Mexico: Indigenous Communities Take Over Water-Bottling Plant

By Tamara Pearson, Green Left. -

For four months, Indigenous and local communities in Mexico have managed to blockade and shut down the Bonafont plant in Cuanala in Puebla state. Bonafont is a bottled water brand owned by [...]

South African Dockworkers Refuse to Unload Israeli Ship

By Press TV. -

Dockworkers in the South African port city of Durban have refused to offload cargo from an Israeli ship in a show of solidarity with Palestinians, and in protest at Tel Aviv’s military aggression [...]

Jobs Report Coverage Lacked Context, Worker Perspective

By Ari Paul, Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting. -

In the early days of the Covid-19 pandemic, the editorial board of the Financial Times  (4/20/20), perhaps the most important newspaper of capital in the English-speaking world, fretted about how [...]

Soaring Prices Push US Households To The Edge

By Andre Damon, WSWS. -

Surging prices for necessities like used cars, phones, and housing have caused the biggest jump in “core” consumer prices in nearly four decades, according to new figures released Wednesday by [...]

This Mother’s Day, Recognize Care Work Powers Our Economy

By Heidi Shierholz, Economic Policy Institute. -

Mother’s Day is, at its core, about care. When we select Hallmark cards and order flower deliveries, we’re honoring the care provided by moms and other maternal figures. This Mother’s Day, [...]

Opening The Door To A More Democratic UAW

By Nelson Lichtenstein, Labor Notes. -

In December the leadership of the United Auto Workers reached a settlement with the Justice Department that opens the door to election of top union officers by referendum vote of the membership. [...]

Young Workers Hit Hard By The COVID-19 Economy

By Elise Gould and Melat Kassa, Economic Policy Institute. -

Across the United States, millions of workers of all ages suffered job losses in the coronavirus-driven recession, but the economic impact on young workers has been even more intense. Not only [...]

A Week Of Mass Layoffs

By Matt Ott, AP News. -

MGM Resorts is laying off 18,000 people as an unchecked pandemic leaves economic scars across a broad swath of U.S. industries, particularly those that rely on healthy crowds of people. The [...]

Terms Frequently Used To Describe Capitalism Don’t Hold Up Under Scrutiny

By Richard D. Wolff, Economy for All. -

Capitalism is not, as its defenders like to claim, defined by “free” or “private” enterprises. Likewise, “free” or “unregulated” markets do not define capitalism. Politics and ideology drive its [...]

SEIU Should Actually Strike For Black Lives

By Mike Pappas, Left Voice. -

We want to fight. Workers throughout the country have been involved in the movements on the streets for weeks. In our unions, we have marched as contingents from coast to coast and in pretty much [...]

Why The Labor Movement Should Support The ‘Beyond Recovery’ Campaign

By Stephanie Luce, Labor Notes. -

Even before the pandemic, a large share of Americans cited housing availability and affordability as a major and growing concern. With rising unemployment, housing experts are predicting that 20 [...]

US Firms Shield CEO Pay As Pandemic Hits Workers, Investors

By Jessica DiNapoli and Ross Kerber, Reuters. -

New York/ Boston - Sonic Automotive Inc (SAH.N), which operates 95 U.S. car dealerships, started laying off and furloughing about a third of its workforce as the coronavirus pandemic crushed its [...]

Bending PPE Rules Spells Death For Health Care Workers And Families

By Roberta Wood, People's World. -

Chicago - If he could have worn a fresh N95 mask for every procedure as mandated by the Centers for Disease Control, would surgical technologist Juan Martínez be alive today? It was a tough [...]

Once Again, Congress Will Let Wall Street Pillage Main Street

By Leonard C. Goodman, PopularResistance. -

Over the last decade, Congress’s approval ratings have hovered around the mid-teens or low 20s, reflecting the reality that our representatives in Washington, D.C., serve the needs of big donors [...]

For The Workers Of The World, The Pandemic Is Based On Inequality

By Pasqualina Curcio, Resumen English. -

It is not entirely true that COVID-19 does not distinguish between attacking and, above all, killing. It is possible that biologically there are no differences in skin color, age, or sex, in any [...]