US Firms Shield CEO Pay As Pandemic Hits Workers, Investors

By Jessica DiNapoli and Ross Kerber, Reuters. -

New York/ Boston - Sonic Automotive Inc (SAH.N), which operates 95 U.S. car dealerships, started laying off and furloughing about a third of its workforce as the coronavirus pandemic crushed its [...]

Bending PPE Rules Spells Death For Health Care Workers And Families

By Roberta Wood, People's World. -

Chicago - If he could have worn a fresh N95 mask for every procedure as mandated by the Centers for Disease Control, would surgical technologist Juan Martínez be alive today? It was a tough [...]

Once Again, Congress Will Let Wall Street Pillage Main Street

By Leonard C. Goodman, PopularResistance. -

Over the last decade, Congress’s approval ratings have hovered around the mid-teens or low 20s, reflecting the reality that our representatives in Washington, D.C., serve the needs of big donors [...]

For The Workers Of The World, The Pandemic Is Based On Inequality

By Pasqualina Curcio, Resumen English. -

It is not entirely true that COVID-19 does not distinguish between attacking and, above all, killing. It is possible that biologically there are no differences in skin color, age, or sex, in any [...]

Mass Strikes Across The US This May Day

By Christopher D. Cook, In These Times. -

Toiling amid a pandemic and a callous response from corporate America and the federal government that is exposing millions to deadly hazards and deepening poverty, workers across the country are [...]

#GeneralStrike2020: How To Participate On The May Day Launch

By Popular Resistance. -

On May Day, the first of May, the #GeneralStrike2020 (and beyond) campaign launches across the country. Learn more about the overall campaign in our most recent newsletter, "The Era of Mass [...]

‘Protect Amazon Workers’ Mural Painted In Front Of CEO Jeff Bezos’ Home

By Shut Down DC, Popular Resistance -

On April 29, 2020, a team of activists with La ColectiVA and ShutDownDC painted a mural on the street in front of Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos’ DC home. The mural read “PROTECT AMAZON WORKERS” in [...]

Fired Amazon Worker Chris Smalls: Support May Day Strikers

By Jaisal Noor, The Real News. -

Another reason why we out here tonight is because Amazon is targeting specific people. We are being told to stay six feet apart. However, that rule does not apply for everyone. We’ve seen [...]

Nursing Home Workers Authorize May 8 Strike At 40 Facilities

By Robert McCoppin, Chicago Tribune. -

Workers at 40 nursing homes in Illinois, nearly all in the Chicago area, said Monday they have set a strike date for May 8, as contract negotiations come to a head while coronavirus cases are [...]

The Struggle Against Neoliberalism Intensifies: Saving Our Postal Service And Workers

By Margaret Flowers and Kevin Zeese, Clearing the FOG. -

The wave of worker, student, and renter strikes is growing into a campaign for a general strike that begins on May 1 and continues at the first of each month from there. The government's response [...]

Earth Day To May Day Protests Begin In DC With ‘Essential, Not Expendable’ Protest

By The ShutDownDC Alliance, PopularResistance -

Three moving protests involving 135 people celebrated essential workers as well as to condemned employers and legislators for avoidable illnesses and deaths. They carried banners that read, [...]

The Totalitarian Danger – From Paris To Washington

By Daniel Gluckstein, Socialist Organizer. -

From the very beginning, the Fifth Republic was constituted as a regime with a totalitarian mission. The President-Bonaparte concentrates all powers in his hands. The trade union organisations [...]

Vital Healthcare Workers Face Massive Layoffs

By Sara Flounders, -

Health care workers are suddenly facing the largest layoffs and pay cuts in three decades.  These workers are being justifiably lauded as the frontline of defense in a global pandemic. But [...]

Dozens Of Strikes Say, ‘No Safety, No Work!’

By Martha Grevatt, Workers World. -

As the death toll climbs, workers deemed “essential” have staged at least 75 separate job actions since the Chipotle walkout. Walkouts, sickouts, sit-ins and, most recently, car and [...]

GE Workers Protest, Demand To Make Ventilators

By Katie Ferarri, Labor Notes. -

Last Wednesday union members at General Electric plants across the country protested to pressure the $88 billion company to shift production to ventilators and ensure safe working conditions [...]