Striking Palestinian Workers Triumph

After 19 days of an open-ended strike demanding their human and labor rights, Palestinian workers at Yamit have suspended their strike. The workers’ committee has reached this decision following [...]

Workers At Amazon Center In Minnesota Walk Out

By Joey Peters, Sahan Journal. -

Minnesota - About two dozen Amazon employees in Shakopee walked off their jobs Thursday night to support a colleague whom they said was unjustly fired earlier this week. The former employee, [...]

Tens Of Thousands Walk Off Job In ‘Strike For Black Lives’

By Aaron Morrison, People's World. -

Organizers of a national workers strike say tens of thousands are walking off the job today in more than two dozen U.S. cities to protest systemic racism and economic inequality that has only [...]

Pausing In The Pandemic Portal

By Hussan, S.K., Medium. -

Think of the clarity that this moment has provided you with who sustains you. Who sustains us. The farmworker. The health worker. The delivery worker. The cleaners. The grocery store [...]

Why Workers Need A Voice On The Job Now More Than Ever

By Sharon Block and Benjamin Sachs, On Labor. -

The COVID-19 pandemic has spurred multiple crises in our country including a public health crisis and an economic one.  The need to protect the health of Americans and the need to protect their [...]

Still More Reasons To Defund Our CEOs

By Sam Pizzigati, Intrepid Report. -

Chief executives the nation over have spent this past spring scheming to keep their pockets stuffed while their workers suffer wage cuts, layoffs, and even death by COVID-19. The personal [...]

Whole Foods Is Quietly Telling Workers Not To Show Black Lives Matter Support

By Nicole Karlis, Salon. -

This week, a group of Whole Foods workers in Cambridge, Massachusetts, walked out after being told they couldn’t wear Black Lives Matter masks because they weren’t part of “the company dress [...]

Families Of Deceased Workers Sue Tyson Over Outbreak At Meatpacking Plant

By Ryan J. Foley, AP News. -

The families of three workers who died after contracting the coronavirus in an Iowa meat plant outbreak sued Tyson Foods and its top executives Thursday, saying the company knowingly put [...]

Protest At Rutgers Against Austerity Response To Pandemic

By Sarah Jaffe, Dissent Magazine. -

Two months into the pandemic-induced crisis at Rutgers University in New Jersey, the unions representing 20,000 of the university’s workers came together and held a car caravan to the university [...]

‘Workers First’ Car Caravans Drive Mass Turnouts Nationwide

By Mark Gruenberg, People's World. -

From Fairbanks to San Juan and from Bangor to Honolulu, workers nationwide turned out June 17 in car caravans, at press conferences, and in call-ins to lawmakers to demand solons “Put Workers [...]

Corporations Now Love ‘Black Lives’—But What About Their Own Black Workers?

By Toni Gilpin, Labor Notes. -

Never underestimate US business community's capacity for hypocrisy. That’s one of the lessons to be drawn from the explosive reaction to George Floyd’s murder. As demonstrators began flooding [...]

Update From General Strike 2020 – Upcoming Actions

With the unconscionable murder of George Floyd by police officers in Minneapolis this past week, we’re reminded of the importance that the fight against racism plays in our struggle. We’ve seen [...]

Hundreds Of Maquiladora Workers Dying After Back-To-Work Orders

On Saturday, the health secretary of Northern Baja California announced that 432 of the 519 people who have officially died from the virus in the state were maquiladora workers. In Baja cities [...]

Restaurant Workers Mobilize In Right To Work States During COVID-19

By Clare Busch, Shadowproof. -

Rather than trying to form a legal union in a right-to-work state, Bo-o stated, “We are a volunteer organization at this point. We are less constrained by the law.” (ShiftChange members also [...]

Violence Escalating At Retail Stores Over Wearing Face Masks

By Kate Taylor and Áine Cain, Business Insider. -

Retail workers at chains, including Kroger, Waffle House, and Costco, are increasingly caught in the crossfire when it comes to enforcing store or state policies on personal protective equipment. [...]