arts Workers Took On Big Oil

By Katherine Hearst, Newint.org -

Seven and a half years ago, a group of arts workers, actors and campaigners jumped on stage before a BP-sponsored Royal Shakespeare Company production to do a guerrilla Shakespearean [...]

UAW Responds To GM’s Latest Offer With Counterproposal

By Dave Bartkowiak Jr., Kayla Clarke, and Rod Meloni, Clickondetroit.com -

DETROIT - A letter sent to union members Friday indicates that United Auto Workers and General Motors Co. could be one step closer to reaching a tentative agreement. That's only if GM accepts the [...]

A Bay Area Housing Solution With Worker Empowerment Built In

By Aaron Fernando, Shareable.net -

As housing crises heat up across American cities, the San Francisco Bay Area is experiencing an extreme disparity: in 2017, it added three times as many jobs as it did new housing units for those [...]

21st Century Corporate Governance: New Rules For Worker Representation On Corporate Boards

By Lenore Palladino, Rooseveltinstitute.org -

In a new working paper, Roosevelt Senior Economist and Fellow Lenore Palladino argues that the 21st century American economy requires a new, more accurate, and more effective model for corporate [...]

How Have Health Workers Won Improvements To Patient Care? Strikes.

By Suzanne  Gordon, Inthesetimes.com -

On September 20, 2,200 nurses represented by the National Nurses United (NNU) went on a one-day strike at the University of Chicago Medical Center. The Chicago nurses were protesting unsafe [...]

How Employees And Employers Get Bled By Health Insurance

By Yves Smith, Naked Capitalism. -

“The single biggest issue in health care for most Americans is that their health costs are growing much faster than their wages are,” KFF CEO Drew Altman said. “Costs are prohibitive when workers [...]

Doctors’ Climate Blockade

By Tess De La Mare, Theecologist.org -

Doctors backing the Extinction Rebellion movement have blockaded the Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy to highlight the impact of climate change on public health. Thirty [...]

iPhone Workers Today Are 25 Times More Exploited Than Textile Workers In 19th Century England

By Vijay Prashad, Tricontinental: Institute for Social Research -

A recent report by the International Labour Organisation shows that the total global labour force is now measured at 3.5 billion workers. This is the largest size of the global labour force in [...]

Exposing Wage Theft Without Fear Is Possible And Necessary

By Noreen Ahmed, NELP. -

For more than five weeks now, coal miners in Harlan County, Kentucky have been camped out on railroad tracks, blocking a train loaded with coal, to demand that their bankrupt employer pay them [...]

Unions: We Must Back The Climate Strike!

By Rosa Pavanelli, Commondreams.org   -

In 1968, workers around the world joined students in taking to the streets to challenge injustice and the complacency of the political establishment. Now, once again, students are leading the [...]